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Name: Eva S Ericsson

Birth: 11 June 1847 Gestad, Älvsborg, Sweden

Death: 1 Oct 1920 Salem, McCook, South Dakota, United States

Father: Olaf Andersson

Mother: Anna Stina Larsdotter

Name: Nels Ericsson

Birth: 4 Nov.1861 Sweden

Death: 14 April 1947 Minnesota, USA

Father: Hag Erik Olsson

Mother: Åhl Lisa Persdotter

Name: Hannah B Ericsson

Birth: Mar 1875 Sweden

Death: 04/12/1965 Multnomah, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Father: Carl Ericsson

Mother: Marta Nilsdotter- Ericsson

Name: Ida Ericsson

Birth: 18 Aug 1851 Sweden

Death: 23 May 1933 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Father: Per Eriksson

Mother: Brita Stina Andersdotter

Name: Clara Sophia Ericsson

Birth: 14 Aug 1870 Elmerud, Norrbyas, Orebro, Sweden

Death: 26 Jan 1960 Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington

Father: Anders Ericsson

Mother: Eva Sophia Olsdotter

Name: Edvin Ericsson

Birth: 23 DEC 1865 Sverige

Death: 10 Apr 1928 Crystal Falls, Iron County, Michigan, USA

Father: Erik Ersson

Mother: Maria Nilsdotter

Name: Hilda Maria Ericsson

Birth: May 1871 Finland

Death: 1946 Lindenhurst, Suffolk, New York

Father: Johan August Eriksson

Mother: Pauline Borjesdotter

Name: Ellen Ericsson

Birth: abt 1896 Yonkers, Westchester, New York, USA

Death: 1960 Yonkers, Westchester, New York, USA

Father: Edward Erickson

Mother: Johanna S Ericson

Name: Lester carl Ericsson

Birth: 28 Jan 1922 Woodbury, Iowa

Death: 12 March 2011 Albert Lea, Freeborn County, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Anders Conrad Ericsson

Mother: Nellie Octavia Nelson

Name: Emma C Ericsson

Birth: Mar 1858 Sweden

Death: 6 Dec 1951 Marquette, Hamilton, Nebraska, USA

Father: Per Eriksson

Mother: Brita Jansdotter

Name: Oscar Olaf Ericsson

Birth: 27 Nov 1898 Wisconsin

Death: 11 June 1991 Superior WI

Father: Charly Petersson

Mother: Jennie "Johanna" Peterson

Name: Alice Merle Ericsson

Birth: Jun 1890 Kansas, USA

Death: Apr 1983 Riley, Kansas, USA

Father: Aljournon Franklin Rhodes

Mother: Kate Chandler

Name: Oscar Ericsson

Birth: 6 Aug 1878 Elmeud, Norrbgas, Orebro, Sweden

Death: Feb 1968 Salem, Mccook, South Dakota, USA

Father: Anders Ericsson

Mother: Eva Sophia Olsdotter

Name: Martin Ericsson

Birth: 15 Jan 1912 Missouri

Death: 9 Dec 1991 Clay County, Missouri, USA

Father: Martin Eriksson

Mother: Hilda Pierson Erickson

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