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Results for "hardt"

Name: Viola Ester Hardt

Birth: 2 Jul 1887 Illinois

Death: 7 Apr 1958 Wasco, Kern, California, USA

Father: William Franklin Fansler

Mother: Esther E Ulrey

Name: Ewald A Hardt

Birth: abt 1864 Germany

Death: 1944 Iowa

Father: Ewald Hardt

Mother: Emma Charlotte Ibach

Name: Andrew S. Hardt

Birth: 23 Apr 1896 Kentucky

Death: 18 Oct 1957 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky

Father: Frederick Hardt

Mother: Ursula Eva Eisert Hardt

Name: Amand Hardt

Birth: abt 1899 Texas, USA

Death: 24 Sept 1947 Karnes City, Karnes, Texas, USA

Father: Emil Louis Hardt

Mother: Louise Helen Gerdes

Name: Daniel Ray Hardt

Birth: 12 Dec 1889 Iowa City, Wright, Iowa, United States

Death: Apr 1969 Stockbridge, Ingham, Michigan, USA

Father: Henry Edward Hardt

Mother: Catherine Melissie Bley

Name: Fred E Hardt

Birth: 5 Jun 1896 Caldwell County, Texas, USA

Death: 10 Nov 1944 Dallas, Texas

Father: Fredrick V Hardt

Mother: Eugenia Burge

Name: Ellen Lydia Hardt

Birth: 14 Feb 1917 Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois, USA

Death: 08 Nov 2006 Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois, USA

Father: Otto Hugo Hardt

Mother: Laura J. Graham

Name: Lydia Hardt

Birth: 1 FEB 1902 Saratov Russia

Death: 12 DEC 1977 Lincoln NE

Father: John George Riedel

Mother: Anna Zitzer

Name: Margaret Hardt

Birth: 1909 Wisconsin

Death: 26 Aug 1996 Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Otto Hardt

Mother: Clara Amelia Peipert

Name: Oits A Hardt

Birth: abt 1891 California

Death: 25 Jul 1958 Nevada City, California

Father: @ Hardt

Mother: @ Mattheis

Name: Elizabeth Hardt

Birth: Nov 1835 Germany, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 9 MAY 1908 Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Father: David Haardt

Mother: Gertraud Catherine Schaum

Name: Rev. Hardt

Birth: Jun 1898 Nebraska

Death: 12 Jan 1971 Paradise, Butte, California

Father: Jacob H Hardt

Mother: Elizabeth Hardt

Name: Warren A Hardt

Birth: 27 Jun 1895 Caldwell Texas USA

Death: 31 Dec 1961 Tahoka, Lynn, Texas, USA

Father: Fredrick V Hardt

Mother: Eugenia Burge

Name: Gottlieb Hardt

Birth: 29 May 1876 Endars, Emdosz, Russia

Death: 20 Feb 1969 Clintonville, Waupaca, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Johann Casper Hardt

Mother: Christina * Aab

Name: Richard Wilburn Hardt

Birth: 3 Mar 1922 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Death: 2000 Yancey TX

Father: Anton John Hardt

Mother: Laura Frick

Name: William Hardt

Birth: Abt 1852 Prussia

Death: 12/20/1924 Detroit City, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: William Hardt

Mother: W Schultz

Name: Edward Hardt

Birth: abt 1873 Missouri

Death: 9 Dec 1951 Fenton, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Julius Karl Hardt

Mother: Clara Louisa Schwenker

Name: Harry Edward Hardt

Birth: 02 Aug 1890 Ohio

Death: 12 Mar 1952 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

Father: Henry Hardt

Mother: Frances (Fannie) Curry

Name: Ida D Hardt

Birth: 09 Feb 1890 Gibsonia, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 15 Apr 1950 Slippery Rock, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Christian Hardt

Mother: Louisa C Harbush

Name: Louise Fay Hardt

Birth: 4 May 1938 Douglas, Arizona

Death: 13 Oct 2004 Hereford, Cochise, Arizona

Father: Carl Fultz

Mother: Cloma (m. Fultz, Leachet) Ratliff

Name: Theodore Joseph Hardt

Birth: abt 1907 New York

Death: 24 Jan 1972 New Florence, Montgomery, Missouri, USA

Father: Carl Hardt

Mother: Nellie Eleanor Jones

Name: Bruno George Hardt

Birth: 26 Sep 1918 Meyersville, DeWitt County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 8 Nov 2005 Cuero, De Witt Co, Texas, USA

Father: Alfred Valentine Hardt

Mother: Anna Emma Jäger

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