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Name: Ronald Corkins

Birth: 4 Dec 1936 Vermont

Death: 16 Jul 1992 San Diego, California

Father: Elton John Corkins

Mother: Eloise Sheldon

Name: Elizabeth Corkins

Birth: Feb 1871 Tuscola, Michigan, United States

Death: 3 Mar 1953 Vassar, Tuscola, Michigan, USA


Mother: EMILY (Emma) MERRILL

Name: Bernice R Corkins

Birth: Nov 1910 Carthage, South Dakota, USA

Death: 1994 Norfolk, Nebraska, USA

Father: Bert Raymond Corkins

Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Davis

Name: C L Corkins

Birth: Apr 1896 Parker, South Dakota

Death: Jul 1963 California, United States of America

Father: William Wilber Corkins

Mother: Theodosia Laurence Sheppard

Name: Luella B Corkins

Birth: 30 JANUARY 1913 Michigan

Death: Jun 1984 Hilliard, Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: Rueben Snow Gaw

Mother: Belle Eva ANWEILER

Name: Lenus Corkins

Birth: 20 Mar 1913 Jacksonville, Windham, Vermont, USA

Death: 26 Jun 1999 Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Elhanan Wakeman Corkins

Mother: Alice May Lawless

Name: Clarence R Corkins

Birth: 31 Mar 1884 Wyoming Township, Michigan

Death: 14 Mar 1911 Kent City, Kent, Michigan, United States

Father: Rufus O. Corkins

Mother: Ellen Freeman

Name: Phillip Walter Corkins

Birth: 14 May 1904 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Death: 7 November 1967 Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, USA

Father: Frederick Corkins

Mother: Olive Jeanette Wheat

Name: Bert R Corkins

Birth: abt 1878 South Dakota

Death: 20 Jul 1937 South Dakota, USA

Father: William Wilber Corkins

Mother: Theodosia Laurence Sheppard

Name: Richard Frank Corkins

Birth: 31 OCT 1905 Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

Death: 18 Dec 1953 Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

Father: Albert Lawrence Corkins

Mother: Theresa E Pinkelman

Name: Emma E Corkins

Birth: 23 Jan 1863 Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 1940 Mozart, Saskatchewan, Canada,

Father: Allen Corkins (Calkins)

Mother: Mary Ann Stearns

Name: Mary "Mae" Corkins

Birth: 30 January 1888 Alabama

Death: 20 March 1944 Glenwood, Crenshaw, Alabama, United States

Father: James F Hicks

Mother: Emma S Corkins

Name: Agnes R Corkins

Birth: 1889 Willis MI

Death: 10 May 1971 Pittsfield Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA

Father: Francis Rust

Mother: Eva Adalaide Bennett (married: Rust) (Mayflower desc)

Name: Luthera Greene Corkins

Birth: 27 January 1843 Town of Carroll, Chautauqua Co., NY, USA

Death: 20Nov1908 Carroll, Chautauqua, New York, USA

Father: William Corkins

Mother: Sarah Marsh Greene

Name: Thomas C Corkins

Birth: 1 Apr 1897 South Dakota

Death: 2 Feb 1958 Miles City, Custer, Montana, USA

Father: Michael Corkins*

Mother: Elizabeth Schaub/Shoop

Name: Gertrude E. Corkins

Birth: 22 Nov 1880 Sidney, Fremont, Iowa, United States

Death: Aug 1960 Fredonia, Wilson County, Kansas

Father: Alexander Corkins

Mother: Ballinda Clay Fanning

Name: Zoe A Corkins

Birth: abt 1909 South Dakota, USA

Death: 9 AUG 1991 Clackamas Co., OR

Father: Bert Raymond Corkins

Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Davis

Name: William H. Corkins

Birth: 10 May 1927 Deckerville, Sanilac, Michigan, USA

Death: 02 Sep 2011 Davison, Genesee Co., MI ae: 84y SSDI

Father: William Herman Corkins

Mother: Myrtle Elva Burgett

Name: Clifford Wayne Corkins

Birth: 28 Jun 1918 Kansas

Death: 18 Apr 2007 Faucett, Buchanan, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Charles Washington Corkins

Mother: Lutitia May Williamson Corkins

Name: Abigail Alexander Corkins

Birth: May 20, 1836 New York

Death: 1926 Effingham, Atchison, Kansas, USA

Father: William Corkins

Mother: Sarah Marsh Greene

Name: Laura E Corkins

Birth: 25 Oct 1885 Indiana

Death: January 5, 1935 New Palestine, Hancock, Indiana, USA

Father: Garrett Jefferson Rafferty*

Mother: Mary Hanna ALYEA

Name: Albert A. Corkins

Birth: 28 May 1865 Derby Center, Derby, Orleans, Vermont, United States

Death: 31 October 1941 Newport, Orleans, Vermont, United States

Father: Andrew Jackson Corkins/Calkins

Mother: Harriet A Clifford

Name: George Washington Corkins

Birth: 5 Jul 1845 Van Buren, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Death: 26 September 1915 Wyoming, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: Rufus Corkins

Mother: Elizabeth (Betsy)_ Smith Corkins

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