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Name: William Rudolph Hubner

Birth: 1909 New York

Death: 1967 Oyster Bay New York

Father: William Hubner

Mother: Rose Theresa Novotny

Name: Mary Delourdes Hubner

Birth: 19 Dec 1917 New York, USA

Death: 6 Feb 2005 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, USA

Father: Juan Velazquez

Mother: Sara Acevedo

Name: John Hubner

Birth: 4 Jul 1857 Alton IL

Death: 17 Aug 1927 Alton IL

Father: Lorenz "Lawrence" Huebener

Mother: Maria Franziska Budde

Name: Wilhelmina (Minnie) Hubner

Birth: 20 Dec 1868 Danville, Blue Earth, Minnesota, United States

Death: 6 Aug 1944 Waseca, Minnesota, United States

Father: Martin Hubmer

Mother: Wilhelmine Eggert

Name: Carl Hubner

Birth: 14 Nov 1911 Indiana

Death: 04 Apr 1986 La Porte, LaPorte, Indiana, USA

Father: Wilhelm Johann Hubner

Mother: Frieda Strutz

Name: Goldia E Hubner

Birth: 7 Feb 1901 Missouri, USA

Death: 9 May 1993 Green Ridge, Pettis, Missouri, United States of America

Father: John Adam Hübner

Mother: Nellie SMITH

Name: Steven Hubner

Birth: 24 Jun 1844 Pennsylvania

Death: 11 Apr 1922 Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David Heebner

Mother: Sarah Rush

Name: Kenneth Hubner

Birth: 12 Jul 1928 New York

Death: 9 Oct 2008 Coram, Suffolk, New York

Father: Carl H. Hubner

Mother: Matilda D Lebold

Name: Johan Bernard Hubner

Birth: April 11, 1826 Prussia

Death: 1902 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Johann Jacob Hubner

Mother: Katharine Dorothea Hübner

Name: Christian Hubner

Birth: Feb 3 1856 Germany

Death: 1933 Odebolt, Sac, Iowa, United States

Father: Christian Huebner

Mother: Christine

Name: Regina Hubner

Birth: 23 Dec 1864 Steinbach

Death: Apr 1946 New Jersey, USA

Father: Johann Michael Laidig

Mother: Sabina Bender Laidig

Name: Bertha Hubner

Birth: 12 Jul 1864 Danville, Blue Earth, Minnesota, United States

Death: 18 Jun 1915 Nicollet, Minnesota, United States

Father: Martin Hubmer

Mother: Wilhelmine Eggert

Name: Ernest Hubner

Birth: 01 Mar 1894 Iowa, USA

Death: 12 DEC 1982 Pipestone, Pipestone County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Peter Hubner

Mother: Anna Friedrike Knipp

Name: Constance Mary Hubner

Birth: 9 Sep 1897 San Francisco, California

Death: 14 Jun 1976 San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States

Father: William Conrad Hubner

Mother: Kathleen F Croke

Name: Madeline Hubner

Birth: 13 Aug 1923 Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

Death: 19 Jan 2000 Lincroft, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America

Father: John B Obrien

Mother: Lena A Budd

Name: Herman August Hubner

Birth: 1 Feb 1862 Dodge, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 4 Apr 1943 Blue Earth, Minnesota, United States

Father: Martin Hubmer

Mother: Wilhelmine Eggert

Name: Adam Henry Hubner

Birth: 28 Oct 1875 Wapakoneta, Auglaize, Ohio, USA

Death: 16/1/1955 Wapakoneta, Auglaize, Ohio, USA

Father: Wilhelm Charles Huebner

Mother: Elizabeth SNYDER Huebner

Name: Donna Joyce Hubner

Birth: 16 Feb 1933 Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States of America

Death: 18 Apr 2000 Missoula, Missoula, Montana, USA

Father: Eric Ernest Hubner

Mother: Beth Enniss

Name: Margaret HUBNER

Birth: 15 Apr 1833 Memmelsdorf (Bambera), Bavaria, Germany

Death: 14 May 1876 Long Grove, Lake, Illinois, USA

Father: Johann John Huebner

Mother: Eva Margaretha Winkler

Name: Estelle May Hubner

Birth: 09 May 1894 Alton, Madison, Illinois, United States

Death: 21 Feb 1985 Alton, Madison, Illinois, United States

Father: John Hubner

Mother: Fannie Emma Dickey

Name: Jennie M Hubner

Birth: 23 Oct 1872 Portsmouth, Bay, Michigan, United States

Death: Sep 1966 Belding, Ionia, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Charles Hubner

Mother: Maria Margaretha Steinbauer

Name: Farris Hubner

Birth: 13 April 1911 Butte County, California, USA

Death: 12 Jul 2002 Palm Bay, Brevard, Florida, United States of America

Father: Peter Hubner

Mother: Willa Belle Hendricks

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