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Name: Abraham GAUMER

Birth: 4 May 1818 Adams Township, Muskingum, Ohio

Death: 5 Oct 1890 Monroe, Muskingum, Ohio, United States

Father: John Jacob Gaumer

Mother: Elizabeth Betsy Sturtz

Name: William H. Gaumer

Birth: 15 May 1850 Lower Macungie, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 12 March 1919 Res. Kalkaska, Kalkaska County, MI in 1900

Father: Isaac Mathias Gaumer

Mother: Mary D Metz

Name: Gertrude Gaumer

Birth: 7 Aug 1918 Phila, Pennsylvania

Death: 16 Jan 2001 Merchantville, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Father: Harvey Leon Gaumer

Mother: Gertrude E sCHACHTE

Name: Amanda Gaumer

Birth: 17 Apr 1864 Lowhill, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Jul 1940 Ambler, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Solomon Gaumer

Mother: Anna Maria Hartman

Name: Margaret J. Gaumer

Birth: 22 Jul 1846 Valley, Montour, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Oct 1914 Shellsburg, Benton, Iowa, USA.

Father: James Gaumer

Mother: Lydia Breisch

Name: Aarin Gaumer

Birth: 4 Nov 1866 Linton, Coshocton, Ohio, USA

Death: 3 September 1963 Phillipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas, USA

Father: Chester Thompson Gaumer

Mother: Mary "Jane" Ransopher

Name: James Gaumer

Birth: 17 Jun 1859 Lower Towamensing, Carbon, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 FEB 1925 Lehighton, Carbon, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Evan Daniel Gaumer

Mother: Sarah Ann Wentz

Name: Paul Klare GAUMER

Birth: 11 MAY 1920 Hyndman, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 June 2004 Richmond, VA

Father: Walter Gaumer

Mother: Edna P Martz

Name: Lydia Rose Gaumer

Birth: 24 February 1872 Logansport, Cass County, Indiana, USA

Death: 24 August 1942 Starke County, Indiana, USA

Father: Charles Harrison Gaumer

Mother: Martha Jane Crites

Name: Richard Gaumer

Birth: 26 Dec 1931 Nashport, Muskingum, Ohio, USA

Death: 9 Mar 2010 Southington, Trumbull, Ohio

Father: Royal Alfred GAUMER

Mother: Margaret Gaumer

Name: Lee Strohl Gaumer

Birth: 27 May 1926 Pennsylvania

Death: 24 JUL 2010 Salisbury, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Lee Strohl Gaumer

Mother: Mary Kistler

Name: Paul David Gaumer

Birth: 15 sept 1916 new cumberland, pa, usa

Death: 30 sept 1999 saginaw, saginaw, mi, usa

Father: Caleb Gaumer

Mother: Ella Kramer

Name: Albert S Gaumer

Birth: 12 MAY 1875 Lower Macungie, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 27 Dec 1940 York Co., PA

Father: James Aaron Gaumer

Mother: Susanna Baer

Name: Clarice D Gaumer

Birth: May 1899 Ohio

Death: 31 Jan 1976 Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio, USA

Father: Victor Isaac Wheeler

Mother: Hattie Fowler

Name: Solomon Rumple Gaumer

Birth: 5 May 1842 Upper Macungie, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 8 August 1920 Fogelsville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Solomon GAUMER


Name: Robert E. Gaumer

Birth: 15 Sep 1929 Sterling Whi, Illinois

Death: 3 Jul 1992 Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois, USA

Father: Charles Mason Gaumer

Mother: Lelia Lodica Wetzell

Name: Mary E Gaumer

Birth: abt 1892 Pennsylvania

Death: 07 Jan 1968 Berwick, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel L. Gaumer

Mother: Margaret MCGUIRE

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