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Name: Missouri A Hollowell

Birth: October 1848 Chowan Co. North Carolina

Death: 21 Jun 1915 Chowan, North Carolina, USA

Father: Thomas Forehand Hollowell

Mother: Elizabeth Eason

Name: George A Hollowell

Birth: 16 Sep 1913 Chowan County, NC

Death: 15 Sep 1962 Chowan County, NC

Father: George Adam Hollowell

Mother: Georgia Lillie BYRUM

Name: William Washington Hollowell

Birth: 12 FEB 1858 Lafayette Co MS

Death: 1 Oct 1943 Paris, Lafayette, Mississippi, United States

Father: John Ruff Hollowell

Mother: Eliza Hollowell

Name: James Benjamin Hollowell

Birth: 07/08/1899 Little RIver County, Arkansas

Death: Oct 1982 Shreveport, Bossier, Louisiana

Father: Edward Hamilton HOLLOWELL

Mother: Alice V Jacobs

Name: Edwin Greyson Hollowell

Birth: 27 May 1926 North Carolina

Death: 17 December 2011 New Bern NC

Father: Charlie Lee Hollowell

Mother: Anna May Lewis

Name: Thomas R Hollowell

Birth: Sep 1839 Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1904 Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Edwin Crawford Hollowell

Mother: Anne Maria Crockett

Name: James Hollowell

Birth: 28 June 1931 Carroll County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 8 June 2017 Camden, Benton County, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Ben Hulan Hallowell

Mother: Virdie Lou Thomas

Name: Thomas Hollowell

Birth: 27 Apr 1796 Perquimans, North Carolina, United States

Death: 16 Aug 1876 Huntington, Huntington, Indiana, United States

Father: Thomas Hollowell

Mother: Mary Lamb

Name: Eliza Hollowell

Birth: 14 NOV 1824 Wilson County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 4 Oct 1896 Lafayette County,Mississippi

Father: Thomas P Knight

Mother: Rebecca Jones

Name: Nellie May Hollowell

Birth: 3 August 1908 Ohio

Death: 18 Sep 1938 Fremont, Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Father: Fred F. Hallowell

Mother: Jessie Mae McConnell

Name: Julia Hollowell

Birth: 14 Apr 1842 Marshall, Mississippi, United States

Death: 8 Feb 1906 Barton, Marshall Co, Mississippi, United States

Father: Silas Hollowell

Mother: Sarah E Farmer

Name: Elizabeth V Hollowell

Birth: 28 Aug 1862 Chowan, North Carolina, United States

Death: 30 Jun 1939 Hobbsville, Gates, North Carolina, USA

Father: Thomas Forehand Hollowell

Mother: Elizabeth Eason

Name: Viola May Hollowell

Birth: abt 1895 Indiana

Death: 26 Jul 1963 Marion, Grant, Indiana, USA

Father: George L Wright

Mother: Ella McCray

Name: Claude Frank Hollowell

Birth: 22 Feb 1893 Birdseye, Dubois, Indiana, USA

Death: Apr 1983 Jeffersonville, Clark, Indiana

Father: William Preston Hollowell

Mother: Mary Isabell Rudy

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