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Results for "hees"

Name: Johann Jakob Hees

Birth: 28 MAR 1666 Bruttig, Germany

Death: 1705 Germany

Father: Johann Leonard Hess or Hesges

Mother: Margaretha Goebelen

Name: Dora B Hees

Birth: Dec 1870 Birch Run, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Death: 21 Feb 1934 427 Emily St., Saginaw, (Saginaw), Michigan

Father: William H Hess

Mother: Sarah M Hammond

Name: Charley Willard Hees

Birth: 4 May 1898 Missouri, USA

Death: 19 November 1969 Barnett, Morgan, Missouri, USA

Father: Phillip Andrew Hees

Mother: Nancy Abigail Hedrick

Name: Herbert Gottlieb Hees

Birth: 30 Jul 1912 Brenham, Washington, Texas, USA

Death: 13 May 1996 Splendora, Montgomery, Texas, United States of America

Father: Jakob Hees

Mother: Pauline Annie Schulz

Name: Elbert Lenore Hees

Birth: 24 November 1896 Missouri

Death: 15 March 1951 Morgan, Missouri, USA

Father: Phillip Andrew Hees

Mother: Nancy Abigail Hedrick

Name: Relph W Hees

Birth: 15 Nov 1879 Oswego, New York, USA

Death: 16 Jun 1964 Los Angeles County, California, United States

Father: George Harris Hees

Mother: Harriett Rathbun

Name: Albert Carl Hees

Birth: 3 December 1919 Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 31 Mar 1999 Kenosha, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Father: Herman Carl Hees

Mother: Emma A Weyand

Name: Maria Hees

Birth: 8 April 1837 Reichenbach unter Rechberg, Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: 5 November 1905 Oxford, Marquette County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Christoph Hees

Mother: Anna Catharine Schaeuffele

Name: Willie Hees

Birth: 08 SEP 1891 Eichenfoln, Kreis Siegen, Westfalia, Germany

Death: 18 May 1977 Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas, USA

Father: Wilhelm William Hees

Mother: Luise Louisa Veolkel

Name: Mary Irene Hees

Birth: 12 July 1902 Utah

Death: 28 OCT 1960 Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States

Father: William Alma Hess

Mother: Jane Ann Hadfield

Name: Jacob HEES

Birth: 21 Apr 1876 Langenholdinghausen, Eichen, Germany

Death: 23 May 1948 Milroy Hospital, Brenham, Washington, Texas

Father: Jakob Hees

Mother: Elisabetha Nies

Name: Ernest J Hees

Birth: 31 Jan 1901 Burton, Texas

Death: 15 Oct 1995 Harlingen, Cameron, Texas, United States of America

Father: Wilhelm William Hees

Mother: Luise Louisa Veolkel

Name: Frederick Karl Hees

Birth: 22 Oct 1916 El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA

Death: 16 November 1949 San Joaquin

Father: Friedrich Hees

Mother: Meta Becker

Name: Doris Irene Hees

Birth: 15 Dec 1920 Texas, USA

Death: 8 Sep 2006 Wimberley, Hays, Texas

Father: Herman Hees

Mother: Julia Lena Kerlin

Name: John (Wilhelm) Hees

Birth: 6 Nov 1845 Germany

Death: 17 Mar 1903 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: Johann (John) Hees

Mother: Christina Roth

Name: Beula O Hees

Birth: 6 Mar 1919 Missouri

Death: 19 Feb 2000 Olean, Miller, Missouri, USA

Father: Charley Willard Hees

Mother: Dixie Jane Madole

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