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Name: Frances A Erjavec

Birth: 03 DEC 1907 Alabama, USA

Death: 15 May 1990 Joliet, Will, Illinois, USA

Father: Jožef Erjavec

Mother: Teresa Strubelj

Name: Johanna ERJAVEC

Birth: 6 Sep 1893 Zapotork, Austria

Death: Feb 23, 1984 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado

Father: Josef ERJAVEC

Mother: Theresia DUSCAK

Name: John Jacob Erjavec

Birth: 27 Dec 1869 Vishnu, agora, Austria, Slovenia

Death: 20 Feb 1935 Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, United States

Father: Jacob Erjavec

Mother: Anna Stark

Name: Anton Erjavec

Birth: 07 Nov 1901 Eveleth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA

Death: 16 Jun 1995 Hibbing, St Louis, Minnesota, USA

Father: Anton Erjavec

Mother: Franciska Nograšek Erjavec

Name: Rudolph Joseph Erjavec

Birth: 17 Apr 1906 Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA

Death: 29 Apr 1976 Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota USA

Father: John Jacob Erjavec

Mother: Rosalia Theresa Pontello Pantillo

Name: Frances Erjavec

Birth: 1897 Yugoslavia

Death: 4 Dec 1978 St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Frank Erjarec

Mother: Ana Kosil

Name: Johann Erjavec

Birth: Jun 14, 1885 Zapotok, Slovenia, Austria

Death: Nov 04, 1969 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado

Father: Josef ERJAVEC

Mother: Theresia DUSCAK

Name: Jakob ERJAVEC

Birth: Jul 21, 1798 Zapotok, Slovenia, Austria

Death: Nov 02, 1876 Zapotok, Slovenia, Austria

Father: Josef ERJAVEC

Mother: Rellna HITI

Name: Josef Erjavec

Birth: Jul 19, 1848 Zapotok, Slovenia, Austria

Death: Abt. 1924 Zapotok, Slovenia, Austria

Father: Martin Erjavec

Mother: Ursula SERJAK

Name: Kristina (Setina) Erjavec

Birth: 04 Jul 1903 Gunclje, Ljubljana-Šentvid, Slovenia

Death: Nov 1987 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Father: Franc Šetina

Mother: Marija Rozman

Name: Aloys Erjavec

Birth: 1885 Austria

Death: 17 Oct 1972 Painesville, Lake, Ohio

Father: Paul Erjavec

Mother: Mary lnu

Name: Marija Erjavec

Birth: 11 May 1850 Šmarje-Sap, Grosuplje, Slovenia

Death: 1880 Bizovik, Golovec District, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Father: Matija Erjavec

Mother: Jera Župančič

Name: Louis Erjavec

Birth: abt 1915 Colorado

Death: 5 Jul 1993 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Father: Joseph C Erjavec 1

Mother: Angela Ercul

Name: Franc Erjavec

Birth: 5 Nov 1903 Slovenia

Death: 29 Jun 1944 Slovenia

Father: Anton Erjavec

Mother: Marija Kogovšek

Name: Jakob ERJAVEC

Birth: 15 Jul 1822 Colnarji, Kostel, Slovenia

Death: 18 Dec 1863 Stelnik 1, Kostel, Slovenia

Father: Franc ERJAVEC

Mother: Terezija ROM

Name: Franc ERJAVEC

Birth: 1782 Žužemberk, Žužemberk, Slovenia

Death: 4 Apr 1836 Colnarji 5, Kostel, Slovenia

Father: Matija ERJAVEC

Mother: Marija EKNE???

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