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Name: Fanny Higham

Birth: Jun 1859 Solihull, Warwickshire, England

Death: 4 Aug 1921 Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England

Father: Thomas Higham

Mother: Eliza Day

Name: William Rickard Higham

Birth: 1851 Crowan, Cornwall

Death: OCT 1911 Edmonton, Middlesex, England

Father: Robert Charles Higham 2GGF

Mother: Elizabeth Rickard 2GGM

Name: Richard Higham

Birth: ABT 1862 Liverpool

Death: BET JUL 1934 AND SEP 1934 Liverpool

Father: Leonard Higham

Mother: Ann Dickinson

Name: Margaret Higham

Birth: abt 1791 Leyland, Lancashire, England

Death: July 1870 Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: Thomas Bolton

Mother: jane taylor

Name: James Higham

Birth: 1740 Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire, England

Death: abt 1815 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Father: John Higham

Mother: Alice Knowles

Name: Joseph R Higham

Birth: 30 Jun 1904 Portage, Pennsylvania

Death: 11 Jun 1944 Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Robert Higham

Mother: Elizabeth Thornton Higham

Name: Annie May Higham

Birth: 1872 Providence

Death: 8/23/1924 Providence County, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Ormrod Higham*

Mother: Catherine Clark

Name: Ann Higham

Birth: abt 1857 Atherton, Lancashire, England

Death: Nov 1924 Leigh RD (pr. Atherton), Lancashire, England

Father: Richard Higham

Mother: Ann Molyneux

Name: Henry Higham

Birth: Jan 1853 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Death: 20 Mar 1926 District of Columbia

Father: Henry Higham

Mother: Mary Inger

Name: Mary E Higham

Birth: about Apr 1877 England

Death: 15 APR 1969 California

Father: Henry William Higham

Mother: Harriet Archer

Name: ELLEN Higham

Birth: abt 1821 Longton, Lancashire, England

Death: January 1873 Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: James Higham

Mother: Margaret Holland

Name: Thomas Higham

Birth: abt 1821 Warrington, Lancashire

Death: 1888 Warrington, Lancashire, England

Father: Thomas Higham

Mother: Mary Deakin

Name: Thomas Higham

Birth: 24/05/1801 Lancashire, England

Death: FEB 1890 Mawdesley,Lancashire,England

Father: Thomas Higham

Mother: Betty Halliwell

Name: James Higham

Birth: 1795 Failsworth, Lancashire, England

Death: Jan 1861 Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: John Higham


Name: Elizabeth Higham

Birth: abt 1844 St Columb, Cornwall, England

Death: 3 July 1901 Higher Pengelly Delabole St Teath

Father: Thomas Devonshire

Mother: Maria Vercoe

Name: John Higham

Birth: 1837 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: October 1899 West Derby, Lancashire

Father: John Higham

Mother: Mary Ann Gore

Name: Joseph H Higham

Birth: 27 NOV 1839 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Death: 6 Aug 1897 25 Field Street Wigan

Father: James Higham

Mother: Margaret Halliwell

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