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Name: Ann Catterall

Birth: 1853 Inskip Lancashire England

Death: 16 July 1928 6 Lytham Rd, Warton, Lancs

Father: John Catterall

Mother: Ellenor Cragg

Name: ROBERT Catterall

Birth: 27 September 1857 Nateby, Garstang, Lancashire, England

Death: OCT 1904 ACCRINGTON Lancashire England

Father: Robert Catterall

Mother: Alice Wilkinson

Name: Betsey Catterall

Birth: abt 1843 Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England

Death: 4 Apr 1913 Northamptonshire, England

Father: William Catterall

Mother: Margaret Molyneux

Name: Elizabeth Betty Catterall

Birth: abt 1802 Chorley, Lancashire, England

Death: January 1874 Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: Richard Catterall

Mother: Alice Walker

Name: Elizabeth Catterall

Birth: 4 Dec 1922 Monarch, Sheridan Co., Wyoming

Death: 28 Apr 1997 Sheridan, Sheridan, Wyoming, USA

Father: James S Catterall

Mother: Rose Warner

Name: Elizabeth Catterall

Birth: March 1825 Great Singleton, Lancashire, England

Death: Jan 1892 Billinge Lancashire

Father: John Catterall

Mother: Alice Bleasedale

Name: Jerrold Catterall

Birth: 11 Sep 1926 Canton, Ohio, USA

Death: 7 May 1973 Santa Clara County, California

Father: John Bernard Catterall

Mother: Pearl E Taylor

Name: Elizabeth Alice Catterall

Birth: 1 Apr 1868 Monmouthshire, Wales

Death: 24 Dec 1953 Kingston, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Thomas Jones

Mother: Anna Watt

Name: Mary Elizabeth Catterall

Birth: 27 Nov 1899 Seacombe, Cheshire, England

Death: 22OCT1967 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: John Joseph Catterall

Mother: Martha Ann Knowles

Name: Thomas Catterall

Birth: 03 Dec 1826 Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire, England

Death: January 1892 Wigan, Lancashire

Father: James CATTERALL

Mother: Mary Holding

Name: John Catterall

Birth: abt 1820 Livesey, Lancashire, England

Death: 2 Apr 1901 Blackburn, Lancashire

Father: Henry Catterall

Mother: Nancy Clayton

Name: Peter Catterall

Birth: abt Aug 1588 Crooke, Shevington, Lancashire

Death: 1653 Crooke, Shevington, Lancashire

Father: Roger d' Catterall

Mother: Anne d' (Standish) Catterall

Name: Richard Henry Catterall

Birth: Apr 1857 Chorley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Death: Jul 1911 Chorley, Lancashire, England

Father: George Catterall

Mother: Elizabeth Kerfet

Name: george catterall

Birth: July 1887 Preston, Lancashire, England

Death: 1953 Chorley, Lancashire, England

Father: Peter Catterall

Mother: Esther Ellen Marsden

Name: Joseph E Catterall

Birth: abt 1850 H Charnock, Lancashire, England

Death: 1904 Chorley, Lancashire, England

Father: Richard J Catterall


Name: James B Catterall

Birth: 1857 Adlington, Lancashire, England

Death: Jan 1930 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Father: Robert Catterall

Mother: Agnes Jolley

Name: Albert E Catterall

Birth: Jan 1871 Salford, Lancashire, England

Death: 4 January 1936 New York City, New York, USA

Father: Thomas Catterall

Mother: Elizabeth Patterson

Name: Thomas Catterall

Birth: 1837 Croston, Lancashire, , England

Death: December 1906 Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: William Catterall or Catterale or Cattrele

Mother: Elizabeth "Betty" Threlfall

Name: Louise Constance Catterall

Birth: abt 1901 Texas

Death: 21 September 1985 Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: William Henry CATTERALL

Mother: Ingeburg Albertina Boysen

Name: Elizabeth Catterall

Birth: abt 1851 Preston, Lancashire, England

Death: Jun 1922 Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England

Father: Jacob Catterall

Mother: Elizabeth Martin

Name: Joseph E. Catterall

Birth: SEP 1891 Alleg. City, Alleg. Co., PA.

Death: 4 MAY 1955 Alleg. Co., PA. 63y old

Father: Richard C. Catterall

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Honehorst

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