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Name: Marie-Anne Fortin

Birth: 01 Mar 1666 Beaupré, Québec-ville, Québec, Canada

Death: 28 Dec 1702 Québec,,Capitale-Nationale,Québec,CANADA

Father: Julien Fortin (dit Bellefontaine)

Mother: Genevieve Gamache (dit Lamarre) Fortin

Name: Celina Fortin

Birth: 24 December 1857 Chaudiere-Appalaches Region, Quebec, Canada

Death: 2 September 1929 Chisholm, Franklin, Maine, USA

Father: Jean Fortin

Mother: Delphine Lacroix

Name: Jean-Baptiste Fortin

Birth: 08/janv/1702 L'Ange-Gardien, La Côte-de-Beaupré, Québec, Canada

Death: 08 Feb 1770 Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada

Father: Charles Fortin dit Bellefontaine

Mother: Sainte Cloutier

Name: Joseph Henry Fortin

Birth: 24 Mar 1888 Saguenay, Quebec, Canada

Death: 24 Jul 1950 Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, New York, USA

Father: Frank Fortin

Mother: Eleanor Sergerie

Name: Julien Fortin

Birth: 9 oct. 1598 Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France

Death: 30 jan. 1679 L'Islet-Sur-Mer, Québec

Father: Simon I Fortin dit Bellefontaine

Mother: Valerie Collineau de Montaguerre

Name: Antoina Wilfrid Fortin

Birth: 27 Sep 1889 St Paul, Quebec, Canada

Death: Sep 29, 1967 Manchester, New Hampshire

Father: Zacharie "Euchariste" Fortin

Mother: Marie Rose Delima Tremblay

Name: Marie Madeleine Catherine Fortin

Birth: 25 Oct 1675 Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Death: 19 May 1703 Lachine, Quebec

Father: Louis Fortin dit La Grandeur

Mother: Catherine Chatillon Godin Gaudin

Name: Edwin A "Eddie" Fortin

Birth: 12 Dec 1911 Conde, Spink, South Dakota

Death: 22 Nov 1988 Watertown, Codington, South Dakota, USA

Father: Meddie Fortin

Mother: Lucille Barrie

Name: Gladys I Fortin

Birth: 4 Aug 1908 Turton, Spink, South Dakota, USA

Death: 24 Dec 2008 Roslyn, Day, South Dakota, USA

Father: Meddie Fortin

Mother: Lucille Barrie

Name: Yves Francois Fortin

Birth: Dec 1857 Illinois

Death: 18 MAY 1935 Kankakee, Kankakee, IL

Father: Marcel Fortin

Mother: Philomene Francoeur

Name: Sylvester Attleman Fortin

Birth: 5 December 1882 Schwarzenbach, Carinthia (Kärnten), Austria

Death: 17 Oct 1975 Portland, Cumberland, Maine

Father: Jakob FORTIN

Mother: Elizabeth Matwas

Name: Maria Fortin

Birth: 27 janvier 1903 Verner, Ontario, Canada

Death: 21 février 1999 Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Father: Pierre 2 Fortin

Mother: Célina Lepage

Name: Marie-Esma Fortin

Birth: 03 Oct 1885 Beaverhill, Iroquois, Illinois, USA

Death: 5 May 1981 Clifton, Iroquois, Illinois, USA

Father: Amos Fortin

Mother: Marie-Elmira Saindon

Name: Elizabeth "Isabelle" Fortin

Birth: 26 Feb 1716 Riviere-Des-Prairies, Québec, Canada

Death: 3 Jun 1796 Montréal-Est, Quebec, Canada

Father: Joseph Fortin dit Plermel

Mother: Marie Jeanne Goguet

Name: Gédéon Fortin

Birth: 21 fév 1897 St-Samuel-de-Gayhurst, Québec, Canada

Death: 15 avr 1948 St-Samuel-de-Gayhurst, Québec, Canada

Father: Augustin Fortin

Mother: Alvina Rancourt

Name: David Fortin

Birth: 28 Sep 1827 St-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada

Death: 8 Aug 1904 Milton, Vermont, USA

Father: Jean Baptiste Fortin Lafortune

Mother: Josephet Houle

Name: Albert E Fortin

Birth: 30 Jun 1890 Bay City, Bay, Michigan, USA

Death: 11 Apr 1931 Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Father: Eusebe Jerry Jeremiah Fortin

Mother: Helen M Lajoie

Name: John Francis Fortin

Birth: 9D/ec/1917 Beaver Creek, Bond,Illinois, United States

Death: 28Feb1979 LaGrange, Cook,Illinois, United States

Father: Charles Theopille Fortin

Mother: Lillian Overbee

Name: John Nelson JACK Fortin

Birth: 13 May 1890 Old Town, Penobscot County, Maine, USA

Death: 24 October 1975 Waterville, Kennebec County, Maine, USA

Father: John Fortin

Mother: Mamie Merl O'Neil

Name: AUGUSTE Fortin

Birth: Sept 27 1867 St.Methode Frontenac quebec canada

Death: 1924 Canada, Pq

Father: Jean Fortin

Mother: Delphine Lacroix

Name: Joseph Christophe Fortin

Birth: 6 JUN 1803 Ste. Marguerite, L'Acadie, Quebec, Canada

Death: 31 DEC 1854 St Jean, Chrysostome, Quebec, Canada


Mother: Marie-Madeleine thibodeau

Name: Roch Fortin

Birth: 25 février 1919 Montréal, Québec, Canada

Death: 3 septembre 1993 Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu de Saint-Jérôme, La Rivière-du-Nord, Quebec, Canada

Father: Adjutor Fortin

Mother: Yvonne Fournier

Name: Joseph Francois Fortin

Birth: 28 juin 1817 Kamouraska Kamouraska Québec Canada

Death: 4 Nov 1899 St-Octave de Métis La Métis Québec Canada

Father: Marie Angelique Santerre

Mother: Marie Angelique Santerre

Name: Marie Antionette Stella Fortin

Birth: 15 January 1906 Overly, Bottineau, North Dakota, United States

Death: 25 June 1998 Taber, Alberta, Canada

Father: Edmond D Fortin

Mother: Louise Lahaie

Name: Hyacinthe Fortin

Birth: 13 Juin 1893 St-Octave de Métis La Mitis Québec Canada

Death: 1937 St-Octave-de-Métis, La Mitis, Quebec, Canada

Father: Hyacinthe Fortin

Mother: Marie Delima Carrier

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