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Name: Martin George Burgett

Birth: 30 Apr 1827 Freudenstein, Neckar, Württemberg, Germany

Death: 26 Feb 1911 Middlesex, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Andrew Burkett

Mother: Catharine Barbare Schwab

Name: Isaiah Burgett

Birth: 20 JUL 1808 New York State USA

Death: 11 MAY 1861 Harpersfield, Ashtabula County, OH USA

Father: Milberry A Burgett

Mother: Sarah Andrews

Name: Isaac C Burgett

Birth: 30 Oct 1857 Genoa Junction, Walworth, Wisconsin

Death: 10 Mar 1917 Nebraska, USA

Father: Charles Nelson Burgett

Mother: Mary Martha Coplin

Name: Andrew J Burgett

Birth: 18 Aug 1867 , Lawrence, Illinois, USA

Death: 25 Apr 1940 Little Black, Randolph, Arkansas, United States

Father: George Burget

Mother: Cordelia Adeline Bullis

Name: Nathan Calvin Burgett

Birth: 11 Mar 1866 Hebron, McHenry, Illinois, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1937 Lake Geneva, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA

Father: James Burgett

Mother: Edna Harrison

Name: Eva E. Burgett

Birth: 13 Sep 1867 Edgar Co., Illinois

Death: 03 Dec 1947 Buck Twp, Edgar, Illinois, USA

Father: James Burget

Mother: Sarah Fausnaugh

Name: Henry Alvenza Burgett

Birth: 13 Dec 1856 Missouri, United States

Death: 20 Mar 1928 Sutter, Sutter, California, United States

Father: John Hoskins Burget

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Fanning (Doty)

Name: Onnie Ulas Burgett

Birth: 20 Apr 1892 Tioga, Grayson, TX

Death: 31 Dec 1957 Winslow, Navajo, AZ

Father: Thomas Burgett * =

Mother: Samantha Graves * =

Name: Bertha May Burgett

Birth: Feb 1900 Humbolt, Nebraska, USA

Death: 19 Sep 1968 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA

Father: John Burgett

Mother: Anna Ann Kinter

Name: Velda Faye Burgett

Birth: 11 APR 1902 Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska

Death: 25 August 1994 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA

Father: Allen Edgar Burgett

Mother: Nettie Ellen Porterfield

Name: Marnie V Burgett

Birth: abt 1882 Nebraska

Death: 19 April 1947 Orting, Pierce County, Washington, United States of America

Father: Isaac Conrad Burgett

Mother: Ella Ett Newsam

Name: John C Burgett

Birth: 6 Sep 1875 Lucas County, Iowa, United States of America

Death: Mar 1967 Chariton, Lucas, Iowa, United States of America

Father: Jacob Burgett

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Wells

Name: Odas Burgett

Birth: 26 Aug 1884 Nineveh Twp., Johnson County, Indiana

Death: 23 Apr 1981 Johnson Memorial Hospital, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana

Father: James Valentine BURGETT

Mother: Clarissa Mc Fadden

Name: Lillian M Burgett

Birth: abt 1906 Alabama

Death: 9 August 1987 Howell, Livingston, Michigan, USA

Father: Thomas Leslie Bruce

Mother: Mary Self

Name: L.C. Burgett

Birth: 04 Nov 1925 Clovis, Curry County, New Mexico, USA

Death: 23 May 1994 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

Father: Lester Burgett

Mother: Elizabeth Bird

Name: Elizabeth BURGETT

Birth: abt 1843 Harrison, Vigo, Indiana, United States of America

Death: 9 Feb 1924 Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana, USA

Father: Henry Burgit

Mother: Lorana Elwell

Name: Clarence Burgett

Birth: 11 October 1895 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 23 May 1979 Cumberland Co., PA

Father: Charles John Burgett

Mother: Ida Florence Wolf -Burgett

Name: John Legrand Burgett

Birth: 23 Sep 1904 Sharon, Barber, Kansas, United States

Death: 18 February 1992 Bristow, Creek County, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Cornelius Burgett

Mother: Louisa Stalder

Name: Annie Beth BURGETT

Birth: 26 May 1916 Texas, USA

Death: 13 May 1979 Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: George Riley Burgett

Mother: Georgie Alice Robinson

Name: Dortha M Burgett

Birth: 6 Feb 1926 Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA

Death: 17 February 1991 Kay, Oklahoma

Father: James Cecil Burgett

Mother: Anna Martha Simons

Name: Genevieve Louise Burgett

Birth: 12 NOV 1924 Harrisburg, Penna.

Death: 04 MAY 2013 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Albert Allison Burgett

Mother: Winifred Manning

Name: Fanny Burgett

Birth: Oct 1869 Ohio

Death: 22 April 1940 Darbyville, Pickaway County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: George Burgett

Mother: Sarah A Rush

Name: Ann Burgett

Birth: 12/12/1862 PA

Death: 21 FEB 1937 her home on Fitzhugh St., Midland, Midland Co., MI

Father: Christopher "Christian" Burkett

Mother: Mathilda Gull

Name: Sarah Lois Burgett

Birth: 21 Jun 1925 Greenwood, In. Jo.Co. Indiana, USA

Death: 13 Mar 2012 Greenwood, Johnson County Indiana USA

Father: Paul Valentine Burgett

Mother: Gladys Leota McClain

Name: Mary Alice Burgett

Birth: 23 September 1875 Johnson Co Indiana

Death: 27 Jun 1944 St. Paul, Decatur, Indiana

Father: Aaron Victor Burgett

Mother: Lucinda GILLASPY

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