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Name: Agusta Ehrich

Birth: Jul 1868 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 4 August 1928 Washington, ID

Father: William Ehrich

Mother: Barbara Schneider

Name: Franklin H Ehrich

Birth: Sep 11, 1845 Slatedale, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 02/09/1919 Summit, Ohio, USA

Father: Josiah Ehrich

Mother: Maria Frehn

Name: Dora Ehrich

Birth: 12 Feb 1900 , Faribault, Minnesota, USA

Death: 13 Jul 1963 Faribault, Minnesota, USA

Father: Carl Ehrich

Mother: Rosina Paulina Krinke

Name: Arnold W Ehrich

Birth: 04 Jan 1915 Minnesota

Death: 22 Oct 2004 Dodge Center, Dodge, Minnesota, USA

Father: Friedrich Ehrich * =

Mother: Veronica Abris

Name: Fredrich Christ Ehrich

Birth: 19 December 1881 Hamburg, Germany

Death: 10 November 1979 Goodhue County, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Christian W Ehrich * =

Mother: Magdalene Steffen

Name: Frederick Titus Ehrich

Birth: 23 Mar 1876 Pennsylvania

Death: 21 Jul 1936 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Tilghman Ehrich

Mother: Elizabeth Funk

Name: George Ehrich

Birth: 8 November 1878 Addison, DuPage, Illinois, USA

Death: 20 Nov 1954 Faribault, Minnesota

Father: Henry Ehrich

Mother: Dorothea Sophie Fiene

Name: Marie M Ehrich

Birth: 28 May 1913 Minden, Iowa

Death: Feb 1980 Huron, South Dakota

Father: William Ehrich

Mother: Minnie Alvina Krueger

Name: ALBERT Carl Ehrich

Birth: 23 Jan 1896 Minnesota, United States

Death: 3 November 1991 Blue Earth, Faribault County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Herman Ehrich

Mother: Caroline Emma Fiene

Name: Caroline Lucinda Ehrich

Birth: 20 April 1833 Hanover Twp., Catasauqua (borough), Lehigh Co., PA

Death: 24 April 1880 Fairview Cemetery, 2420 Lehigh Ave., W. Catasauqua (village), Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., PA

Father: Josiah Ehrich

Mother: Maria Frehn

Name: Ludwig August Ehrich

Birth: 8 AUG 1900 Connecticut

Death: 6 Nov 1971 Rochester,Monroe,New York,USA

Father: Karl August Ehrich

Mother: Augusta H Friese

Name: Blanche Irene Ehrich

Birth: abt 1918 South Dakota

Death: 28 May 2010 Omaha, Neb, USA

Father: William Ehrich

Mother: Minnie Alvina Krueger

Name: Miles Ehrich

Birth: 1898 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Death: 1 Mar 1964 San Marino, Los Angeles County, California

Father: Preston J Ehrich

Mother: Hannah Amelia Kunkel

Name: Joseph Albert Ehrich

Birth: 10 Aug. 1882 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 June, 1956 Philidelphia, PA

Father: Joseph Ehrich

Mother: Unk Ehrich

Name: Emil Ehrich

Birth: 5 Mar 1888 Minnesota

Death: 29 Jul 1955 Blue Earth, Faribault County, Minnesota

Father: Louis Ehrich

Mother: Caroline Wilhelmine Martens

Name: Isabel C Ehrich

Birth: abt 1910 New Jersey

Death: 10 Mar 1971 Pensacola, Escambia, Florida

Father: Reuben Ehrich

Mother: Jane Ehrich

Name: Frederick Ehrich

Birth: Oct 1881 New York

Death: Jan 1968 Merrick, Nassau, New York, USA

Father: Emil Ehrich

Mother: Pauline Taekel

Name: Malinda Ehrich

Birth: 12 May 1905 Rome, Faribault, Minnesota, USA

Death: 22 Apr 1980 Faribault Co., Minnesota, USA

Father: Carl Ehrich

Mother: Rosina Paulina Krinke

Name: Manfred William EHRICH

Birth: 02 Nov 1914 New York, New York, New York, USA

Death: 15 May 2012 Equinox Village, Manchester, Bennington, Vermont, USA

Father: Manfred William Ehrich

Mother: Dona J. Goetter

Name: Anna EHRICH

Birth: Aug 1859 Germany

Death: 06 Jan 1926 Labadie, Franklin, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Henry Ehrich

Mother: Johanna Koch

Name: Lillian Ehrich

Birth: abt 1903 United States

Death: Sep 1991 Rockham, Faulk, South Dakota, United States of America

Father: Herman Charles Ehrich

Mother: Pauline Ehrlich

Name: Fredia Hanna Ehrich

Birth: 5 Sep 1918 Minnesota

Death: 17 February 2010 Elk River, Sherburne, Minnesota, United States

Father: Friedrich Ehrich * =

Mother: Veronica Abris

Name: Tilghman Ehrich

Birth: Dec 7, 1836 Hanover, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 4 May 1888 Allentown, Lehigh Co., PA

Father: Josiah Ehrich

Mother: Maria Frehn

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