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Name: Henry Jacob Karch

Birth: 3 Nov 1808 Odenbach, Bayern (Bavaria), now Germany

Death: 19 Jul 1888 Frankfort, Franklin, Illinois, USA

Father: Heinrich Karch

Mother: Anna Margaretha Maurer

Name: Robert Randolph Karch

Birth: 21 Oct 1902 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh

Death: 20 Nov 1983 Clearwater, Pinellas Co., Fl

Father: Henry Pounds Karch

Mother: Mary Josephine Stiffler

Name: Mary Edna Karch

Birth: 03 Jul 1858 Ia, Sandy Springs, Delaware

Death: 6 Jun 1953 Onawa, Monona County, Iowa, USA

Father: Michael J. Karch

Mother: Hrest Jane Wilson

Name: Dorothy Viola Karch

Birth: 15 April 1911 Decatur, Macon, IL, USA

Death: 4 Aug 1992 Decatur, Macon, IL, USA

Father: Samuel Augustus Karch

Mother: Mina Florence Davidson

Name: Laura Pierson Karch

Birth: 25 Sep 1900 Cincinnatti, Hamilton Co., Oh

Death: 8 Jul 1974 Florida, USA

Father: Henry Pounds Karch

Mother: Mary Josephine Stiffler

Name: Herbert Stiffler Karch

Birth: 3 Dec 1898 Norwood, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Death: 16 Jun 1981 Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, Ohio

Father: Henry Pounds Karch

Mother: Mary Josephine Stiffler

Name: Samuel Augustus Karch

Birth: 23 Nov 1877 Decatur, Macon, Illinois, USA

Death: 25 Oct 1961 Mt Zion, Macon Co, IL

Father: Peter Karch

Mother: Matilda Louisa Bowman

Name: Maria Karch

Birth: 02 May 1808 Legelshurst, Baden, Germany

Death: 23 Dec 1887 Lancaster Township, Huntington County, Indiana, USA

Father: JOHANN Jakob Karch

Mother: Christina Eberhand

Name: Margaret Karch

Birth: 19 Sept 1829 Desloch, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Death: 27 Feb 1901 Millersburg, Ohio, USA

Father: Jacob Hill

Mother: Mabel Horn

Name: George Park Karch

Birth: 21 April 1899 Ashton, Monona, Iowa

Death: 2 Feb 1988 San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, California, United States of America

Father: Frederick Eugene Karch

Mother: Karolina Matilda Karlsdotter Johansson

Name: Frederick Eugene Karch

Birth: 22 Nov 1861 Hopkinton, Delaware, Iowa, USA

Death: 4 Jun 1950 Onawa, Monona, Iowa, USA

Father: Michael J. Karch

Mother: Hrest Jane Wilson

Name: Sophia Karch

Birth: 20 Jan 1846 Leutersheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: 1 Jun 1929 Franklin, Simpson, Kentucky, USA


Mother: Barbara Keck

Name: Maria Paulina Karch

Birth: 28 JAN 1908 Horrenberg, Baden, Germany

Death: 4 JAN 1998 Winterwood Estate Adult Foster Care Home Howell, Michigan

Father: Martin Karch

Mother: Maria Zitta Durk

Name: Adam Karch

Birth: 24 Dec 1854 Germany

Death: 8 May 1931

Father: Friedrich Karch

Mother: Maria Magdalena Molter

Name: Alice A Karch

Birth: 6 August 1857 Hopkenton, IA

Death: 18 Apr 1898 Onawa, Monona, Iowa, USA

Father: Michael J. Karch

Mother: Hrest Jane Wilson

Name: Michael J. Karch

Birth: 19 Mar 1814 Lebanon, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 9 Mar 1898 West Bend, Palo Alto, Iowa, USA

Father: Sgt George Karch

Mother: Maria Dorothea Schaefer

Name: Margaret Karch

Birth: 1851 Ohio, USA

Death: 1908

Father: Johann George Kerch/ Kirch

Mother: Margaret Karch

Name: Joseph Karch

Birth: 25 Jul 1903 Odessa,,,Russia

Death: 25 Mar 1980 Bismarck, Burleigh, North Dakota

Father: Karl Jacob Karch

Mother: Emilie Nieburger

Name: Jacob Karch

Birth: 1752 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 7 OCT 1819 Lebanon, PA

Father: Joseph Karch

Mother: Eva Karchin

Name: Caroline Karch

Birth: 31 Dec 1865 St Marys, Auglaize County, Ohio

Death: 24 Dec 1947 St Marys, Auglaize County, Ohio

Father: George Karch

Mother: Walburga RIEDEL/Reil

Name: Charles Harold Karch

Birth: 01 Jul. 1900 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

Death: January 27, 1973 London, Ontario, Canada

Father: Charles Frederich Karch

Mother: Sarah Ethel Mann

Name: Delma Luela Karch

Birth: 29 Dec 1913 Mt. Zion, Macon, IL

Death: 08 Oct 1990 Decatur, Macon, IL

Father: Lowell Ewing Smith

Mother: Goldie Davidson

Name: Peter Karch

Birth: 27 DEC 1847 Dayton, Greene Co, OH

Death: 9 Mar 1913 Macon, Macon, Illinois, United States

Father: Samuel Karch

Mother: Elizabeth Karch SLANTER

Name: Maria "Mary" Karch

Birth: 16 MAY, 1879 Germany

Death: 20 JAN, 1943 Chaffee, Scott Co., Missouri

Father: George Friedrich Karch

Mother: (Anna) Margaret Kropp Krupp

Name: George Frederick Karch

Birth: 1 May 1907 Barberton, Summit County, Ohio, USA

Death: 9 Dec 1982 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Charles Matthias Karch

Mother: Nina Rose Close

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