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Name: Synneve Danielsdtr. Ivarson

Birth: 28 MAR 1878 Jolster, Sognfjord, Norway

Death: 25 May 1958 El Monte, Los Angeles, CA

Father: Daniel Iversen Søgnesand


Name: Alice M Ivarson

Birth: 6 Aug 1897 Wakefield, Ne

Death: 24 November 1978 Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska, United States of America

Father: Ingvar Ivar Ingvarsson Ivarson

Mother: Millie Georgene Crabill

Name: Lillian Ivarson

Birth: 2 Jul 1919 Minnesota, USA

Death: 2009 Pisgah Forest, Transylvania, North Carolina, USA

Father: Henrick Iversen

Mother: Violette Iversen

Name: Martha Axelsdatter Ivarson

Birth: 6 Oct 1837 Vik, Sogn, Norway

Death: 18 Oct 1881 Fox Lake, Dundas, Rice County, Minnesota

Father: Axel Iversen


Name: Bessie Lina Ivarson

Birth: 26 December 1860 Sweden

Death: 12/21/1940 Evanston, Cook, Illinios

Father: Martin Olsson

Mother: Anna Christina Nilsdotter

Name: Helen Anebelle Ivarson

Birth: 1 Nov 1920 Nebraska, USA

Death: 2 JUN 1985 El Paso, El Paso, Texas, United States of America

Father: Gordon Macdonald Ivarson

Mother: Ida Berger

Name: Donald Gordon Ivarson

Birth: 22 Aug 1923 Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska, USA

Death: Nov 8 2003 Torrington Wyo USA

Father: Gordon Macdonald Ivarson

Mother: Ida Berger

Name: Virginia Ann Ivarson

Birth: 28 May 1925 Eveleth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA

Death: 20 May 2019 Hilliard, Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: Torsten Anders Ivarson or Iverson

Mother: Anna Krook

Name: Victor IVARSON

Birth: 26 Jun 1889 Liberty twnsp, Cherokee, Iowa, USA

Death: January 21, 1959 Liberty Twp, Cherokee, Iowa

Father: Staffan Ivarsson

Mother: Cathrina "Katrina" Enockson

Name: Marjorie Estelle Ivarson

Birth: 19 8 1932 Denver County, Colorado, USA

Death: 12 MAR 1988 Denver, Denver Cty, Colorado

Father: Arthur Nicolaj Ivarson

Mother: Pauline Mary Froehler

Name: Julia "Elsie" Ivarson

Birth: 1887 Liberty Twp Cherokee IA

Death: August 21, 1982 Cherokee, Cherokee County, Iowa, United States of America

Father: Staffan Ivarsson

Mother: Cathrina "Katrina" Enockson

Name: Ingvar IVARSON

Birth: 9 May 1900 Hayland, Norway

Death: 31 Oct 1987 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Father: Ivar Omundson Ueland

Mother: Taletta Toresdotter Ånestad

Name: Edward Ivarson

Birth: 26 Nov 1892 Hackas, Jämtland, Sweden

Death: 13 May 1947 Norwood Park, Cook, Illinois

Father: Ivar Enoksson

Mother: Brita Persdotter

Name: Hans Ivarson

Birth: Dec. 27, 1907 Dannäs, Jönköping, Sweden

Death: May 25, 1990 South Bend, Indiana, USA

Father: Ivar Hanson

Mother: Fina Hanson

Name: Jons Ivarson

Birth: 02 JUL 1814 Sörmark, Östmark, Varmland, Sweden

Death: 1892 Troy, Latah, Idaho, USA

Father: Ifvar Jönsson

Mother: Marit Pärsdotter

Name: Adel Vivian Ivarson

Birth: 20 Aug 1920 Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Mn.

Death: 13 Nov 1961 Evanston, Cook County, Il.

Father: Henning Ivarson

Mother: Emma Olina Eyberg

Name: Rikar (Rikard) Ivarson

Birth: 1623 Telemark, Norway

Death: BEF 1669 Svalastoga, Rauland, Norway

Father: Ivar Sveinsen Svalastoga

Mother: Torbjørg Augunsdatter

Name: Paul A Ivarson

Birth: abt 1904 Massachusetts

Death: 15 Nov 1980 Melrose, Massachusetts

Father: Eric Iverson

Mother: Ida E Adams

Name: Eivind Leivstøyl Ivarson

Birth: 1734 Bjorgum, Valle Kommune, Aust-Agder, Norway

Death: 1802 Åraksbø ?

Father: Iver Sigursen Fedjesdal

Mother: Tore Evensdatter Flateland

Name: Sjur Ivarson

Birth: 2/6/1785 Bygd, Myrdalen, Voss, Norway

Death: 1832 ,Voss, Hordaland, Norway

Father: Ivar Kjelson

Mother: Kjersti Sjursdotter Refsdal

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