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Name: Adeline Lariviere

Birth: 13 October 1854 Saint Hilaire, Rouville, Quebec, Canada

Death: 4 Dec 1941 Agawam, Hampden, MA USA


Mother: Rosalie Bessette

Name: Marie Louise Lariviere

Birth: 7 Jul 1907 Biddeford, York, Maine, United States

Death: 4 Jul 1946 Biddeford, York, Maine, United States

Father: Joseph Oliver Neault

Mother: Marie Arsenia Richard (Neault)

Name: Theodore Lariviere

Birth: 1873 Allumettes, Quebec, Canada

Death: 12 May 1945 New Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada

Father: Noël LaRivière dit Chapdelaine

Mother: Philomène Gauthier

Name: Philomene (Phelonise) Lariviere

Birth: 8 Apr 1867 Chapeau, Pontiac, Quebec, Canada

Death: 29 Apr 1942 Calvert, Timiskaming, Ontario, Canada

Father: Jereme James Tarte dit Larivière

Mother: Vitaline Généreux

Name: William Joseph Lariviere

Birth: 31 Aug 1893 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Death: Oct 1977 Woonsocket, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Joseph Lariviere

Mother: Delima Grenier

Name: Alfred Emile Lariviere

Birth: 21 oct 1897 Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, United State

Death: 12 Dec 1956 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Louis Lariviere

Mother: Julienne Pontbriand

Name: Louis Lariviere

Birth: 1865 Connecticut, USA

Death: 1 Oct 1945 Massachusetts, United States

Father: Gilbert Lariviere

Mother: Delima Dionne

Name: Aline Mary Lariviere

Birth: 6 Apr 1912 Pq, Canada

Death: 05 June 1992 Franklin, Vermont

Father: Edouard Lariviere

Mother: Rose Alma Lamarine

Name: Romulas Lariviere

Birth: 10 Jun 1889 St Jacinte, Quebec, Canada

Death: 16 Jan 1968 Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Hector Paul Lariviere

Mother: Julie Lamoureux

Name: Wilfred Lariviere

Birth: 10 Sep 1881 St Bernabe Q, Canada

Death: 17 December 1942 Connecticut, United States of America

Father: Pierre Chapdelaine dit Lariviere

Mother: Salomée Sauriol*

Name: Antonie Lariviere

Birth: 25 May 1873 St Hyacinthe, CA

Death: 12 April 1952 Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Joseph Larivière

Mother: Exilda Birs

Name: Alex Henry Lariviere

Birth: 8 May 1877 Prairie du Chein, Crawford, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 6 Sep 1976 Glasgow, Valley, Montana, USA

Father: Julian "Julius" LaRiviere

Mother: Theresa Ellen Richard

Name: Zoe Lariviere

Birth: 21 Feb 1855 St-Chrysostôme, Québec, Chateaugauy Co.

Death: 7 Jul 1927 East Longmeadow, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Joseph Louis Rivers Rivet

Mother: Mathilda Angelique Longchamps

Name: Philip Legar Lariviere

Birth: 13 Jan 1837 Canada

Death: 19 May 1886 Fort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado USA

Father: Joseph LaRiviere


Name: Mary Lariviere

Birth: 30 Apr 1839 Montreal, Montreal Region, Quebec QC, Canada

Death: 7 Dec 1905 Westmoreland, Cheshire County, New Hampshire NH, U.S.A.

Father: John Rivers

Mother: Bridget Ann Parsons

Name: Marie Lariviere

Birth: abt 1891 Canada

Death: Dec 1984 Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Philippe Etienne Lariviere

Mother: Hermina Provencal

Name: Emma LaRiviere

Birth: ABT 1843 Wisconsin, USA

Death: January 30, 1914 Wabasha, Wabasha, Minnesota, USA

Father: Julian LaRiviere

Mother: Madeline Agnes LaPointe

Name: Sarah Anne Lariviere

Birth: 8 Mar 1839 Longueil, Prescott Cnty, Ontario

Death: 30 Nov 1906 Rockland, Russell, ON, Canada

Father: Baptiste Sauvienne

Mother: Marguerite Ladurantaye

Name: John Lariviere

Birth: 18 Mar 1851 St-Benoît, Deux-Montagnes, Québec

Death: 3 May 1936 Hawkesbury, Prescott, Ontario

Father: Jean Paiement dit LaRivière

Mother: Marie Vivien dit Rocheleau

Name: Pierre Alexander lariviere

Birth: 25 Jan 1861 Mattawa, Ontario, Canada

Death: 1922 Montréal (Basilique Notre-Dame), Québec

Father: Joseph Lariviere

Mother: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Commanda (Grandlouis)

Name: zenon lariviere

Birth: July 1885 Ste Beatrix, Quebec, Canada

Death: 27 Aug 1942 Canada

Father: Stanislas LARIVIERE

Mother: Marie Chebroux Latendresse

Name: Wilfred Romeo LARIVIERE

Birth: 11 Nov 1902 North Dakota

Death: 14 Jul 1932 Modesto, Stanislaus, CA

Father: Antoine (Anthony) Lariviere

Mother: Agnes Elinore Villeneuve

Name: Jean Baptise Lariviere

Birth: 1 Nov 1846 Canada

Death: 1928 Providence, Rhode Island

Father: Jean Baptiste Lariviere

Mother: Emelie Jolie

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