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Name: Winnie Pearl Hawkins

Birth: 5 Oct 1891 Arkansas

Death: 17 JAN 1988 Blytheville, Mississippi, AR

Father: George Washington Hawkins

Mother: Emma Orange Stell

Name: Mark E Hawkins

Birth: 24 DEC 1898 , , West Virginia

Death: 25 Jul 1987 El Paso Co., Texas

Father: Harrison Lee Hawkins

Mother: Frances Kendall

Name: Walter Hawkins

Birth: 21 Jan 1939 Washington, Virginia, USA

Death: 8 Feb 2014 Mountain Home, Washington, Tennessee, USA

Father: Henry V Hawkins

Mother: Bonnie B Elam

Name: Alfred John Hawkins

Birth: 2 Feb 1865 Illinois

Death: March 1961 , , Washington

Father: John Randal Hawkins

Mother: *Mary Jane Shellenberger

Name: Clifford H. Hawkins

Birth: 6 Jun 1889 Manhatten, New York

Death: Nov 1967 Brooklyn, New York

Father: Charles Morris Hawkins

Mother: Mary Halsey Gordon

Name: Hector Brodley Hawkins

Birth: 4 May 1887 Michigan

Death: 1963 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, USA

Father: Harvey Quincy Hawkins

Mother: Melissa Jane Bradley

Name: Harry Leroy Hawkins

Birth: 4 Jan 1876 Indianapolis, Indiana

Death: 17 Nov 1929 Sawtelle, Los Angeles County, California, United States of America

Father: Thomas Sylvester Hawkins

Mother: Lillie May Loucks

Name: Minnie Isabelle Hawkins

Birth: 7 Nov 1899 Russell Leba, Virginia

Death: 23 Jun 1989 Virginia

Father: John Hawkins

Mother: Nancy Catherine Puckett

Name: Minnie Hawkins

Birth: May 1857 Rhode Island

Death: 19 Nov 1952 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island

Father: Patrick Mulhearn

Mother: Ellen Cox

Name: Jeraline Margaret Hawkins

Birth: 7 August 1928 Vonore, Monroe County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 18 August 1994 Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Clinton Hawkins

Mother: Ona Mae Summit

Name: Henry Arthur Hawkins

Birth: 6 Nov 1905 Augusta, Hancock, Illinois, USA

Death: Dec 1966 Coffeyville, Montgomery, Kansas, USA

Father: Pinkney Lee HAWKINS

Mother: Cora Bell Kriebel Hawkins

Name: Zola Mary Hawkins

Birth: abt 1911 Ward, Lonoke, Arkansas, USA

Death: 7 Apr 1999 Redwood City, San Mateo, California, USA

Father: Milton S Hawkins

Mother: Margaret Fiedler

Name: Robert Hawkins

Birth: Jul 1880 Hull, Yorkshire - East Riding, United Kingdom

Death: 19 October 1933 York, Ontario, Canada

Father: Robert John Hawkins

Mother: Anne Elizabeth Windross

Name: Paul Samual Hawkins

Birth: abt 1887 Illinois

Death: 1956 Compton, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Samuel Knox HAWKEY

Mother: Eliza Belle Mathews

Name: James Hawkins

Birth: abt 1814 Fobbing, Essex, England

Death: Jan 1903 Rochford, Essex, United Kingdom

Father: William Hawkins

Mother: Ann Levett

Name: Ralph William Hawkins

Birth: 26 March 1903 Lee Park, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 3 February 1988 Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio, United States

Father: William Arthur Hawkins

Mother: Jennie D Davison

Name: Virgil Leon HAWKINS

Birth: 15 Jan 1916 Ingham, Michigan, United States

Death: 06 Feb 1987 Ingham Co., Michigan

Father: Lewis Hawkins

Mother: Lennah Ione Dunn

Name: Leslie B. Hawkins

Birth: 11 Jul 1871 Shelby County, Missouri

Death: 01 Oct 1941 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Missouri

Father: Bowles Hawkins

Mother: Lucinda Hawkins

Name: Francis Rosencrans Hawkins

Birth: 18 Jan 1863 Howard County, Indiana, USA

Death: 7 May 1902 Howard County, Indiana, USA

Father: Martin HAWKINS

Mother: Mary Catherine Summers

Name: Alice Hawkins

Birth: Apr 1879 West Virginia, USA

Death: 26 May 1947 Fairmont, Marion Co., West Virginia USA

Father: John Hawkins

Mother: Lydia Vandergrift

Name: Nicholas Hawkins

Birth: May 1832 England

Death: 9 April 1918 Leavenworth, Kansas

Father: Andrew Hawkins

Mother: Johanna Scannel

Name: Hillison Dewitt Hawkins

Birth: 03 Sep 1903 West Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio

Death: Feb 1978 Alliance, Stark, Ohio, USA

Father: Edgar Steven Hawkins

Mother: Nellie Grace Myers

Name: Ary Ella Hawkins

Birth: Dec 1867 Alabama, USA

Death: 10 November 1936 Deatsville, Autauga, Alabama

Father: William Freeman Hawkins


Name: Amanda Hawkins

Birth: 29 Mar 1893 Rusk, Texas

Death: 29 Sep 1969 Harris, Texas, United States

Father: Lawrence Hawkins

Mother: Margarett Virgina Autry

Name: William Hawkins

Birth: 07 Jan 1873 Howard, Elk, Kansas, USA

Death: 11 AUG 1961 Falls, Falls, ID

Father: Thomas Paine Hawken

Mother: Isabella Frances Brownlie

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