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Results for "gaither"

Name: Jewell F Gaither

Birth: 8 Mar 1894 Hubbard, Texas

Death: 20 Feb 1966 Stephenville, Erath, Texas, USA

Father: John Calvin Gaither

Mother: Mary Nichols

Name: Otto Gaither

Birth: 26 Dec 1897 White, Arkansas

Death: 29 Feb 1968 N. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR

Father: James Gaither

Mother: Mary Leona Gaither - Stewart

Name: Frances Gaither

Birth: Oct 1869 Virginia

Death: 5 Jun 1945 Luray, Page, Virginia, USA

Father: John W Gaither

Mother: Delilah Maria Lee

Name: Otis Garland GAITHER

Birth: 4 Sep 1921 Auburntown C, Tennessee

Death: 10 Oct 1994 Auburtown, Cannon, Tennessee, United States

Father: Jessie Edward Gaither

Mother: Jodie Nugent Hawkins

Name: Louisiana D. Gaither

Birth: 15 Dec 1833 District of Columbia, United States

Death: 19 Nov 1898 Hartwell, Hamilton, Ohio, United States

Father: Henry Chew GAITHER

Mother: Arianna HUGHES

Name: Doyal Gaither

Birth: 2 Oct 1899 Alabama

Death: 29 DEC 1984 Chatanooga, TN

Father: Henry Judson Gaither

Mother: Lillie Belle Joiner

Name: Jonnie Mae Gaither

Birth: 14 Oct 1909 Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 6 Jan 1985 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, United States

Father: John Franklin Gaither

Mother: Lutie Mae Matlock

Name: Enoch Gaither

Birth: 1 Jan 1832 Iredell, North Carolina, United States

Death: 1910 prb, Iredell, North Carolina, United States

Father: Isham Gaither

Mother: Sarah Leach

Name: Stella Gaither

Birth: 1907 Texas

Death: 04 JAN 1998 Lubbock, Lubbock Co., Texas

Father: Isaac Gaither

Mother: Mattie Wampler

Name: Canna Gaither

Birth: 17 Aug 1880 Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina, USA

Death: 27 Oct 1978 Salisbury, Davidson, North Carolina, United States

Father: John Fleming Holbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Betty Waddell

Name: Agnes Fantory Gaither

Birth: 19 MAR 1866 Wayne County Illinois

Death: 20 April 1957 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Father: Bealia E Gaither

Mother: Cornelia Ann Parker

Name: Benjamin W Gaither

Birth: 17 Sep 1820 Kentucky

Death: 02 Apr 1891 Bellefonte, Arkansas

Father: Beale Gaither

Mother: Mary Polly Roggers

Name: John Gaither

Birth: 12 Mar 1837 Harrison, Indiana

Death: 1 Dec 1906 Pratt County, Kansas, USA

Father: James Wilson Gaither

Mother: Mary T. Hunter

Name: Evan Gaither

Birth: abt 1801 Maryland

Death: 1880 Crownsville, Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States

Father: Samuel Gaither

Mother: Ruth Shipley

Name: roy wilson Gaither

Birth: Jul 1898 Kentucky

Death: 1923 Kansas

Father: John Logan Gaither

Mother: Mallie Gaither

Name: Elizabeth "lizzie" Gaither

Birth: 11 Nov 1857 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio, USA

Death: 7 August 1893 Ohio, USA

Father: Alfred Gaither

Mother: Elizabeth A. Richardson

Name: Alphia Geraldine Gaither

Birth: 15 JUL 1914 Cunningham, Lamar Co., TX

Death: 11 November 1995 Yuba City, Sutter, California, United States

Father: James Tipton Gaither

Mother: Fledia Laverne Harris

Name: Bernice Gaither

Birth: abt 1910 Ohio, USA

Death: 17 Feb 1994 Dayton, Rockingham, Virginia, USA

Father: James Gaither

Mother: Annie Jane Keister

Name: Christopher Columbus Gaither

Birth: Abt 1853 Perry County, Illinois, USA

Death: 1889 Randolph County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Ebenezer B. Gaither

Mother: Marinda C. Rackley

Name: David Belt Gaither

Birth: 19 NOV 1812 Catawba Co., NC

Death: 2 Dec 1895 Newton, Catawba Co., NC, USA

Father: Lebetious Gaither

Mother: Rebecca BAGGERLY

Name: Nellie Mae Gaither

Birth: 24 Nov 1889 Kansas, USA

Death: Nov 1986 Independence, Montgomery, Kansas, USA

Father: Charles Trueblood Gaither

Mother: Nancy "Evaline" Higgerson

Name: Roy Oliver Gaither

Birth: 6 Jul 1890 Rulo, Richardson, Nebraska, USA

Death: Mar 1979 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico, United States of America

Father: Basil Lancaster Gaither

Mother: Cora Olive Vangilder

Name: Clyde Orlando Gaither

Birth: 19 Jun 1920 Hawes, Garland, Arkansas

Death: 20 Dec 2004 , Tarrant, Texas, USA

Father: Edward Lawson Gaither

Mother: Thereasa Davis

Name: Charles Henry Gaither

Birth: 23 Oct 1857 Hillsboro, Van Buren, Iowa, United States

Death: 18 Sep 1937 Moulton, Appanoose, Iowa, United States

Father: George Gaither

Mother: Willey Elma Johnson

Name: Dora Mae Gaither

Birth: 11 May 1879 Franklin, Illinois, United States

Death: 29 Aug 1964 Franklin Co, IL

Father: Christopher Columbus Gaither

Mother: Isabella Adams

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