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Name: John H Hitson

Birth: 21 April 1890 Georgia

Death: 01 Apr 1933 Atlanta, Fulton Cty., GA

Father: William Hitson

Mother: Fannie King

Name: Dorothy Lois HITSON

Birth: 14 Jun 1929 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 04 May 2004 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: Elmer Hitson

Mother: Julia Nichols/Sanders

Name: Milton C. Hitson

Birth: 27 Aug 1898 Pulaski, Georgia, United States

Death: 11 SEP 1959 Evergreen Cemetery, Hamilton Co, Flordia

Father: George Washington Hitson

Mother: Ellie Pauline Lewis

Name: Thomas Clifford Hitson

Birth: 12 Nov 1894 Carroll, Arkansas, United States

Death: 05 Apr 1985 Lyman, Skagit, Washington, United States of America

Father: George Thomas Hittson

Mother: Martha Chase

Name: John C HITSON

Birth: 1856 Tennessee

Death: 04 Jan 1929 Hickory County, Missouri

Father: Calvin Hitson

Mother: Cynthia Elizabeth Dalton

Name: William Merton Hitson

Birth: 13 Oct 1890 Covington, Alabama

Death: abt 1955/1960 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Al, US

Father: William Edward Hitson

Mother: Amanda Franklin

Name: Raymond Ross HITSON

Birth: 18 Nov 1938 Corryton, Knox, Tennessee, USA

Death: 3 Jun 1991 Maryville, Blount Co TN

Father: William M. Hitson

Mother: Juanita Pearson

Name: Mildred Hitson

Birth: 30 Jan 1909 Chicago, Illinois

Death: 3 Jan 1989 Eagle Creek, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: Carl Henry Hitson

Mother: Clara Schmedeke

Name: Hurd HITSON

Birth: 31 Oct 1905 Hermetage, Missouri, USA

Death: Dec 17, 1983 Gillette North, Campbell Co. WY.

Father: David Eli Hitson

Mother: Cordelia Alexander Heard

Name: Wyatt Hitson

Birth: 1808 Tennessee, United States

Death: 1875 Carroll County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Richard Hittson

Mother: Drucella Stubblefield

Name: A.C. Acey Hitson

Birth: 19 Mar 1918 Butler, Alabama, United States

Death: Jan 1984 Millbrook, Elmore, Alabama, United States

Father: Ezekiel Holice Hitson

Mother: Hillary Alice Mosley

Name: Ida Hitson

Birth: 24 Jul 1898 Henderson, Butler County, Alabama, United States

Death: 2 Jun 1971 Panama City, Bay, Florida, United States

Father: John Wesley Hitson

Mother: Catherine "Kitty" Alexander

Name: Axel Ernest Hitson

Birth: abt 1880 Sweden

Death: 30 Apr 1962 Hobart, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: Peter Hitson

Mother: Anna Lisa Roberg

Name: Peter Hitson

Birth: 1857 Sweden

Death: 17 April 1928 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Jonas Jonsson Hedsand

Mother: Margta Persdotter

Name: Roy Hitson

Birth: 11 Feb 1916 Monroe, Tennessee, USA

Death: May 1977 Madisonville, Monroe, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: John Calvin Hitson

Mother: Amanda Strickland

Name: Ella E Hitson

Birth: 11 Dec 1904 Red Level, Covington County, Alabama, United States of America

Death: 12 Apr 2000 Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina

Father: William Edward Hitson

Mother: Amanda Franklin

Name: Lomax Hitson

Birth: abt 1920 Alabama

Death: 1 Sep 2003 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Father: William Merton Hitson

Mother: Marie L Chesser

Name: William M Hitson

Birth: 5 Oct 1913 Happy Valley, Blount County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 10 Dec 2001 Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee, USA

Father: George Calvin Hitson

Mother: Maudie Jane Whitehead

Name: Murrell Eugan Hitson

Birth: 5 Dec 1907 Neck City, Missouri, USA

Death: 16 Apr 1975 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Robert Russell Hitson

Mother: Almina D Martin

Name: Nellie I Hitson

Birth: 28 February 1900 Tennessee

Death: 18 May 1980 Phildalphia, Loudon, Tennessee

Father: David Zachariah Hitson

Mother: Margaret White

Name: Edna Debuty Hitson

Birth: 26 Jul 1921 Monroe County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1//3//2015 Loudon, Loudon, Tennessee, USA

Father: King Deputy

Mother: Eddie Florence Gourley

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