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Name: Margaret Jane Grime

Birth: Abt. 1844 Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire, England

Death: Dec 1917 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Father: james Grime

Mother: Margaret Sanderson

Name: William Grime

Birth: 1 August 1892 Royton, Lancashire, England

Death: 20 January 1974 St Johnsbury, Caledonia, Vermont, USA

Father: Thomas Grime

Mother: Sarah Hannah Stansfield

Name: Leonard Arthur Grime

Birth: 06 December 1888 German, Fulton, Ohio, USA

Death: 26 Mar 1964 Fulton, Fulton, Ohio, United States

Father: John Peter Grime LCVH-ZL8 ​

Mother: Malinda Metenee Dominique KZRN-NY5

Name: Reynolds Grime

Birth: 31 Aug 1891 Marcellus, Onondaga, New York, USA

Death: 18 Jun 1980 Cazenovia, Madison, New York, USA

Father: Charles Edwin GRIME

Mother: Ida James Stacey Axten

Name: Grace Isabelle Grime

Birth: 20 Jul 1898 German, Fulton, Ohio

Death: 15 Dec 1923 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Father: Edward W Frank Grime

Mother: Anna B Hudry

Name: Mildred Ann Grime

Birth: 19 Jul 1898 German, Fulton, Ohio, USA

Death: 03 Dec 1957 Petersburg, Monroe County, Michigan

Father: Noah Joseph Grime

Mother: Florence Arvilla Rebeau

Name: John Harvey Grime

Birth: 29 JUL 1851 Putnam Co TN

Death: 8 Aug 1941 Lebanon, Wilson, Tennessee

Father: John Harvey Grimes

Mother: Louisa Smith

Name: Elizabeth Grime

Birth: 10 Feb 1850 Rishton, Lancashire, England

Death: 9 March 1918 New Bedford, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Thomas Nowell

Mother: Nancy Hunt

Name: Thomas Grime

Birth: 28 Sep 1873 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Death: 10 Dec 1942 New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Father: David Grime

Mother: Elizabeth Grime

Name: Noah Joseph Grime

Birth: 7 APR 1878 German Township, Fulton County, Ohio

Death: 16 Mar 1940 Bryan, Williams County, OH, USA

Father: Frank Grime

Mother: Catherine (Kate) Stouff

Name: Philip Grime

Birth: 29 Apr 1793 Bern,Berks,Pennsylvania,USA

Death: 07 May 1874 Bernville,Berks,Pennsylvania,USA

Father: Abraham Greim

Mother: Christina Geiss

Name: John Tyson Grime

Birth: 24 Dec 1835 Skaneateles, Onondaga, New York, USA

Death: 25 Dec 1929 Marcellus, Onondaga, New York, United States

Father: John Grime

Mother: Esther Pickering

Name: james Grime

Birth: 1806 Lancashire, England

Death: 1881

Father: James Grime

Mother: Mary Townsend

Name: James Henry Grime

Birth: 6 May 1870 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Death: 25 February 1946 Bolton, Lancashire, England

Father: James Grime

Mother: Mary Baldwin

Name: Leonard Grime

Birth: 26 May 1904 Stretford, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Death: 05 JAN 2007 University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada

Father: Thomas James Grime

Mother: Mary Pearson

Name: David Grime

Birth: October 1850 Tockholes, Lancashire, England

Death: 1897 New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts

Father: Michael Grime

Mother: Nancy Berry

Name: Julia Grime

Birth: 22 December 1836 Vellescot, Territoire de Belfort, Franche-Comté, France

Death: 23 Jan 1912 Defiance, Defiance, Ohio, United States

Father: John Peter Grime

Mother: Mary J Pierson

Name: Raymond Anthony John Grime

Birth: 17 Jul 1904 Bryan, Williams Co., Ohio

Death: Jun 27, 1978 Riverside, Riverside Co., California

Father: Frank Grime

Mother: Jane Mary Thompson

Name: Phyllis GRIME

Birth: 12 NOV 1895 Darwen Lancashire

Death: 29 SEP 1982 Fair Mile Hospital Wallingford Oxfordshire

Father: William Grime

Mother: Mary Hannah TOMLINSON

Name: Mary Alice Grime

Birth: 15 JAN 1862 Darwen, Lancaster

Death: 7 NOV 1889 Darwen, Lancaster

Father: John Grime

Mother: Sarah Howard

Name: John J Grime

Birth: 10 Feb 1905 Fulton, Fulton, Ohio, USA

Death: 01 JAN 2002 Archbold, Fulton Co., Ohio

Father: Adolph Grim

Mother: Emma Christene Leu

Name: Edward John Grime

Birth: 1888 Sydney NSW Australia

Death: 10 Feb 1948 Wagga Wagga NSW Australia

Father: John Marsden Grime

Mother: Sarah Jane Morgan

Name: John Grime

Birth: 7 JUN 1839 Henrey St Darwen, Lancashire

Death: 6 MAY 1901 79 Lowther Terrace, Darwen

Father: William Grime

Mother: Ellen Beardsley

Name: Edith Grime

Birth: 28 Jun 1897 1 Smith st. Moston Lancashire England

Death: 17 Apr 1929 1 Winford st, Moston Lancashire England

Father: Frederick Leopold Grime

Mother: Violetta (Nellie) Smith

Name: Edna Margaret Grime

Birth: 24 Mar 1903 Barnsley

Death: 1979 Mirfield, Yorkshire, England

Father: Ralph Grime

Mother: Florence Eva Dixon

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