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Name: Jenetta Craven

Birth: 21 June 1854 Wayne County, New York, USA

Death: 22 September 1933 Iroquois Falls, Illinois

Father: James Craven

Mother: Hannah Tummonds

Name: Florence Lear Craven

Birth: 7 Jul 1918 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Death: 11 April 1992 Mount Laurel, Burlington, New Jersey, USA

Father: Alfred Charles Craven

Mother: Mary Hamel

Name: Elizabeth Craven

Birth: abt 1876 Accrington, Lancashire, England

Death: 21 Sep 1938 USA

Father: Edward Sharples

Mother: Ann Hacking

Name: Everett Franklin Craven

Birth: 05 Mar 1897 West Virginia, USA

Death: Dec 1984 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, USA

Father: Harrison F. Craven

Mother: Serena "Rena" Ankrom

Name: Clifford Ralph Craven

Birth: 20 October 1927 Cowgill, Caldwell County, Missouri, USA

Death: 23 September 2013 Lees Summit, Jackson County, Missouri, USA

Father: Earl Snider Craven

Mother: Mary Edith Moffitt

Name: James Craven

Birth: January 1859 Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Death: Dec 1926 Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales

Father: John Craven

Mother: Emma Mellor

Name: James A Craven

Birth: Apr 1862 Indiana

Death: 1936 Moores Hill, Dearborn County, Indiana, USA

Father: James W Cravens

Mother: Louisa Johnson

Name: Julia S Craven

Birth: 16 May 1923 New Jersey

Death: 1997/12/28 Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, United States of America

Father: Allen Hill Epting

Mother: Maude Birdee Lambert

Name: Edwin F CRAVEN

Birth: 02 October 1873 Millville, Ray County, Missouri, USA

Death: 22 April 1942 Garibaldi, Tillamook County, Oregon, USA

Father: Richard Chelsey Craven

Mother: Emma Wood

Name: Ella Craven

Birth: Oct 7, 1918 Parkersburg, Wood, West Virginia, USA

Death: 23 Jan 2010 Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia, USA

Father: Orlando Bone CRAVEN

Mother: Mabel May HEWITT

Name: Rea Wood Craven

Birth: 7 Jun 1883 Millville, Ray County, Missouri

Death: 10 May 1948 Dallas, Polk, Oregon

Father: Richard Chelsey Craven

Mother: Emma Wood

Name: John Edward Craven

Birth: 26 Apr 1927 Akron, Summit, Ohio, United States

Death: 17 Nov 2001 Tallmadge, Summit, Ohio, United States of America

Father: John Albert Craven

Mother: Grace Walters

Name: Cecil James Craven

Birth: 22 Mar 1911 Caddo County, Oklahoma

Death: 24 October 1962 Curry County, New Mexico, USA

Father: Luther Cornelius Craven

Mother: Mary Sophronia SPEERS

Name: Angelo Craven

Birth: abt 1873 Illinois

Death: 25 Jun 1944 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

Father: Elliot C. Cravens

Mother: Eliza Jane South

Name: thomas worth craven

Birth: abt 1917 North Carolina

Death: 23 Jan 1968 Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina, USA

Father: Gurney Lee Craven

Mother: Carrie Atress Lackey

Name: William Moring Craven

Birth: 21 Feb 1921 North Carolina

Death: 11 Oct 1999 Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, USA

Father: Henry Eddins Craven

Mother: Edith Marguerite Moring

Name: Riddick Craven

Birth: 12/1/1906 South Carolina

Death: 5/23/1936 Bluefield, West Virginia

Father: Franklin Isaiah Craven

Mother: Margaret Stanfield

Name: Iva Craven

Birth: abt 1884 Iowa

Death: 28 Sep 1931 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, USA

Father: Abijah Craven

Mother: Mary A Roseberry

Name: John Edward Craven

Birth: 14 Sep 1891 Merced, California

Death: 13 Feb 1984 Klamath Falls, Klamath, Oregon, USA

Father: Michael J Craven

Mother: Mary A McCormick


Birth: 9 September 1833 Ohio

Death: 7 April 1906 Todd County, Minnesota

Father: Lewis Craven

Mother: Elizabeth Craven

Name: Christopher craven

Birth: 23 Dec 1772 Scopwick

Death: APR 1825 Freiston, Lincolnshire

Father: William Craven

Mother: Sarah Gutteridge

Name: Lillie E Craven

Birth: DEC 1892 North Carolina

Death: 1979 Rockingham, Richmond, North Carolina, United States

Father: John Andrew Craven

Mother: Sabilla Williamson


Birth: 23 December 1873 Sears, Osceola, MI

Death: 2 March 1951 New Ulm, Brown, MN

Father: Thomas J Craven

Mother: Elizabeth J Yoll

Name: Hugh Brown Craven

Birth: 23 Jun 1876 Randolph, Alabama, USA

Death: 23 Jul 1946 Heard, Georgia

Father: Wiley Craven

Mother: Mary E Stillwell

Name: Mary Anne Craven

Birth: 28 May 1803 Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire - West Riding, England

Death: 2 September 1851 Bradford, Yorkshire West Riding

Father: Jonathan CRAVEN

Mother: Sarah SMITH

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