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Name: Mercy Freeman Hayford

Birth: 14 Nov 1762 Pembroke, Massachusetts

Death: Nov 1852 Tioga County,Pennsylvania

Father: Samuel Hayford

Mother: Rebecca Waterman

Name: LOIS A. Hayford

Birth: 12 Jun 1811 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 8 Jan 1890 Atkinson, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA

Father: Nathaniel Hayford

Mother: Judith W Hunt

Name: Alvin Hayford

Birth: 18 Apr 1805 Middleborough, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 05 Jan 1884 Hague, Warren Co, New York, USA

Father: Benjamin Hayford

Mother: Lucy Reed

Name: Harold Raymond Hayford

Birth: 23 Jan 1899 Nebraska

Death: 12 Aug 1982 Sturgis SD

Father: Orville Grandison HAYFORD

Mother: Minnie Grace Johnson

Name: Martha Charlotte Lucy Hayford

Birth: 03 Sep 1895 Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

Death: 13 Sep 1978 London CITY (ISLINGTON

Father: Robert John Hayford

Mother: Charlotte Selina Garnham

Name: William Thomas Hayford

Birth: 05 Mar 1838 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England

Death: Nov 1905 Shoreditch, London, England

Father: Henry Hayford

Mother: Eleanor Vellanoweth

Name: Fred Retallick Hayford

Birth: 1 Nov 1890 New York

Death: 12 January 1958 Albany County, New York, USA

Father: Willson E Hayford

Mother: Mary E Hayford Retallick

Name: Velva V Hayford

Birth: 24 Jan 1914 Stockton, California

Death: 17 Dec 2006 Mendocino

Father: Jesse William Hayford

Mother: Helen Jennie Rudolph

Name: William Hayford

Birth: 5 MAY 1740 Pembroke, Plymouth, MA

Death: 12 OCT 1801 Hartford, Oxford, ME

Father: Daniel Hayford

Mother: Deliverance Bolles

Name: Cyrus Clarence Hayford

Birth: 27 Nov 1921 Waukon, Allamakee, Iowa, USA

Death: 10 Oct 1991 Topeka, Kansas, USA

Father: Jerome Cory Hayford

Mother: Ada May Strong

Name: Winifred Rachel Hayford

Birth: 11/28/1925 Valentine, Cherry, Nebraska, USA

Death: 1 Nov 2015 Sperry, OK

Father: Orville Grandison HAYFORD

Mother: Minnie Grace Johnson

Name: Lilian "Lillie Grace" Hayford

Birth: 11/29/1888 Albany, New York, USA

Death: 2/1978 Albany, New York, USA

Father: Harlow Hayford

Mother: Lucy Jaundreau

Name: Luther Dean Hayford

Birth: 24 Feb 1855 Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, New York, USA

Death: 3 Dec 1937 Waupun, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Samuel Wooster Hayford

Mother: Roxana Chapin

Name: Robert Jesse Hayford

Birth: 26 Apr 1876 Dorchester, Macoupin, Illinois, USA

Death: 23 Apr 1957 Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, USA

Father: Jesse Buell Hayford (1)

Mother: Lydia Luvina Thomasson

Name: Maud Adela Hayford

Birth: 30 Dec 1870 Hastings, Minnesota

Death: 2 Dec 1957 San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California

Father: William Wallis Hayford

Mother: Plantina Olivia Pitcher

Name: Dollie Vera Hayford

Birth: 10 October 1897 Morrillville, Knox, Nebraska, United States

Death: 18 MAY 1993 Denver, Adams, Colorado, United States

Father: Orville Grandison HAYFORD

Mother: Minnie Grace Johnson

Name: Ralph Leslie Hayford

Birth: 08Jan1905 Norden, Keya Paha, Nebraska, United States

Death: 11 APR 1985 Valentine NE

Father: Orville Grandison HAYFORD

Mother: Minnie Grace Johnson

Name: Nathaniel Hayford

Birth: 11 May 1791 Tamworth, Carroll, New Hampshire

Death: 26 Jun 1873 Swampscott, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: NATHANIEL Hayford

Mother: PHILENA Gannett

Name: James Henry Hayford

Birth: 22 Dec 1826 Potsdam, St.Lawrence,New York

Death: 28 Jul 1902 Laramie, Albany, Wyoming

Father: Abial Doggett Hayford

Mother: Laura A Johnson

Name: NATHANIEL Hayford

Birth: Sep 16 1755 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

Death: Apr 25 1851 Tamworth, Carroll Co., New Hampshire

Father: Daniel Hayford

Mother: Priscilla Faxon

Name: Orville Grandison HAYFORD

Birth: 17 Jul 1876 IL, Du Page, Illinois, United States

Death: 26 AUG 1955 Omaha, NE

Father: Asel Dexter Hayford

Mother: Esther Sarah Austin

Name: Nina May Hayford

Birth: 02 Nov 1889 Aurora, Aurora, South Dakota, United States

Death: 11 Nov 1959 Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Leslie Ayers Hayford

Mother: Minnie May Moore

Name: Warren Hayford

Birth: 02 Aug 1798 Tamworth, Carroll, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 11 Sep 1872 Tamworth, Carroll, New Hampshire

Father: NATHANIEL Hayford

Mother: PHILENA Gannett

Name: Susan Ilura Hayford

Birth: 9 Jan 1854 Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 13 Mar 1932 Waverley, Wright , Minnesota, USA

Father: John Hayford

Mother: Adelaid Jobe

Name: Zella Alberta Hayford

Birth: 24 October 1869 Ohio, USA

Death: 5 Nov 1951

Father: John Archer Hayford

Mother: Mary Romelia Gilbert

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