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Results for "fang"

Name: Leopold Fang

Birth: Oct 1855 Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Death: 1947 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Father: Dyonis Fang

Mother: Marie M Fang

Name: Hannah Louise Fang

Birth: 9 Dec 1916 New York

Death: 23 May 1999 Rushville, Yates, New York, USA

Father: Frank Edward Fang

Mother: Grace R Thompson

Name: Helen Fang

Birth: 23 Dec 1915 Akron, Summit County, Ohio, USA

Death: 24 Jan 2003 Orlando, Orange County, Florida, USA

Father: Anton Frang

Mother: Teresa Szabo

Name: Marie E. Fang

Birth: 22 Sep 1922 Illinois

Death: 13 December 2008 Bolingbrook, Will, Illinois, USA

Father: Kornuelius József Fank

Mother: Hedwig Hattie Wukits

Name: Oscar Fang

Birth: 1902 Chernovitsi

Death: 1976 New York City

Father: Abraham Fang

Mother: Dvora-Leah Wallach

Name: Tien Chen Fang

Birth: 20 Jan 1920 Nanking Kian, Taiwan

Death: 11 Jan 2007 Springfield, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Father: Yu M Fang

Mother: Chung C Chiu

Name: Elizabeth Fang

Birth: 1763 Klanmünchweiler

Death: 08 Apr 1822 Bann, Pfalz, Bayern, Deutschland

Father: Johann Lang

Mother: Maria Becker

Name: Joeseph Fang

Birth: 14 February 1915 Illinois


Father: Kornuelius József Fank

Mother: Hedwig Hattie Wukits

Name: Regina Fang

Birth: 18 Jul 1894 Chernovits, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Death: 24 Oct 1984 Montreal, Canada

Father: Abraham Fang

Mother: Dvora-Leah Wallach

Name: Dionysius Fang

Birth: 9 Oct 1817 Iffezheim, Baden, Germany

Death: 1884 Iffezheim

Father: Benedickt Fang

Mother: Rosalia Leuchtner

Name: Duo Fang

Birth: 10 Dec 1933 Anhui, China

Death: 5 Dec 2016 Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Father: Bin Bai-He FANG

Mother: Shu-Qu ZHAN

Name: Anthony Fang

Birth: 3 Jun 1961 Ontario, canada

Death: 5 november 2015 Saint Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Father: Steve Fang

Mother: Irma Fang

Name: Lillian K Fang

Birth: abt 1889 New York

Death: 27 Jan 1960 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Father: Peter Keller

Mother: Catharine Keller

Name: Joannes, Johann Fang

Birth: 19 Jul 1880 Hungary

Death: 15 Feb 1933 Hungary

Father: Josephus Fang

Mother: Scholastika Kunst

Name: Josef Fang

Birth: 1881 Tomaszow, Lubin, Galicia, Austria-Hungary

Death: 1942 Belzec (Holocaust)

Father: Zelik Fang

Mother: Etla Kroksztengel

Name: Leo Fang

Birth: 28 Feb 1934 New York City, New York, USA

Death: 2 May 2016 New Jersey, USA

Father: Morris Fang

Mother: Lillian (Laja) Leiter (Lajter)

Name: Benzion Fang

Birth: 1894 Chernivitsi

Death: 1953 Brazil

Father: Yankel Fang

Mother: Sima Retter

Name: 方满堂 Mantang Fang

Birth: 18 May 1934 Jixian, China

Death: 18 Feb 2005 Tianjin, China

Father: 方玉 Yu Fang

Mother: 王玉珍 Yuzhen Wang

Name: Morris Fang

Birth: Not Available Tomashov Lublinski, Lubelskie, Poland

Death: 1960 New York, New York, USA

Father: Szmul Herszko Fang

Mother: Ryfka Cobol

Name: Thuren H Fang

Birth: 29 May 1911 Red Willow County, Nebraska

Death: 22 September 1968

Father: Henry Theodore Lang

Mother: Anna Jensen

Name: Rose Fang

Birth: abt 1881 New York

Death: 2 Apr 1972

Father: Franz Fang

Mother: Maria Heitz

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