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Name: Albert Leo Huber

Birth: 10 Feb 1921 Fresno, California

Death: 22 juli 1992 Fresno, Fresno, California, United States of America

Father: August Huber

Mother: Kathryn Marie Deobald

Name: Mary Kreider Huber

Birth: 11 Mar 1872 Pennsylvania

Death: 17 Nov 1961 Pequea, Lancaster, United States

Father: Abraham Buckwalter Huber

Mother: Esther Brubaker Kreider

Name: Everett Lewis Huber

Birth: 1 Dec 1923 Dallas, Texas

Death: 2 May 1993 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: William E Huber

Mother: Myrtis Lewis

Name: Marvin E. Huber

Birth: 10 Jul 1925 North Dakota, USA

Death: February 07, 2005 Hettinger, North Dakota

Father: George John Huber

Mother: Regina Rieger

Name: Jacob Huber

Birth: 1882 Delaware, USA

Death: 1933 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA

Father: JACOB Huber

Mother: CAROLINE Christine Weil

Name: Carl F. Huber

Birth: 23 Dec 1901 Strawn, Livingston County, Illinois, USA

Death: 4 Jul 1991 Illinois

Father: Carl Frederick Huber

Mother: Wilhelmina “Minnie” Steffen

Name: Lowell H. Huber

Birth: 7 February 1932 Irvington, Douglas, Nebraska

Death: 29 Jan 2000 Rio Rancho, Sandoval, New Mexico, USA

Father: Frank George Huber

Mother: Ella M Petersen

Name: Lilian Huber

Birth: abt 1894 Kansas

Death: 28 Feb 1955 Hospital in Kansas City. Missouri

Father: Louis Clarence Huber

Mother: Emma Todd Huber

Name: Emma K Huber

Birth: 30 Oct 1890 South Dakota

Death: 13 February 1983 Temple City, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Franz Xaver Huber

Mother: Hedwig C Rudolph

Name: Edwin Renninger HUBER

Birth: Feb 1881 Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Feb 1957 Douglass, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Mathias Weldner Huber

Mother: Leah Anna Renninger

Name: Jakob J. Huber

Birth: 3 Sep 1879 Gluckstahl, South Russia

Death: 7 Jan 1961 Hosmer, Edmunds, South Dakota, USA

Father: Jacob Huber

Mother: Rosina Ritter

Name: Louis Clarence Huber

Birth: November 2, 1877 Lorena, KS

Death: August 22, 1954 San Fernando, CA; bur in White Chapel Cemetary, Wichita, KS

Father: Louis Clarence Huber

Mother: Emma Todd Huber

Name: Mary Magdalene Huber

Birth: 1891 Idaho

Death: 25 Nov 1973 Auburn, King, Washington, USA

Father: Andrew Huber

Mother: Caroline Catherine Lueger

Name: Leopold Frederick Huber

Birth: 6/12/1923 South Dakota

Death: 9/20/1985 Turner, Marion, Oregon, United States

Father: Karl Friederich Huber

Mother: Emilie Dorothea Nuss

Name: Joseph M Huber

Birth: 19 Mar 1903 Lorain, Ohio

Death: 30 Nov 1970 Lorain, Lorain, Ohio, United States

Father: Frank Huber

Mother: Victoria Manichl

Name: Margaret Huber

Birth: 2 Sep 1908 Colorado, USA

Death: 13 DEC 1991 Richland, Benton, Washington, USA

Father: Joseph Anton Huber

Mother: Nora Sophia Howell

Name: Wilmer F Huber

Birth: 20 Jun 1910 Gowanda, New York, USA

Death: 5 Jun 1974 Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida, USA

Father: Michael Huber

Mother: Emma Cassel

Name: Lulu Huber

Birth: 12 Nov 1896 Rockville, Washington, Utah, USA

Death: 26 Dec 1984 Sacramento

Father: Joseph Edward Huber

Mother: Zina (Lazina) Dalton

Name: John Nevin Huber

Birth: 20 Nov 1868 Bavaria, Germany

Death: 11 Dec 1952 Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana

Father: Peter Huber

Mother: Mary Magdalena Loibl

Name: Henry Huber

Birth: 19 Sep 1903 Summit, Madison, Montana, USA

Death: 05 Feb 1985 Cameron, Madison, Montana, USA

Father: John Huber

Mother: Cassie Beaber DL

Name: Anthony Louis Huber

Birth: 22 Sep 1910 Clifton, Passaic, New Jersey, USA

Death: 12 Aug 1998 Elmwood Park, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Father: Joseph Huber

Mother: Marcella Gordon

Name: Joseph Huber

Birth: 12 July 1912 Maryland

Death: Apr 1972 na

Father: John Andrew Huber

Mother: Margaret Katherine Frank

Name: Michael J Huber

Birth: 28 Sep 1885 Bavaria, Germany

Death: 08 Dec 1973 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Anton Huber

Mother: Anna Maria Wagner

Name: Mary Ellen HUBER

Birth: 22 Feb 1851 Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 2 Oct 1927 Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Tobias Huber

Mother: Catharine Mann

Name: Annie Huber

Birth: Jun 1862 Switzerland

Death: 05 May 1949 Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Johannes Fischer

Mother: Annie Fuhrer

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