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Name: Elizabeth Jane Frain

Birth: 17 Aug 1887 Saltsburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 7 Oct 1957 Fairfield, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Henry Frain

Mother: Mary Emma Steffey

Name: Roland Lester Frain

Birth: 08 Nov 1924 Macedonia, Pottawattamine, Iowa

Death: 26 Nov 1989 Carson, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Father: Arthur Nelson Frain

Mother: Joy Lorraine Swacker

Name: Emmaline "Amelina" Frain

Birth: 5 Jun 1838 Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 23 Mar 1911 PA

Father: Johannes Defrehn

Mother: Susanna H. Nester

Name: Warren Frain

Birth: 26 Nov 1914 Pennsylvania

Death: Oct 1983 Boyertown, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jonas W Frain Sr.

Mother: Agnes Brumbach

Name: James Frain

Birth: 26 September 1868 Kilgarriff, Mayo, Ireland

Death: 19 Mar 1956 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Patrick Frain

Mother: Anne Finn

Name: Cemilla Amanda Frain

Birth: 16 January 1843 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 4 July 1918 Downingtown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Nathan Lichtenwalter

Mother: Lydia Ann Rauch

Name: John Frain

Birth: 14 May 1889 Macedonia, Pottawattamie, Iowa, United States

Death: April 02, 1970 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Father: George Henry Frain

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Alexander

Name: Sarah Ann Frain

Birth: 21 Jul 1861 Indiana County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 23 May 1908 Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Andrew Frain

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Steffey

Name: John S. Frain

Birth: 28 Mar 1909 Washington, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 13 Nov 1984 Pottstown, Montgomery County, PA.

Father: James Becker Frain

Mother: Anna Latshaw Stoudt

Name: james frain

Birth: abt 1823 KY

Death: 10 Nov 1898 Washington, Iowa, USA

Father: Possibly William Frain

Mother: Jane Unknown

Name: Theodore Hathaway Frain

Birth: 1 November 1922 Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Death: 5 February 2003 Sarasota FL

Father: Theodore Hathaway Frain

Mother: Esther Mary Ax

Name: Susanna Frain

Birth: 18 Sep 1847 Kiskiminetas, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 Jun 1918 Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Andrew Frain

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Steffey

Name: Nathaniel B Frain

Birth: Jun 1873 Pennsylvania

Death: December 29, 1951 Pike, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James N. DeFrehn

Mother: Sarah M. Becker

Name: Mary J Frain

Birth: 4 Feb 1858 New Jersey CA Stake

Death: 22 Sep 1932 Washington D.C.

Father: William J McLaughlin

Mother: Ellen D yoe

Name: Vincent H Frain

Birth: 1918 Pennsylvania

Death: 27 Jun 1967 Saltsburg, Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: William Andrew Frain

Mother: Iva May Kelly

Name: Walter Ezra Frain

Birth: 17 Sep 1912 New Berlinville, Colebrookdale Township, Berks, PA

Death: 29 Mar 1974 pottstown, montgomert county, pa.

Father: Jonas W Frain Sr.

Mother: Agnes Brumbach

Name: Henry Frain

Birth: 12 Oct 1866 Washington, District of Columbia

Death: 02 Sep 1940 District Of Columbia

Father: David M. Frain

Mother: Anna Maria Shindle

Name: John Frank Frain

Birth: 16 Dec 1882 Indiana

Death: Jan 1973 Winamac, Pulaski, Indiana, USA

Father: Edwin Frain

Mother: Ida Alice Hartman

Name: Alta Viola Frain

Birth: 3 Jan 1912 Foster, Pierce, Nebraska, USA

Death: 4 Sep 1995 Blair, Washington, Nebraska, USA

Father: Joseph Elmer Frain

Mother: Alta Barker

Name: William H. Frain

Birth: Jan/Feb/Mar 1845 Frithelstock, Devonshire, England

Death: Jan/Feb/Mar 1901 Bideford, Devon, England

Father: Henry Fraine

Mother: Ann Squire

Name: Fanny frain

Birth: March 1863 Lagrange County, Indiana, USA

Death: 08 May 1933 Lockport Twp., St. Joseph Co., Mich.

Father: Jesse A. Frain

Mother: Lydia Ann Baumgardner


Birth: 29 AUG 1857 PA

Death: 19 March 1935 Wheatfield, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Father: Andrew Frain

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Steffey

Name: Emma Frain

Birth: 1869 Ohio

Death: February 17, 1943 Stark County, Ohio, USA

Father: Israel Frain

Mother: Bridget Dagan

Name: Walter W Frain

Birth: 06/27/1916 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 Feb 1985 Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA

Father: Thomas Henry Frain

Mother: Rose Anne Rzempiel

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