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Name: Benjamen F Coen

Birth: 24 Sep 1886 Broken Bow, Custer, Nebraska, United States

Death: 18 Dec 1968 West Sacramento, Yolo, California, USA

Father: William Gatton Coen

Mother: Lydia Armettie Ressler

Name: Salathiel "Slath" COEN

Birth: 31 MAR 1851 Franklin Cty, IN

Death: 16 July 1932 Jamesport, Daviess County, Missouri, USA

Father: Thomas Coen

Mother: Elizabeth Thomas

Name: Barbara Elizabeth Coen

Birth: 24 Feb 1922 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Death: 10 Apr 2006 Waterloo, Blackhawk, Iowa, USA

Father: James C Wright

Mother: Jaquin Fuller (Jean E. Coen) (Jean E. Stephens)

Name: Lloyd B. Coen

Birth: 11 Dec 1894 Eagle Valley, Todd, Minnesota, USA

Death: 13 Feb 1957 , San Luis Obispo Co., CA

Father: Charles Gatton Kuhn

Mother: Mabel Florence Coen

Name: Rodney Coen

Birth: 1942 Newell, Hancock, West Virginia, USA

Death: 2006 Chester, Hancock, West Virginia, USA

Father: Ralph Woodrow Coen

Mother: Georgia Elaine Staley

Name: Herbert Duane Coen

Birth: 22 Aug 1892 Minnesota, United States

Death: 30 Jul 1954 Ventura, California

Father: Lewis E Coen

Mother: Kizirah Elizabeth Dent

Name: Bessie Lorena Coen

Birth: 18 Jun 1884 Belmont County, Ohio, USA

Death: 11 Jun 1961 Elyria, Lorain, Ohio, USA

Father: *Henry C Coen

Mother: *Susan Bailey

Name: Jennings Darold Coen

Birth: 17 May 1914 Gaston, Lewis County, West Virginia, United States of America

Death: 7 January 2003 Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Ansley Madison Coen

Mother: Lauretta Rebecca Hacker

Name: Trafford Coen

Birth: 13 Sep 1924 Burlingame, San Mateo, California, USA

Death: 25 Mar 2011 Belmont, San Mateo, California, USA

Father: Charles Trafford Coel

Mother: Molly Ada Pepper (Coen)

Name: Louisa E Coen

Birth: 30 Oct 1850 Bermondsey, Surrey, England

Death: October 1914 ? Greenwich, London ?

Father: John Field Coen

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Pittman

Name: Gerald Odell COEN

Birth: 11 Jan 1916 Nebraska, USA

Death: 15 Apr 2001 Glacier, Montana, USA

Father: Benjamin Franklin Coen

Mother: Millie Mae Sage

Name: Frank Patton Coen

Birth: January 19,1948 Seattle, King County, Washington, United States of America

Death: August 9,2001 Farmington Hills, Oakland County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Lloyd Coen

Mother: Ruth Lucille Helgerson

Name: Israel Bernard Coen

Birth: 13 Jul 1828 Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, USA

Death: 18 Jul 1907 Lock Springs, Daviess, Missouri, USA

Father: Josiah Coen

Mother: Sarah Jane Babcock

Name: Elsa Alice Coen

Birth: 29 Aug 1845 Ohio

Death: 17 Jan 1920 Buried in Bohley Cemetery

Father: James C. Coen

Mother: Hulda Starbuck

Name: Joseph M Coen

Birth: 10 1919 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA

Death: 26 Jun 2002 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA

Father: Joseph Patrick Coen

Mother: Ellen "Nellie" McDonough

Name: Laurence T Coen

Birth: 11 Nov 1897 Nebraska

Death: May 1979 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, United States

Father: James Monroe Coen

Mother: Catherine Barron

Name: William Coen

Birth: 15 Oct 1830 Ohio

Death: 7 Mar 1916 Weston Cemetery, Rensselaer

Father: John COEN

Mother: Asenath Mills

Name: Silas S Coen

Birth: Dec 1853 Greene, Greene, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1929 Ottawa Ward 3, Franklin, Kansas

Father: Simon Coen

Mother: Lydia Cole

Name: Normand William Coen

Birth: 2 Oct 1918 Minnesota, United States

Death: 22 Nov 1999 Woodbury, Washington, Minnesota, United States

Father: Leroy William Coen

Mother: Alvira M Coen

Name: Herbert F Coen

Birth: 25 Jun 1927 Pennsylvania

Death: 1 Sep 1998 Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Father: William Franklin Coen

Mother: Katherine G Johnson

Name: Phyllis Eugenia Coen

Birth: 23 May 1920 Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Death: 13 Apr 2012 Xenia, Greene, Ohio, USA

Father: Carl Coen

Mother: Peggy Elizabeth Martin

Name: Isaci Coen

Birth: 17 Feb 1874 Renssalear, Jasper, Indiana

Death: 20 Nov 1962 Ruffs Dale, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Hugh Ellot Coen

Mother: Mary Eveline Yeoman

Name: Philip E Coen

Birth: January 22, 1929 Middletown, Newport, Rhode Island

Death: August 22, 2020 Middletown, Newport, Rhode Island - at Blenheim-Newport

Father: Philip Coen

Mother: Edith Hunter Brigham

Name: Jacob E Coen

Birth: 31 Mar 1870 Wells, Rice, Minnesota, United States

Death: 19 Jul 1937 Sargent, Custer, Nebraska, USA

Father: William Gatton Coen

Mother: Lydia Armettie Ressler

Name: Ezekiel Coen

Birth: 02 May 1824 Franklin Co., Indiana, USA

Death: April 23,1895 Kansas

Father: Absalom COEN

Mother: Jane Wilkerson

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