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Name: Josiah "Joseph" Machan

Birth: 16 Mar 1880 Tuscarawas County, Ohio, United States

Death: 23 Oct 1937 Dundee, Tuscarawas, Ohio, United States

Father: John Machan

Mother: Elizabeth Jones

Name: Marie Machan

Birth: 12 Jan 1901 LaGrange County, Indana, USA

Death: 26 Jan 1947 Kalamazoo Twp., Kalamazoo Co., Michigan

Father: Lawrence Samuel Machan

Mother: Minnie Tobe Wert

Name: Mary Abigail Machan

Birth: 06 Jul 1846 Ohio

Death: 26 Oct 1914 Dresden Musk Oh

Father: Kellogg Griswold Machan

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Carver

Name: Margaret Machan

Birth: 12 Dec 1829 Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada

Death: 18 Jan 1915 Mitchell, Perth, Ontario, Canada

Father: James Machan

Mother: Margaret (Forbes) Machan

Name: Julia O Machan

Birth: Sep 1875 Georgia

Death: 24 SEP 1958 Montgomery County, Alabama

Father: Ashley Shelman Nelson

Mother: Mary Jane Handley

Name: John Logan Machan

Birth: 8 Jun 1813 Washington, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 28 Oct 1882 Bloomfield Township, LaGrange County, Indiana

Father: John Machan

Mother: Rebecca Machan (Logan)

Name: Andrew Machan

Birth: 14 AUG 1863 Hopetown, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Death: 2 May 1906 Pipestone, Brandon Dist., Manitoba, Canada

Father: James Machan

Mother: Janet Boyd

Name: Emma Luisa Machan

Birth: 4 May 1907 ND, USA

Death: 17 Oct 1993 Hazen, Mercer, North Dakota, United States of America

Father: Johannes Machau

Mother: Christina Frank

Name: Andrew Machan

Birth: 15 Apr 1800 Busby, Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Death: 1 Jul 1877 Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Father: James Machen

Mother: Martha Clark

Name: Margaret Machan

Birth: 1852 Dalhousie Township, Lanark, Ontario.Canada

Death: July 14 1920 Bankend, Saskatchewan, Canada

Father: John Machan

Mother: Margaret Arnet Arnott

Name: Vincent Frank Machan

Birth: Feb 1874 Strampouch, Bohemia

Death: 19 Dec 1957 Fremont, NE

Father: Joseph Machan

Mother: Frantiska Turek

Name: Rebecca Machan

Birth: 21 Jan 1849 , Tuscarawas, Ohio

Death: 24 Feb 1922 , Tuscarawas, Ohio

Father: Samuel Machan

Mother: Eliza Adams

Name: Andrew Machan

Birth: 16 Feb 1890 Perth, Ontario, Canada

Death: 9 November 1986 Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah, USA

Father: Andrew Machan

Mother: Catharine McKenzie

Name: Leon Machan

Birth: 13 Sep 1896 Cleveland Ohio

Death: 30 Apr 1977 Aurora, Portage, Ohio, USA

Father: Anton Machan

Mother: Bertha Holecek

Name: Donald H. Machan

Birth: 25 AUG 1924 Canton, Stark, Ohio, USA

Death: 18 Dec 2017 Ohio, USA

Father: Grant Donald Machan

Mother: Mildred Sarah Bratton

Name: Arthur Emil Machan

Birth: 12 Dec 1883 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 3 Dec 1956 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

Father: Reinhart Machan

Mother: Wilhelmina 'Emma' Prochnow

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