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Name: Genevieve Massa

Birth: abt 1900 Ohio

Death: 6 May 1983 Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: James P Murphy

Mother: Magdalena Hirt

Name: Louis Massa

Birth: 10December1895 Naples, Italy

Death: Nov 1971 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Father: Andrew Massa

Mother: Clementina Izzo

Name: Carmela Massa

Birth: 4 Mar 1905 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 2 Mar 1993 Pompano Beach, Broward, Florida, United States of America

Father: Giuseppe Massa

Mother: Angela Giuliano

Name: Frank H Massa

Birth: 1906 Massachusetts

Death: 2 Jan 1990 Weymouth

Father: Ernest Alfred Massa

Mother: Maria Onorati

Name: James D Massa

Birth: 6 May 1922 Cookeville, Tennessee

Death: 15 Jul 1995 Cookeville, Putnam, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Dillard Lorenzo Massa

Mother: Callie Brown

Name: Columbo Massa

Birth: abt 1895 Kansas

Death: 20 Feb 1986 Joplin, Newton, Missouri, United States

Father: Antone Massa

Mother: Margeseta (Margherita) Giacoma

Name: Stephen "Steve" Massa

Birth: 16 SEP 1896 Mineral, Cherokee, Kansas, USA

Death: 23 Nov 1983 Pittsburg, Crawford, Kansas, USA

Father: Antone Massa

Mother: Margeseta (Margherita) Giacoma

Name: Louis R Massa

Birth: 14 Dec 1909 Kenilworth, Carbon, Utah, USA

Death: 10 May 1997 Price, Carbon, Utah, USA

Father: Luigi Massa-Pinto

Mother: Margherita Milano

Name: Salvadore Massa

Birth: 1853 Sicily

Death: 1923 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Father: Guiseppe (Joseph) Massa

Mother: Guiseppa

Name: Carlo Massa

Birth: abt 1876 Rivara, Torino, Piemonte, Italy

Death: 10 June 1963 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA

Father: Giorgio George Massa

Mother: Ursala Massa

Name: Dominica S. Massa

Birth: 13 December 1861 Italy

Death: 12 November 1939 Galveston, Texas

Father: Francesco Sunzeri

Mother: Giorgia Muriella

Name: Theodore J Massa

Birth: abt 1905 California

Death: 31 May 1964 San Jose, Santa Clara, Ca.

Father: Carlo Massa

Mother: Rosaria Cantando

Name: Angelina Massa

Birth: 14 jan 1875 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Molise, Italy

Death: 26 may 1943 Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Nicola Maria Giuliano

Mother: Maria Giuseppa Martino

Name: Lloyd Massa

Birth: 01 Mar 1928 Putnam County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 23 Jul 2001 Baxter, Putnam, Tennessee, USA

Father: Estel Clarence Massa

Mother: Miranda Caroline Thomas

Name: Michael J. Massa

Birth: 31 Jul 1923 Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Death: 21 Oct 1992 Winthrop Mass.

Father: Raffaele Massa

Mother: Anna Massa

Name: John Alva Massa

Birth: 09 Aug 1902 St Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri, USA

Death: Jan 1972 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA

Father: Oscar D. Massa

Mother: Margaret Emily Harris/Massa

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