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Name: Maggie Margaret Jackett

Birth: 08 Feb 1853 Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, USA

Death: 20 February 1917 New Castle, Henry, Indiana, United States

Father: Henry (Heinrich) Harreld

Mother: Anna Bracht

Name: William JACKETT

Birth: 20 Jun 1787 Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Death: May 28, 1872 Eddyville, Cattaragus, New York, USA

Father: Michael "Mike" Jacquett/ Jucket

Mother: Almy Fry

Name: William Jackett

Birth: 25 July 1849 St Endellion, Cornwall, England

Death: 11 November 1932 Truro, Cornwall, England

Father: William Jackett

Mother: Ann Pollard Masters

Name: Maggie Jackett

Birth: 10 Mar 1884 Riley, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 5 Mar 1954 Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa

Father: Charles Michael Jackett

Mother: Mary Ann Hope

Name: Charles Michael JACKETT

Birth: 9 May 1858 Springdale, Dane, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 21 January 1928 Hudson, Black Hawk County, Iowa, USA

Father: Levi Jackett

Mother: Mary Knapp

Name: William Jackett

Birth: 27 Mar 1809 Rhode Island, United States of America

Death: 7 Aug 1888 New Albion, Cattaraugus, New York, USA

Father: William Juckett

Mother: Barbara Hart LAKE

Name: Beatrice Jackett

Birth: 8 Jul 1909 Clinton, Rock, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 12 Mar 1997 Grasonville, Queen Anne's, Maryland, USA

Father: Charles Abraham Jackett

Mother: Lillian L Steinkraus

Name: Robert Jackett

Birth: Jan 1867 St Stephens by Launceston, Cornwall, England

Death: 29 May 1944 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Father: Robert Mullis Jackett

Mother: Ann Robins

Name: Mary Ann Jackett

Birth: abt 1815 Mylor, Cornwall, England

Death: Dec 1891 Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Father: Joseph Simpson

Mother: Catherine Sholl

Name: Lucy Cora Jackett

Birth: Sept 30 1913 New York

Death: 3 Apr 2003 Dunkirk , Chautauqua, New York Usa

Father: Leland E Jackett

Mother: Flora May Houck

Name: Gertie G Jackett

Birth: 1877 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 18 Apr 1954 Ohio

Father: Francis M. Greenfield

Mother: Flora Greenfield Jackett Thayer

Name: John James Jackett

Birth: 4 Nov 1878 Victoria, Ontario, Canada

Death: 03 Mar 1961 Janetville, Ontario, Canada

Father: Thomas Jackett

Mother: Kezia Wickett

Name: William H Jackett

Birth: 1844 Werrington, Devon, England

Death: 09 Jan 1929 Oakwood, Ontario, Canada

Father: Peter Jackett

Mother: Jane Metherell

Name: Susan Jackett

Birth: abt 1838 Endellion, Cornwall, England

Death: Mar 1919 Islington, Greater London, England

Father: William Jackett

Mother: Mary Carhart

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