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Name: John Eric

Birth: abt 1910 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: Jun 1992 Knowsley, Merseyside, England

Father: William Ledsham

Mother: Flora Kenyon

Name: Jon Eric

Birth: 26 July 1959 Ames Boone, Iowa

Death: 11 June 1993 Fort Madison, Iowa

Father: Hermann

Mother: Kirsten Hermann

Name: Dragoljub Eric

Birth: 1909 Leskovac

Death: 1990 Leskovac

Father: Zivota Eric

Mother: Zivka Ivkovic

Name: Elizabeth (lizzie) Eric

Birth: 1883 Arkansas, United States

Death: Not Available Bono, Craighead, Arkansas, United States

Father: Thoadius Henson 2gg

Mother: Martha Louisa Ridgeway

Name: Milica Eric

Birth: 1932 Leskovac

Death: 2012 Leskovac

Father: Dragoljub Eric

Mother: Jelisavka

Name: Eric

Birth: 07 Oct 1716 Husby, Dalarna, Sverige

Death: 1780 Husby/W

Father: Erik Andersson

Mother: Lisbet Gabrielsdotter

Name: Jansson Lindström Eric

Birth: 18 JUL 1858 Heden, Enviken, (Kopparbergs län, Dalarna)

Death: 8 AUG 1926 Övertänger, Enviken (Kopparbergs län, Dalarna)

Father: Johan Jansson Olars

Mother: Anna Jansdotter

Name: Eric

Birth: 12/5/1717 Hemsjö Älvsborg

Death: 24 Feb 1769 Hemsjö, Älvsborg, Sweden

Father: Hans Olofsson

Mother: Karin Jacobsdotter

Name: Jack Eric

Birth: 23 February 1948 Indiana

Death: 22 May 2016

Father: Cecil Woodrow Hammond

Mother: Josephine Nicholas

Name: Geoffrey Eric

Birth: 10/09/1950 Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 22 Mar 1995 Esperance, Western Australia, Australia

Father: Allan LEO

Mother: Clarice Williams

Name: Zivan Eric

Birth: 1 May 1927 Selo Carina, Yugoslavia

Death: 24 Nov 1998 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Father: Tomo Eric

Mother: Angelina Mitroviec

Name: Marko Eric

Birth: 1879 Selevac

Death: Not Available Leskovac

Father: Lazar Eric

Mother: Stojana

Name: Ersson Eric

Birth: 17 JAN 1817 By församling

Death: 21 OCT 1849 By församling

Father: Ersson Eric 7:63

Mother: Christophersdotter Stina 7:64

Name: Milan Eric

Birth: 1922 Sabac, Serbia

Death: 25 Apr 1945 Sabac, Serbia

Father: Milutin Eric

Mother: Darinka

Name: Johan Eric

Birth: 19 nov 1855 Skederid, Stockholm

Death: 14 jun 1908 Katarina, Stockholm

Father: Josef Eklöf

Mother: Brita Ersdotter

Name: Eric

Birth: 12 nov 1766 Gnarp, Gävleborg, Sverige

Death: 1798

Father: Hans Persson

Mother: Brita Hansdotter

Name: Eric

Birth: 19 JUL 1795 Lengbro Ludgo Södermanland

Death: Not Available

Father: Anders Andersson

Mother: Ulrica Christina Andersdotter

Name: Jan Eric

Birth: 9 AUG 1829 Husby, Kopparbergs län

Death: 7 JUL 1905 Husby, Kopparbergs län

Father: Anders Andersson Sundquist

Mother: Stina Ersdotter

Name: Eric

Birth: 10 februari 1812 Norbo Finnmark, Silvberg, Dalarna, Sverige

Death: 7 mars 1857 Garpenberg, Dalarna, Sverige

Father: Jan Jöran Pehrson

Mother: Anna Jansdotter

Name: Ersson Eric

Birth: 10 FEB 1807 Lundby, Råby-Rönö (D

Death: 1 Apr 1876 Råby-Rönö, Södermanland, Sverige

Father: Eric Ersson

Mother: Maria Christina Andersdotter

Name: Johan Eric Eric

Birth: 26 FEB 1824 Södermanland

Death: 1890

Father: Jonas Ulf Nilsson

Mother: Chatarina Olsdotter

Name: Carlsson Eric

Birth: 1787 11 01 Askers församling, Örebro län, SwedenWallbytorp

Death: Not Available

Father: Carl Andersson

Mother: Brita Ersdotter

Name: Frederick Eric

Birth: 1929 New Jersey

Death: Not Available

Father: Charles Leaf

Mother: Mary Mamie Maguire

Name: Nels Eric

Birth: abt 1938 Ohio

Death: 16 Feb 2019 Lake Mary, Seminole, Florida, USA

Father: Nels Eric Wickland

Mother: Alice Frances Kline

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