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Birth: abt 1861 Athens, Menard Co., IL

Death: 24 October 1927 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, United States

Father: Louis S. Doom

Mother: Sarah Perrine

Name: Edna Loutisha Doom

Birth: 18 May 1862 Eddyville, Lyon County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 20 May 1958 Kentucky

Father: Stephen Henry Doom

Mother: Emily Harris Rucker

Name: Garry Paul Doom



Father: Maxie Wilson Doom

Mother: Anna Lynn Lockhart

Name: Lois Mae Doom

Birth: abt 1929 Michigan

Death: 15 Apr 2009 Grayling, Crawford, Michigan, USA

Father: Harvey N Doom

Mother: Addie Mae Kendall

Name: Raymond Doom

Birth: 5 Apr 1893 Kentucky,United States of America

Death: 18 DEC 1964 Harrison, Boone CO, AR

Father: Isaac Henry Doom

Mother: Sarah Catherine Doom

Name: James M Doom

Birth: 6 August 1832 Indiana, United States

Death: 22 Sep 1870 Yuba, California, United States

Father: Adam Goodlett Doom

Mother: Luvici Forrest

Name: Willie Oliver Doom

Birth: 25 Apr 1880 Lyon County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 24 April 1953 Depoy, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA

Father: William Prince Doom

Mother: Eliza Jane HENSON

Name: Mary Doom

Birth: 31 Jul 1843 Caldwell County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 30 Mar 1883 Macedonia, Lyon, Kentucky, USA

Father: Elijah H. Doom

Mother: Mary Knoth

Name: Sittene Doom

Birth: 2 AUG 1850 Jasper, Jasper, Texas, United States

Death: 8 Jan 1920 Jasper Co., TX

Father: Col Doom

Mother: Altazera Williams Doom

Name: sarah victoria doom

Birth: DEC 1858 Kentucky

Death: 1927 Graves County, Kentucky

Father: Isaac Doom

Mother: Emily Schoolfield

Name: William Henry Doom

Birth: 17 August 1870 Lyon County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 April 1949 Lyon County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Henry Doom

Mother: Elizabeth Georgia Knoth

Name: Lossie Doom

Birth: 13 Sep 1917 Crittenden Co. Kencucky

Death: 4 September 1983 Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky

Father: James Allen Guess

Mother: Eula Ross Bennett

Name: Elijah Pierce Doom

Birth: 29 Mar 1894 Marshall, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1964 , Muhlenberg, Kentucky

Father: William Prince Doom

Mother: Eliza Jane HENSON

Name: Magnus Taylor Doom

Birth: 1850 Augusta County, Virginia, USA

Death: Bef. 1910 Batesville, Albemarle, Virginia, USA

Father: John T Doom

Mother: Mary Ann Freed

Name: Patricia Doom

Birth: 7 Jan 1935 New York

Death: 1 Dec 2003 Princeton North, Mercer, New Jersey, USA

Father: Ira Flaven Doom

Mother: Marian Bradford

Name: William E. Doom

Birth: 09 Jul 1909 Cantrall, Sangamon, Illinois, USA

Death: 1 Mar 1990 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, USA

Father: Elmer Cleveland Doom

Mother: Jessie Mae Sexton

Name: John D Doom

Birth: 1825 Kentucky, USA

Death: 1871 Lyon, Kentucky, USA

Father: David Doom

Mother: Charlotte (Sullivant) Doom

Name: Harvey Doom

Birth: 22 Feb 1880 Lee, Kentucky, USA

Death: 11 Aug 1951 Livingston, Kentucky, USA

Father: Felix Doom

Mother: Lydia Martin

Name: Jacob H. Doom

Birth: 17 MAR 1814 Caldwell Co., Ky. (Now Lyon)

Death: 21 JAN 1900 Kuttawa, Lyon Co, Ky.

Father: Henry Doom

Mother: H. Bennett

Name: Lillie R. Doom

Birth: 5 Apr 1893 Kentucky

Death: Dec 1971 Midland, Midland, Texas, USA

Father: Isaac Henry Doom

Mother: Sarah Catherine Doom


Birth: 25 Oct 1925 Kentucky, USA

Death: 14 Nov 2000 Salem, Livingston, Kentucky, USA

Father: George Washington Doom (twin)

Mother: Iva Martha Shewcraft

Name: Camille A. Doom

Birth: 5 Sep 1882 Belgium

Death: 24 June 1970 Lyon, Minnesota, United States

Father: Henry Doom

Mother: Julia Matten

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