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Name: William Cowden

Birth: 1745 Bedford County, Virginia, USA

Death: 11 Nov 1811 Sumner County, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Cowden

Mother: Jane Cowden

Name: Mary Frances Cowden

Birth: 01 Mar 1857 Henderson Co., Illinois, United States

Death: 28 Mar 1916 Olcott, Reno, Kansas, United States

Father: George William Cowden

Mother: Sarah Ann Fort

Name: Robert Edmund Cowden

Birth: May 24, 1833 Crawford County, Ohio, USA

Death: 9/27/1922 Dayton, Montgomery cty, OH

Father: David Cowden

Mother: Elizabeth Kitch

Name: Matilda Francis Cowden

Birth: 20 Dec 1864 McLean County, Illinois, USA

Death: 12 Sep 1937 Vista, San Diego, California, USA

Father: James T Cowden

Mother: Mary Ellen Standiferd

Name: Grover Cleveland Cowden

Birth: 22 Dec. 1894 Lebanon County, PA

Death: 19 April 1966 Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: John Andrew Cowden

Mother: Anna Olivia Fisher

Name: Isaac Patterson Cowden

Birth: Abt. 1776 Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland, USA

Death: 22 Oct 1855 Poland, Mahoning Co, Ohio, USA

Father: John William Cowden

Mother: Mary Reynolds

Name: Iva Lee "Ollie" COWDEN

Birth: 23 September 1910 Missouri

Death: 25 Dec 1969 Visalia, Tulare, California, United States

Father: Henderson Sylvester Cowden

Mother: Neppie Lue OWENS

Name: Missouri Cowden

Birth: Oct 1844 Ohio

Death: 19 June 1912 West Lafayette, Coshocton, Ohio, USA

Father: David R. Cowden

Mother: Nancy Jane Magness

Name: Josephine Ann Cowden

Birth: 09 Sep 1921 El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA

Death: 21 Jul 1995 Pierce, Wharton Co. Tx

Father: William Hart "Bill" Cowden

Mother: Grace Kate Evans

Name: Norris Worth Cowden

Birth: 17 Feb 1849 Tennessee

Death: 29 Oct 1910 Marshall, Tennessee

Father: William Norris Cowden

Mother: Lucy Elizabeth Yowell

Name: Francis Bartow Cowden

Birth: 26 Jan 1863 Piedmont, Alabama

Death: 12 Auguat 1939 Rockmart, Georgia

Father: John Bartow Cowden

Mother: Mary Ferguson

Name: Wayne Cowden

Birth: 25 Oct 1893 Franklin, Vernon, Wisconsin

Death: 24 Aug 1953 Viroqua, Wisconsin

Father: Perry Cowden

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Morrison

Name: Watson P Cowden

Birth: March 30, 1834 Mahoning Co., Ohio

Death: 2 Oct 1919 Adair, Adair, Iowa, United States

Father: John Cowden

Mother: Elizabeth Shields

Name: Robert Davis Cowden

Birth: 11 Sep 1813 Marshall County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 4 Feb 1886 Bedford, Bedford, Tennessee, United States

Father: Elijah Cowden

Mother: Anna Pettigrew

Name: Florenzia Cowden

Birth: 10 May 1814 Wythe, Virginia, United States

Death: 26 Jan 1889 Wythe County, Virginia

Father: Joseph Cowden

Mother: Jane "Jenny" Cheyne

Name: James M Cowden

Birth: 1774 Franklin, Virginia

Death: 18 Jan 1839 Allen, Kentucky

Father: William Cowden

Mother: lucy maxey

Name: Elijah Cowden

Birth: 1790 TN

Death: 25 Mar 1837 Remlap, Blount, Alabama, USA

Father: Lieut. Robert Cowden

Mother: Mary Alcorn

Name: John William Cowden

Birth: 6 January 1735 Paxtang TWP, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: August 1776 Chambersburg, Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland, USA

Father: Matthew Cowden

Mother: Martha Johnston

Name: Lieut. Robert Cowden

Birth: 20 Jan 1754 Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States

Death: 27 Jul 1841 Marshall Co, , TN, USA

Father: Robert Cowden

Mother: Sue Ann (Hannah) Tarvin

Name: Robert Cowden

Birth: 1731 North Worchester,Worchester Co,Massachusetts,United States

Death: 3 October 1785 Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA

Father: James Cowden

Mother: Janet Craige

Name: William D. Cowden

Birth: 1782 York, South Carolina, United States

Death: 10 Jun 1878 Jefferson County, Alabama, USA

Father: Lieut. Robert Cowden

Mother: Mary Alcorn

Name: Nora Viola Cowden

Birth: 14 Feb 1880 Morris, Jefferson, Alabama, United States

Death: 21 Jan 1921 Jefferson County, Alabama, USA

Father: Robert Elijah Cowden

Mother: Mary A Hagood

Name: William John Cowden

Birth: 1770 Paxtang Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Death: 30 Sep 1858 Poland, Mahoning Co, Ohio, USA

Father: John William Cowden

Mother: Mary Reynolds

Name: Mary Cowden

Birth: Apr 1842 Greene County, Illinois, USA

Death: 21 Nov 1936 San Diego County, California, USA

Father: George Alexander Cowden

Mother: Jane McAllister Holliday

Name: Jared C. Cowden

Birth: 19 Jan 1844 Ostego, Muskingum, Ohio

Death: 27 Apr 1909 Dewey, Washington, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Samuel Cowden

Mother: Hulda Cone

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