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Name: Maud May Elizabeth Jones

Birth: abt 1880 Wrexham, Denbighshire

Death: APR 1960 Brandon Manitoba Canada

Father: James Jones

Mother: Elizabeth Jones

Name: Thomas Edgar Jones

Birth: 17 Mar 1866 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States

Death: 26 Feb 1945 Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States

Father: William L JONES

Mother: Abigail Appleton

Name: William J Jones

Birth: 16 September 1790 Houston, Heard, Georgia, United States

Death: 20 Feb 1888 Elba, AL

Father: Joseph B Jones

Mother: ⌘ Lucy Winneford ‘Winnie’ Foster

Name: Ida Mary Jones

Birth: 4 Oct 1888 Hooper, Weber, Utah, USA

Death: 15 May 1972 Hooper, Weber, Utah, USA

Father: James Henry Jones

Mother: Sophia Julia Ducloux

Name: William Melvin Jones

Birth: 11 Dec 1842 Whiteford, Harford, Maryland, USA

Death: 20 Aug 1873 Sharpsburg, Washington County, Maryland, USA

Father: John H Jones

Mother: Elizabeth A Ewing

Name: Mabel Jones

Birth: May 13, 1890 Forest City, Susquehannah PA

Death: August 7, 1973 Forest City, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Pearson Jones

Mother: Esther Ann Brain

Name: Ambrose Jones

Birth: 3 April 1836 Mud Creek, Floyd, Kentucky, United States

Death: 11/Dec. 1907 Big Mud Creek., Floyd Co., KY

Father: John Ray Jones

Mother: Satira Stanley

Name: Francis Marion Jones

Birth: 23 Dec. 1845 Indiana, USA

Death: 1 Jan 1925 Kansas

Father: William John Jones

Mother: Elizabeth June Herring

Name: Jane Elizabeth Jones

Birth: 1 May 1877 Chester, Cheshire, England

Death: 1970 Chester, Cheshire, England

Father: Charles Jones

Mother: Margaret Dodd

Name: Isaac J T Jones

Birth: 1 Feb 1756 Maryland, American Colony

Death: 18 Dec 1851 Calloway, Kentucky, United States

Father: Hezekiah Jones

Mother: Ellen Cassity

Name: Thomas Wells Jones

Birth: 17 Oct 1793 Washington County, Virginia, United States [later became Scott County

Death: 14 Mar 1860 Brushy Valley, Scott, Virginia, USA

Father: Wells Jones

Mother: Anna Kline

Name: William Jones

Birth: abt 1838 Charnock Richard, Lancashire, England

Death: 3 Apr 1911 Chorley, Lancashire, England

Father: Peter Jones

Mother: Betty Moscrop

Name: # Erasmus J Jones

Birth: 1 Feb 1767 Fairhill, Bucks, Pennsylvania

Death: 1 March 1850 Selma, Greene, Ohio

Father: Capt. Samuel Jones

Mother: Leah Thomas

Name: Ezekiel S Jones

Birth: 1798 Alexandria, Alexandria Cty, Va

Death: 04 JUL 1879 Alexandria, Alexandria Cty, Va

Father: Thomas Harrison Jones

Mother: Mary"sarah" Caudill

Name: Joshua Jones

Birth: 1812 Virginia, United States

Death: 1851 Marshall, Tennessee, United States

Father: Henry Jones

Mother: Frances Bohannon


Birth: 13 JAN 1880 WILMINGTON, NC


Father: Philip Bryant Jones


Name: John Henry Jones

Birth: 1 October 1843 Scott, Virginia

Death: 8 Jun 1930 Letcher County, Kentucky, USA

Father: John Ray Jones

Mother: Rebecca Arnold

Name: Doctor Franklin D Jones

Birth: 5 Apr 1856 Hope Hull, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Death: 22 Dec 1939 Calhoun, Arkansas

Father: Joseph Jones

Mother: Elizabeth Moseley Mays

Name: Sarah M Jones

Birth: 29 May 1816 Malta, Saratoga, New York, USA

Death: 24 Apr 1898 Allegan, Allegan, Michigan, USA

Father: Ebenezer Baker

Mother: Mary Chase Spalding

Name: John T (GGpa) Jones

Birth: 07 Dec 1867 Palo Pinto County Texas

Death: 6 Jan 1962 Hamlin, Jones, Texas, USA

Father: John Flimming Jones

Mother: Laura Elizabeth Hood

Name: Elizabeth Jones

Birth: sept. 1889 Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales

Death: abt. 1975 Wales

Father: Peter Jones

Mother: Mary Jane Williams

Name: Samuel Thomas Jones

Birth: 01 Nov 1852 Warren County, Kentucky

Death: 27 October 1929 Warren County, Kentucky, USA

Father: James Hubbard Jones

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Keown

Name: Evelyne Margaret Jones

Birth: 31 Oct 1929 Bolton, Lancashire, England

Death: 30 May 2011 Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Father: Charles Clement Jones

Mother: Alice Roocroft

Name: Rebecca JONES

Birth: 25 Nov 1847 Bethany, Harrison, Missouri, United States

Death: 31 Jan 1919 New Raymer, Weld, Colorado

Father: Joseph H Jones

Mother: Sarah (Sally) Brown Jones Hardin

Name: William David Jones

Birth: 14 AUG 1884 Trealaw, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales, United Kingdom

Death: 21 Aug 1957 26 Park Street, Willand, Devon

Father: Howell Jones

Mother: Catherine Evans

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