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Name: Julianna "Julia" Hajdu

Birth: 8 Sep 1890 Teglas, Ung Megye, Hungary

Death: 07 Dec 1947 Masontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Gyorgy/George Hajdu

Mother: Julia Hajdu Kovaos

Name: Virginia Mary Hajdu

Birth: 25 June 1916 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan

Death: 10 Apr 1978 Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan, USA

Father: Stephen Michael Hajdu

Mother: Anna Helen Fokey

Name: Arpad Hajdu

Birth: 12 Feb 1886 Hungary

Death: 12 sept 1952 New Jersey, USA

Father: Fulop Hajdu

Mother: Rozalia Schwartz

Name: Karolina Anna Hajdu

Birth: 29 Jun 1904 Nagykaroly, Satu Mare, Romania

Death: Jan 1983 East Northport, Suffolk, New York, USA

Father: Gyorgy Hajdu

Mother: Julia Majoros, Major

Name: Anna Hajdu

Birth: 06 Jul 1865 Tiszaeszlar, Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg, Hungary

Death: 9 December, 1942 Jászárokszállás, Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary

Father: Ferenc Rácz

Mother: Ágnes Braszátor

Name: Agnes Hajdu

Birth: MAR 21,1900 Varpalota, Veszprem, Hungary

Death: March 10, 1963 Phila Pa

Father: Janos Hajdu

Mother: Sophia Timer

Name: Fulop Hajdu

Birth: 8 Feb 1855 Keszthely, Zala, Hungary

Death: 1929

Father: Herman Hochmuth

Mother: Peril Klein

Name: Frank Hajdu

Birth: 29 Nov 1889 Agya, Hungary

Death: 25 Aug 1946 Ohio, USA

Father: Frank Hajdu

Mother: Lizzie Sekere

Name: Inci Irma Hajdu

Birth: October 19, 1910 Jaszbereny, Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary

Death: 10 May 2000 California, St. Mary's, Maryland, USA

Father: Arpad Hajdu

Mother: Ilona Pollack

Name: Teyesa Hajdu

Birth: July 20, 1873 Abauj Megye, Hungary

Death: December 26, 1921 Leechburg, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Istvan Hajdu

Mother: Maria Clara Geczi


Birth: 01/13/1894 Otvosfalva, Maramaros , Hungary of the Austrian -Hungarian Empire

Death: Not Available

Father: PETRO (Peter) HAJDU

Mother: Maria Andriecz

Name: Ivan Hajdu

Birth: October 21,1884 Otvosfalva Maramaros , Hungary of the Austrian -Hungarian Empire

Death: Not Available

Father: PETRO (Peter) HAJDU

Mother: Maria Andriecz

Name: Vendel Randall Hajdu

Birth: 10 Jan 1882 Babocsa, Somogy, Hungary

Death: 24 January 1942 South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Matyas Hajdu

Mother: Alvina Janusis

Name: Imre Hajdu

Birth: 14 Mar 1863 Abauj-Torna Megye, Hungary

Death: 13 Jun 1948 New Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States of America

Father: Jozsef Hajdu

Mother: Erzsébet Kaiser

Name: Anna Hajdu

Birth: abt 1909 New Jersey, USA

Death: Aug 1992 West Islip, Suffolk, New York, USA

Father: Ferencz Hajdu

Mother: Mary Takach

Name: steven hajdu

Birth: 1 Nov 1880 Hungary

Death: 26jul1942 Aurora, Illinois

Father: Imre Hajdu

Mother: Juliánna Murguly

Name: Janos Hajdu

Birth: 02 June 1895 Krasznokvajda, Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen, Hungary

Death: Mar 1967 Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey, USA

Father: Imre Hajdu

Mother: Maria Kocsis

Name: Margaret Suzanne Hajdu

Birth: 8 June 1922 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 11 June 1999 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: John Hajdu

Mother: Catherine Brucher

Name: William Hajdu

Birth: 18 Aug 1889 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 31 jan 1948 Cleveland, Ohio

Father: Joseph Hajdu

Mother: Mary jakab

Name: Margaret Ann Hajdu

Birth: 28 May, 1919 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Death: 08 January, 2005 Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan, USA

Father: Stephen Michael Hajdu

Mother: Anna Helen Fokey

Name: Maria Hajdu

Birth: 22 Aug 1870 Nagykőrös, Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun, Hungary

Death: 16 Nov 1955 New Jersey, USA

Father: János Hajdu

Mother: Mária Bene

Name: Elizabeth Hajdu

Birth: 24 Jul 1906 Gladstone, Stark, North Dakota, USA

Death: 10 Oct 1976 Selah, Yakima, Washington, USA

Father: Andrew or Haydu or Haidu or Heidu or Hajdu

Mother: Maria Karabensch

Name: Emma Hajdu

Birth: About 1890 Hungary

Death: 1928 Port Huron, St Clair, Michigan, USA

Father: Lajos Hajdu

Mother: Sophia Biro

Name: Johanna ~ Hajdu

Birth: 22 Apr 1883 Slovakia

Death: 04 Aug 1922 Uniontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Hajdu

Mother: Elizabeth Kovács

Name: Alfred Ernest Hajdu

Birth: 21 July, 1922 Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan, USA

Death: 05 March,1984 Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Anna Helen Fokey

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