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Results for "duck"

Name: Bessie H Duck

Birth: 7 Oct 1899 Illinois

Death: 18 Jul 1981 Avon, Oakland, Michigan

Father: George Morton DUCK

Mother: Esther Hopkins Duck

Name: James Duck

Birth: 1801 Speen, Berks

Death: Dec 1870 Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Father: James Duck

Mother: Henrietta (Hetty) Weston

Name: Sarah Ann Duck

Birth: 30 Mar 1865 Alabama, United States

Death: 18 Mar 1920 , Baldwin, Alabama, USA

Father: Timothy Osier Duck

Mother: Arra Chandler

Name: Harvey John Duck

Birth: 22 July 1896 Irondale, Jefferson, Ohio, USA

Death: 27 Nov 1957 Bellaire, Belmont, Ohio, United States

Father: John H. Duck

Mother: Hannah Vensel

Name: Louella Duck

Birth: 25 Jul 1875 Texas, USA

Death: 9 Jun 1965 Harris, Texas, USA

Father: Manning Langley Duck

Mother: Nancy Smith

Name: Elias Duck

Birth: 8 May 1815 Centre, Pennsylvania

Death: 29 Dec 1881 Middlecreek, Snyder, Pennsylvania

Father: Joseph Duck

Mother: Maria Gottshall Hendricks

Name: Tamar Duck

Birth: 1 Apr 1805 Staintondale, North Yorkshire

Death: Apr 1880 Fylingdales, North Yorkshire

Father: Jonathan Duck

Mother: Ann DICKS*

Name: Charlie H Duck

Birth: 20 Jun 1872 Isle of Wight, Virginia

Death: 1943 Isle of Wight County, VA

Father: John Duck

Mother: Nancy Darden

Name: Sarah DUCK

Birth: 3 Aug 1862 , Tallapoosa, Alabama

Death: 23 Mar 1961 Alabama, United States

Father: Roland Duck

Mother: Elizabeth Edwards

Name: Lucy Duck

Birth: 19 Mar 1850 Decatur County, Tennessee

Death: 27 May 1938 Gibson County, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Jacob Little Manes

Mother: Hulda Austin

Name: Isaac Slenker Duck

Birth: 16 July 1844 New Berlin, Limestone Twp, Union Co, PA

Death: 10 Dec 1910 Loganton, Clinton, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Elias Duck

Mother: Elizabeth L. Bohn

Name: T V Duck

Birth: 5 Jul 1890 Brady, Baldwin, Alabama, United States

Death: 15 Jan 1963 Biloxi, Harrison, Mississippi, United States

Father: Alpheus Davis Duck

Mother: Victoria Octavia Hall

Name: Herbert Hannis DUCK

Birth: 28 Jan 1902 Daphne, Alabama, USA

Death: 23 Jul 1990 Grand Bay, Mobile, Alabama, United States

Father: William David Duck

Mother: Cenie Elizabeth Hinote

Name: Barney Franklin Duck

Birth: 06 Jun 1907 Decatur County, Tennessee

Death: 19 Jan 1971 Scotts Hill Henderson, Chester Co., Co TN

Father: Elmer Duck

Mother: Suddie Mullis

Name: Clinton "Clint" Duck

Birth: 4 Oct 1895 Tennessee

Death: Feb 1975 Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee, United States

Father: William Daniel Duck

Mother: Rachel Rebecca Keller

Name: Jessw Ervin DUCK

Birth: 29 Jun 1874 Madison, North Carolina

Death: 5 Feb 1958 Grainger, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Henry Duck

Mother: Anne Elizabeth Buckner Duck

Name: Lillian Duck

Birth: 7 Oct 1895 Isle of Wight Co, VA

Death: 12 October 1984 Suffolk, Suffolk (Ind. City), Virginia, USA

Father: John Duck

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Turner

Name: William Robertson Duck

Birth: 13 Mar 1861 Stark County, Ohio

Death: 20 Feb 1936 Henry County, Missouri

Father: Rev Benjamin Dock

Mother: Martha Jane Latimer

Name: Sarah J Duck

Birth: Abt 1862 Crab Mill Farm, Lee, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England

Death: 1952 swindon

Father: Esau Duck

Mother: Sarah Anne Moore

Name: Franklin Duck

Birth: Dec 1837 Ohio

Death: 7 Jul 1900 Thomton, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: George Duke

Mother: Margaret Snider

Name: Mary Pauline Duck

Birth: 9 Nov 1916 Lyons, Toombs, Georgia, USA

Death: 27 October 2009 Royston, Franklin, Georgia, USA

Father: James Elmer Ross

Mother: Ella Polee Matthews

Name: Marget E Duck

Birth: Sep 1899 Georgia

Death: 1957 Jackson County, Georgia

Father: Rev. DUCK (1851-)

Mother: Margaret Caroline CRONIC Duck (1855-)

Name: Wade Duck

Birth: 29 Jan 1912 Louisiana

Death: Dec 1960 Lecompte, Rapides, Louisiana, USA

Father: Ennis Simpson Duck

Mother: Beulah Virginia Butter/Duck

Name: Joil Harden Duck

Birth: 20 January 1909 Sarepta, Webster Pa, Louisiana, United States

Death: 29 Sep 1988 Sarepta, Webster, Louisiana, United States of America

Father: John Thomas Duck

Mother: Nancy E Lackey

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