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Results for "graver"

Name: Verna Graver

Birth: abt 1908 Pennsylvania

Death: 1998 Monroe County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Wilson Alvin Graver

Mother: Eva M Smale

Name: Rosalty Idora Graver

Birth: 25 September 1884 Ohio

Death: 29 May 1957 Mount Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan

Father: John Kline

Mother: Irene Fitzgerald

Name: Phares Henry Graver

Birth: 22 April 1895 Conestoga Lanc County, Pennsylvania

Death: Aug 1968 Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Amos Graver

Mother: Amanda Henry

Name: E Elaine Graver

Birth: 3 September 1918 Wahoo Saunde, Nebraska

Death: 2 October 2007 Colona, Henry, Illinois

Father: Alfred Larsan

Mother: Hannah Amelia Olsen

Name: Gertrude E Graver

Birth: 02 Feb 1895 Pleasent Hill, Wayne Co.Indiana, USA

Death: 21 Nov 1977 Cambridge City, Wayne, Indiana, United States

Father: Christian Herr Graver

Mother: Edna Frances Shafer

Name: Richard L Graver

Birth: 1 Mar 1941 Holtwood, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 29 Mar 2012 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Lester Reed Graver

Mother: Mabel Elizabeth Miller

Name: Andrew A. Graver

Birth: 1 feb 1843 Weissport, Carbon, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 apr 1895 Weissport, Carbon, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Andrew Graver

Mother: Elizabeth Whitehead

Name: Mary Caroline Graver

Birth: 30 April 1875 Tennessee

Death: 22 Apr 1937 Blount Co, TN, USA

Father: Harrison Graves

Mother: Mary Abigail Latham

Name: Norman Hank Graver

Birth: 01 Jun 1897 Weissport, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 31 May 1958 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Franklin Alexander Graver

Mother: Mary Hauk


Birth: 24 March 1910 Illinois

Death: 28 Aug 1973 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Henry P Graver

Mother: Sarah Agnes Dillon


Birth: 1781 Brickling, Norfolk.

Death: November 1862 Flegg, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Father: John Hobert, second earl of Buckingham

Mother: Susanna Graver

Name: Anna Amanda Graver

Birth: 13 Dec 1858 , Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 7 December 1936 Quakertown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Jonas Klein Graber

Mother: Mary Bear Gross, Graver

Name: horace graver

Birth: 7 May 1910 Kirkwood Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: may 3 ,1975 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Elmer Graver

Mother: Leta Mae HERR/Graver

Name: Howard S Graver

Birth: 27 Aug 1908 Illinois

Death: 15 Aug 1963 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Earl Vance Graver

Mother: Goldie Ethel Sewell

Name: Ida A Graver

Birth: 23 Dec 1906 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Death: 21 Aug 1995 Paradise, Butte, California

Father: Wilson Graver

Mother: Genevieve Lauer

Name: Harry Andrew Graver

Birth: 14 May 1896 Northampton, Pennsylvania

Death: 07 Jun 1966 Nazareth, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Thomas A Graver

Mother: Sarah Jane Spengler

Name: Martha M Graver

Birth: Apr 1890 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 1969 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Graver

Mother: Susanna Kresge

Name: Charlotte Graver

Birth: 1817 South Creake, Norfolk, England

Death: 7 April 1892 Docking, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Father: James Graver

Mother: Elizabeth Green

Name: Urban H. Graver

Birth: 25 May 1877 Big Creek, Carbon, PA

Death: 29 Jan 1953 Emmaus, Lehigh, PA

Father: Joseph Andrew Graver

Mother: Sarah Amanda Snyder

Name: Ida May Graver

Birth: 29 Mar 1877 Pennsylvania

Death: 08 Jul 1964 Akron, Summit Co, OH

Father: Johann Michael Graver

Mother: Anna Maria Riseck

Name: Anna Elisabeth Graver

Birth: 11 NOV 1856 New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America

Death: 31 JAN 1938 Neola, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, USA

Father: Henry Graver*

Mother: Margaret Anna Mazer

Name: Jean Elizabeth Graver

Birth: 18 Aug 1918 Baltimore Maryland USA

Death: 3 October 2003 Maryland

Father: Sylvester Thomas Ruth

Mother: Nellie Kimmitt

Name: Heinrich Graver

Birth: 14 Sep 1857 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 December 1926 West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA


Mother: Leah LAUCHNOR

Name: Caroline Graver

Birth: 17 Aug 1834 Hayock Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 11 August 1876 Doylestown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Andrew Graver

Mother: Susan Kline

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