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Name: Annie Lou

Birth: 1894 Alabama

Death: 21 NOV 1972 Tallassee, AL

Father: William Henry Childers

Mother: Mary Lou Broach

Name: Mary Lou

Birth: 26 Mar 1917 Louisiana

Death: 31 May 1990 Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana, USA

Father: Ernest Jesse Herring

Mother: Josie M Smith

Name: Florence Lou

Birth: Oct 1893 Kansas

Death: Oct 1978 Peyton, El Paso, Colorado

Father: samuel leu

Mother: Margaret Ratz

Name: Lora Evelyn Lou

Birth: 23 Feb 1911 Illinois

Death: 14 May 1994 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

Father: Orville Alonzo Loy

Mother: Oce Ola Smith

Name: Annie Lou

Birth: abt 1909 North Carolina

Death: 23 Jan 1986 Valdese, Burke County, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Payton Steele

Mother: Annie Lora Parlier

Name: Ella Lou

Birth: abt 1880 Ohio

Death: 19 Aug 1945 Rockport Cemetery, Ohio

Father: Solomon Steinman

Mother: Susannah VAUGN

Name: Herbert Gotfred Lou

Birth: 14 Feb 1885 Illinois

Death: 17 Sep 1945 Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois, United States

Father: John Peterson Lou

Mother: Eva Jonsdotter

Name: Anna Mette Lou

Birth: 1605 Kirn, Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Death: 1 Dec 1675 Limbach, Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Father: Frederick Geroge Von Harten

Mother: Rebecca Catherine Von Harten

Name: Edna Lou

Birth: 12 Aug 1911 De Witt County, Texas, USA

Death: 14 MAR 1998 Woodsboro, Refugio, Texas, USA

Father: Martin Wilhelm Lau

Mother: Emma Sauermilch

Name: Nils August Lou

Birth: 1/5 about 1930 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Death: 12/25/2013 Portland, Washington, Oregon, USA

Father: Nils Hemming Lou

Mother: Florence Gertrude Pruitt

Name: Flora Lou

Birth: Abt 1903 of, Gratiot, Michigan

Death: ABT JAN 1987 maybe washington dc

Father: Otto LAU

Mother: Alta Minerva SMITH

Name: Donna Lou

Birth: 28 Jun 1930 Wauneta, NE

Death: 04 May 1969 Cambridge, NE

Father: Richard Charles Lamb

Mother: Leona Adelia Lowrey

Name: Patricia Lou

Birth: 19 Feb 1926 Oklahoma

Death: 4 Jun 1997 San Mateo

Father: Erick Earl Karr

Mother: Lucille Ruth Blanton

Name: Thomas Lou

Birth: 1931/05/31 Seattle, Washington, USA

Death: 2012/07/04 Seattle, Washington, USA

Father: Chong Yee Loo

Mother: May Loo

Name: Maria Jesus Lou

Birth: 1908 Sun Tak

Death: 13 Mar 1940 São Lázaro, Macau, Colony of Portugal

Father: Sai Kao Lou

Mother: In Lou Chan

Name: debra lou

Birth: 11/03/1951 Manteca, San Joaquin, California, USA

Death: 31 Jul 2004 Blythe, Riverside, California, USA

Father: Harlan Maynard Robinson

Mother: Margaret Aabak Robinson

Name: Mary Lou

Birth: 14 February 1930 United States of America

Death: 12 March 2001 Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Troy T Maddox

Mother: Minnie Bridgman

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