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Name: Erik Emil Eriksson

Birth: 01 Jul 1835 Värmland

Death: 8 JUN 1920 Denver, Colorado

Father: Per "Peter" Eriksson

Mother: Maria Lisa Svensdotter

Name: sissa eriksson

Birth: 1855 Sweden

Death: 1931 Michigan, United States

Father: Erik Svensson

Mother: Inga Hansdotter

Name: Erik Eriksson

Birth: 22 February 1871 Föglö Öland

Death: 23 April 1954 Amsterdam, Bates County, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Karl Petter Englund

Mother: Johanna Edvina Lindstrom

Name: Edythe Elizabeth Eriksson

Birth: 1/29/1889 Ericson, Wheeler, Nebraska, USA

Death: 11/19/1943 Oakland, Alameda County, California, USA

Father: Erick Christianson - Erickson

Mother: Clara Elizabeth Todd

Name: Karl Viktor Eriksson

Birth: 27 APR 1864 Brunsberg, Brunskog (S)

Death: 1940 Illinois

Father: Petter Blomström

Mother: Johanna Eriksdotter

Name: Mary Louise Eriksson

Birth: 16 Sep 1929 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Death: 11 Dec 2015 Cedar, Iron, Utah, USA

Father: Erik McKinley Eriksson

Mother: Minnie Louise Reuber

Name: Karl Eriksson

Birth: 17 Dec 1878 Kopparberg, Örebro, Sverige

Death: 17 JAN 1944 Spokane, Spokane Co, WA

Father: Erik Gustaf Ersson

Mother: Lisa Greta Beckius

Name: Ernst* Albin Eriksson

Birth: f. 2 Mar 1885 Bergvattnet, Dorotea

Death: 27 Jun 1969 Whatcom, Washington, USA


Mother: Kristina Karolina Gustafsdotter

Name: Olof Eriksson

Birth: 17 Jan 1881 Mjödvattnet, Gillhof, Jämtland, Sverige

Death: 6 Nov 1957 Alameda

Father: Erik Olof Kjelsson

Mother: Brita Pettersdotter

Name: Elin A eriksson

Birth: 1 Apr 1880 Halan, Mjolby, Ostergotland, Sweden

Death: 12 Jul 1973 Vancouver, BC, Vancouver General Hospital

Father: Per August Eriksson

Mother: Fredrika Mathilda Hektor

Name: Ruth Sophia Eriksson

Birth: 14 Jan 1894 Minneapolis

Death: 20 Apr 1971 Kandiyohi, Minnesota

Father: Ole E Erickson (Litens Olof Ersson in swe)

Mother: Anna Anderson

Name: Sarah Maja Eriksson

Birth: 3 Nov 1862 Sweden

Death: 29 Sep 1943 Newton, Harvey, Kansas, USA

Father: Johannes Eriksson

Mother: Maja Lisa Mattsdotter

Name: Albert Eriksson

Birth: 30 Oct 1882 Finland

Death: 1958 Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Erik August Thomasson

Mother: Gustava Serafine Mattsdotter

Name: Karl Alfons Eriksson

Birth: 09/02/1910 Aland, Finland

Death: 05/07/1965 Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

Father: Erik Isidor Eriksson

Mother: Alina Victoria Haglund

Name: Vendla Eriksson

Birth: 14 Apr 1891 Örträsk, Västerbotten, Sweden

Death: 19 Dec 1985 St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Father: Erik Eriksson

Mother: Johanna Johansdotter

Name: Elisabeth Fredrika ERIKSSON

Birth: 7 SEP 1866 Aspeboda Annex, Stora Tuna, Kopparberg, SE

Death: 7 JUN 1943 Lanse, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Father: father

Mother: Elizabeth Ersdotter

Name: Edith A Eriksson

Birth: 07 Mar 1901 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 6 Jul 1988 Melrose, Massachusetts

Father: Karl Ernfrid Eriksson

Mother: Almida Sofia JOHNSON

Name: Johannes (John) Eriksson

Birth: 26 Jul 1823 Serneby, Ventlinge, Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 25 Feb 1891 Goodhue, Goodhue, Minnesota, United States

Father: Erik Larsson

Mother: Anna Kristina Jönsdotter

Name: Karl Johan Eriksson

Birth: 24 Oct 1878 Timrå, Västernorrland, Sweden

Death: 28 Jul 1955 Hedemora, Koppargerg, Sweden

Father: Peter Erickson

Mother: Johanna Hansson

Name: Carl Winslow Eriksson

Birth: 6 Dec 1926 Quincy Norfo, Massachusetts

Death: 27 Oct 1999 Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Carl Emanuel Eriksson

Mother: Helen R. Newgard

Name: Karl Johan Eriksson

Birth: 28 Sep 1857 Skederi, Sweden

Death: 7 April 1943 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Father: Erik Jonsson

Mother: Christina Persson

Name: Hilda Maria Eriksson

Birth: 9 Mar 1852 Sweden

Death: 6 July 1944 Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota, United States

Father: Erik Persson Strandberg / Strömberg

Mother: Elisabet Margareta Kristoffersdotter

Name: Clara Linnéa Eriksson

Birth: 28 Nov 1909 Sunne, Varmlands, Sweden

Death: 2 Nov 1992 Missoula, Montana, USA

Father: Erik Olsson

Mother: Maria Edqvist Eriksdotter

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