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Name: Eliga Iverson

Birth: 1856/02/10 Catterufo,, Skanderborg, Denmark

Death: 14 Oct 1938 Washington, Utah, United States

Father: Rasmus Meyler Iversen

Mother: Maren Bendix Rasmussen

Name: Anna Catherine Iverson

Birth: 12 July 1887 Nebraska

Death: 16 October 1977 Columbus, NE.

Father: Anton Sorensen

Mother: Martha Hansen

Name: Martin Iverson

Birth: 23 May 1883 Iowa

Death: 10 Jun 1961 Hettinger, North Dakota, USA

Father: Johannes Ludve Iverson

Mother: Gurina "Julia" Moen

Name: Jack Iverson

Birth: 1924 Linton,Indiana

Death: 2 Dec 1964 VA Hosp, Fort Howard, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Father: Eric Harold Iverson

Mother: Margaret Mary Murphy

Name: Sarah Iverson

Birth: 1800 Cudham, Kent, , England

Death: 1893 Pimlico, Middlesex, England

Father: John Iverson

Mother: Mary Iverson nee Allingham

Name: Agnes Nelline Iverson

Birth: 18 May 1909 Williams, North Dakota, United States

Death: 27 Jul 1999 Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, Idaho, USA

Father: Bjorner Benjamin Iverson

Mother: Carrie Nielsdatter Heggestad

Name: Ester L Iverson

Birth: 1904 Wisconsin

Death: 4 Jun 1992 Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA

Father: Gilbert Iverson

Mother: Amelia Matilda Kirkeby

Name: Richard James Iverson

Birth: 19 Oct 1922 Daleyville, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 14 May 2010 New Glarus, Green County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Carl Edward Iverson

Mother: Anna Helgeson

Name: Anne Kristine Iverson

Birth: 07 Dec 1877 Tverå, Korgen, Norway

Death: April 1979 Plaza, Mountrail, North Dakota, United States of America

Father: Iver Iversson Tverra

Mother: Pernilla Haagensdotter

Name: Alpha Louise Iverson

Birth: 20 Mar 1892 North Dakota

Death: 16 Jul 1979 Wisconsin, Dane

Father: Julius Iverson

Mother: Oline Olsdatter Tollund

Name: O. Anders Iverson

Birth: 10 May 1846 Rud farm, Øymark, Marker Kommune

Death: 09 Jun 1920 Hennepin, Minnesota

Father: Iver Andersen

Mother: Maren Iverson

Name: Judith Amelia Iverson

Birth: 18 Jun 1938 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Death: 30 May 2003 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Stanley Christian Iverson

Mother: Katherine Dunn

Name: Emil Erie Iverson

Birth: abt 1888 Sweden

Death: 7 Jan 1931 Grandview, Yakima, Washington, USA

Father: Johan Edvard Ivarsson

Mother: Maria Augusta Ericksson

Name: Anna Iverson

Birth: 23 Oct 1878 LaSalle,Il

Death: 12 Nov 1944 St. Edward,Nebraska

Father: Andrew Iverson

Mother: Karen Kristine Reinhart

Name: Ole C Iverson

Birth: 28 May 1883 Oslo, Norway

Death: 26 Jun 1955 Lake Preston, Kingsbury, South Dakota, USA

Father: Andrew Iverson

Mother: Bertha Anderson

Name: Harry A Iverson

Birth: 2 Jun 1934 Minnesota, United States of America

Death: 1 July 2009 WA

Father: Herbert Leroy Iverson

Mother: Lillian Hatch

Name: Roy Micheal Iverson

Birth: 17 Jul 1921 Weirser, Idaho

Death: 8/19/2006 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

Father: Soren Peter Iversen

Mother: Elisabeth G Ryan

Name: Luvica Iverson

Birth: Jun 1879 South Dakota, USA

Death: 23 Jun 1957 Vermillion, Clay Co., SD

Father: Amund (Oddmund) Iverson

Mother: Unna Stephenson Knudson Iverson

Name: Arvid Dale Iverson

Birth: 7 February 1935 Glover, Dickey County, North Dakota, USA

Death: 16 November 2009 Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, USA

Father: Clarence M Iverson

Mother: Thea Holden

Name: Clifton Stanley Iverson

Birth: 7 Aug 1908 Badger, Roseau, Minnesota, United States

Death: 9 Sep 1976 Houston, Harris, Texas, United States

Father: Iver L Iverson

Mother: Louisa Embrikksdatter Sondral

Name: Sophia K Iverson

Birth: 10 Jun 1886 Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, United States of America

Death: 03 Nov 1970 Granite Falls Minnesota, USA

Father: Ole Severin Iverson

Mother: Eli Sander

Name: Mons Iverson

Birth: 12 Feb 1871 Bergen, Norway

Death: 25 Jul 1957 North Dakota, USA

Father: Ivar Halvardsen

Mother: Brita Askeland

Name: Torald (Taral) Iverson

Birth: 4 May 1839 Lyse, Forsand,Rogaland, Norway

Death: 28 Dec 1916 Swedes Forest, Redwood, Minnesota, USA

Father: Iver Olson Lyse

Mother: Joren Taraldsdatter Nerabo

Name: Eileen M. Iverson

Birth: 24 Sep 1934 North Dakota

Death: 08/28/2010 Cumberland, Barron, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Theodore Leander Engman

Mother: Clara Marie Nelson

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