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Results for "fortuno"

Name: Daniel Fortuno

Birth: abt 1876 Essex Co., VA.

Death: 29 Sep 1948 Essex, Virginia, USA

Father: William H. Fortune

Mother: Lucy Ann Coleman

Name: Joseph Fortuno

Birth: 07 Nov 1911 Pennsylvania

Death: 15 Sep 2004 Pleasantville, Atlantic, New Jersey, USA

Father: Amedeo Fortuna

Mother: Maria DeLaurentiss

Name: John Fortuno

Birth: 10/08/1910 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 26 Apr 1954 Pittston, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Fortuna

Mother: Elizabeth Robbins

Name: Roberto Fortuno

Birth: 7 Jun 1931 Hawaii

Death: October 25th 2015 Portland, Washington, Oregon, USA

Father: Toribio Fortuno

Mother: Ignasia De Ocampo

Name: Marques Fortuno

Birth: 12 Nov 1903 Texas

Death: 29 Jun 1979 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Father: Juan Fortuna

Mother: Inez Palacios

Name: Blanche Fortuno

Birth: 10 Jun 1920 Detroit, Michigan

Death: 13 May 1981 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI

Father: Louis Fortuno

Mother: Edna B Jenkins

Name: Angelina Fortuno

Birth: 1916 Ontario, Canada

Death: 1991 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Father: Francesco Fortugno

Mother: Carmela Venafro Fortugno

Name: Aida Teresita Fortuno

Birth: 7 jan 1932 Manhattan, New York, USA

Death: 13 aug 2007 Tucson, Arizona, USA

Father: Antonio Fortuño Y Barbosa

Mother: Leonor Vissepo Carlo

Name: Carmen Teresa Fortuno

Birth: 21 Oct 1932 Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerta Rico

Death: 16 Sep 1981 Sacramento, CA, USA

Father: Rafael Fortuno

Mother: Ubelinda Rivera Zayas de Fortuño

Name: Zenaida Fortuno

Birth: 23 Sep 1915 Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Mar 2009 Monterey, TN

Father: Amedeo Fortuna

Mother: Maria DeLaurentiss

Name: Josefa Fortuno

Birth: 9 Aug 1885 Cayey, Cayey, Puerto Rico, United States

Death: 15 Jul 1974 Puerto Rico, United States

Father: Pedro Jaime Fortuño Y Ferrús

Mother: Tomasa Eduvigis Nogueras y López


Birth: 1923 Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA

Death: 2004

Father: Toribio Fortuno

Mother: Ygnacia Fortuno

Name: stanislao fortuno

Birth: Not Available Guanajuato, Mexico

Death: Not Available Guanajuato, Mexico

Father: Hilario Fortuno

Mother: Juliana Ramirez

Name: Lorane Fortuno

Birth: abt 1867 Texas

Death: 27 Mar 1943 Lockhart, Caldwell, Texas, United States

Father: Robert William Fortune

Mother: Frances Emily Hargis

Name: Edith Emma Fortuno

Birth: 19 Apr 1893 Bruce, Ontario, Canada

Death: 1960/10/03 Agincourt, ON

Father: John FORTUNE

Mother: Evelyn Eliza Barltrop

Name: Blanca Rosa Fortuno

Birth: 24 Oct 1923 Manatí, Puerto Rico

Death: 2011 San Juan Capistrano, Orange, California, USA

Father: Ledesmo Cruz Y Martinez

Mother: Carmen Rodriguez y Sanchez

Name: Baltasar Fortuno

Birth: 06 Apr 1881 Cayey, Puerto Rico, USA

Death: 27 Nov 1918 Queens, New York, USA

Father: Pedro Jaime Fortuño Y Ferrús

Mother: Tomasa Eduvigis Nogueras y López

Name: James W Fortuno

Birth: 22 Apr 1918 New York, USA

Death: 09 Apr 1998 New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Juan Bautista (John B.) Fortuño Nogueras

Mother: Bessie Winchell

Name: Rafael Fortuno

Birth: 16 Mar 1909 San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

Death: 23 Oct 2006 Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, California

Father: Juan Bautista Fortuño Larroche

Mother: Oliva Martinez Ortiz de Fortuno

Name: Joseph Fortuno

Birth: 1858 Saint Thomas, Denmark

Death: 6 Oct 1942 Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Father: José Domingo Fortuño y Ferrús

Mother: Carolina Martina Larroche Grant de Fortuño

Name: Melicio Fortuno

Birth: 1 december 1896 Cavite, Philippines

Death: Not Available

Father: Dionisio Fortuno

Mother: Feliciana Bonus

Name: Domingo Obien Fortuno

Birth: 1926 Philippines

Death: 19 Feb 2017 Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA

Father: Domingo Gatchalian

Mother: Private

Name: Carmella Fortuno

Birth: abt 1885 Italy

Death: Not Available Olean, Cattaraugus, New York, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Vincenza Fortuno

Birth: 30 Jun 1871 Camerota, Salerno, Campania, Italy

Death: 14 Mar 1927 Hazleton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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