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Name: Frank MAKOWSKI

Birth: abt 1905 Milwaukee Wisconsin

Death: 27 Mar 1979 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Anthony Makowski

Mother: Pelagia Kasprzak

Name: Chester C Makowski

Birth: 9 Oct 1921 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 11 May 1981 Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Stanley J. Makowski

Mother: Mary M Stanislawski

Name: Rose D. MAKOWSKI

Birth: 6 Feb 1913 Wisconsin, USA

Death: February 12, 2002 Rosholt, Portage, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Stanley J. Makowski

Mother: Mary M Stanislawski

Name: Martin Makowski

Birth: 06 OCT 1869 Poland

Death: 17 Nov 1951 Chicago, Illinois

Father: Michal Makowski

Mother: Jozefa Josephine Gonsinska

Name: Anna Makowski

Birth: 1899 Michigan, USA

Death: 08 Dec 1940 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: Bernard J Makowski

Mother: Frances Grendzenski

Name: John (Johann) Makowski

Birth: abt 1889 Wisconsin

Death: 20 Apr 1945 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Father: Mathias "Matt" Makowski

Mother: Katarzyna (Catherine) Megier (Meyer)

Name: Lillian Makowski

Birth: Sep 1877 Pennsylvania

Death: 25 Mar 1940 Nanticoke, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Michael Makowski

Mother: Agatha Rosolowski

Name: Anton Makowski

Birth: Oct 1868 Posen, Lubelskie,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Death: 03 Nov 1916 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Father: Janek Johann Makowski

Mother: Frances Gieldon

Name: Sophia Wanda Makowski

Birth: Feb 1895 Michigan

Death: 29 Dec 1960 Michigan, USA

Father: Paul Makowski

Mother: Julia Brzozowski

Name: Joseph "Joe" Makowski

Birth: abt 1880 Nebraska

Death: 14 September 1934 Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, United States of America

Father: Martinus Makowski

Mother: Agnes Bona (Mikowski)

Name: Matthew/Michael K Makowski

Birth: 3 Oct 1912 Syracuse, N.Y.

Death: 9 Jun 2001 Vestal, Binghamton, Broome, New York

Father: Stanley Makowski

Mother: Jadwiga Ryznar

Name: Cecelia Makowski

Birth: 1898 Poland

Death: 13 Jan 1991 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Valentin Makowski

Mother: Rosalia Zielinski

Name: Stanley Danniel Makowski

Birth: 8 Apr 1899 Dickson City Ward 3, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Apr 1974 Dickson City, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Anthony Makowski

Mother: Sophie Makowski

Name: Michael T Makowski

Birth: 15 Sep 1897 Michigan, USA

Death: Jan 1981 Northampton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Joseph Makowski

Mother: Katarznia Szurpita

Name: Chester Makowski

Birth: abt 1920 Michigan

Death: 11/17/2007 Clinton Township, MI USA

Father: Frank Makowski

Mother: Veronica Marklewicz

Name: Anthony Joseph Makowski

Birth: 25 Sep 1926 Denver, Colorado, USA

Death: 25 Nov 2007 Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Father: Anton Makowski

Mother: Julia Josephine Presenkowski

Name: Jan Makowski

Birth: 1892 Mały Płock, Podlaskie, Poland

Death: 20 Nov 1946 Manhattan, New York, USA

Father: Francisyk Makowski

Mother: Maryja "Marianna" Boć

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