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Name: Samuel Wooldridge McCan

Birth: 11 Feb 1875 Madison County, Texas, USA

Death: 9 MAR 1962 Anderson Co., Texas

Father: James Marion McCan

Mother: Amanda Catherine Barrett

Name: Henry Frank McCan

Birth: 04/Feb/1900 Oak Hill, Crawford, Missouri, USA

Death: 04 Aug 1977 Upland*, San Bernardino Co., California

Father: Edward Clark McCan

Mother: Sarah Ann Naugle

Name: Mack Royal McCan

Birth: 1 October 1913 Dunlap, Harrison, Iowa, USA

Death: 19 August 1992 Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA

Father: Roy McCan

Mother: Bessie Butcher

Name: Lone Zefa McCan

Birth: 27 Dec 1907 Leon Co., Texas

Death: 27 Jan 1991 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: James Littleton McCan

Mother: Sarah Ida Dickey

Name: Kenneth Kyle McCan

Birth: 14 Dec 1902 Dickey, Leon County, Texas, USA

Death: 14 Jul 1973 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: James Littleton McCan

Mother: Sarah Ida Dickey

Name: Lula Belle McCan

Birth: 11 Feb 1888 Lometa, Lampasas, Texas, United States

Death: 14 Jan 1967 Erick, Beckham, Oklahoma, United States

Father: James William McCann

Mother: Sallie Sarah Helen Pillow

Name: John L McCan

Birth: 26 Aug 1828 Lawrence County, Alabama

Death: 12 Oct 1905 Lometa, Lampasas, Texas, United States

Father: James Mccann

Mother: Sarah Sally Viser

Name: Laura May McCan

Birth: 3 Jan 1881 Stet, Ray County, Missouri, USA

Death: 12 Nov 1953 Cowgill, Caldwell County, Missouri

Father: Lewis Smith McCan

Mother: Mildred Anne Ballew

Name: Mary (Molly) Catherine McCan

Birth: 1852/09/17 Madison,,Texas,USA

Death: 11 May 1902 Brady, McCulloch, Texas, United States

Father: John L McCan

Mother: Adaline Young

Name: Elsie Jane McCan

Birth: 27 SEP 1847 Gallia County, Ohio

Death: 6 May 1932 Gallia, Ohio

Father: John R Blessing

Mother: Wilmeth Heintz McCann

Name: Carrie May McCan

Birth: 2 May 1878 Brookfield, Linn, MO

Death: 26 May 1954 Brighton, Adams, CO

Father: David Arthur McCan

Mother: Phoebe Jane (Jennie) Huggans

Name: Andrew Jackson McCan

Birth: 14 Aug 1832 Hickman, Tennesse, USA

Death: 30 Jan 1918 Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, Texas, United States of America

Father: John WEE JOHNNY McCann

Mother: Nancy Peacock

Name: Alice Myrtle McCan

Birth: 23 Feb 1909 Mississippi

Death: 27 May 1989 Tunica, Mississippi, USA

Father: Daniel Thomas McCan

Mother: Mary Ollie Shankle

Name: Jessie Frank McCan

Birth: 21 Jan 1881 Lampasas, Texas

Death: 19 Jul 1951 Lometa, Lampasas, Texas, USA

Father: James William McCann

Mother: Sallie Sarah Helen Pillow

Name: Lottie Bell McCan

Birth: 29 Nov 1897 Madison, Texas, USA

Death: 01 May 1994 Centerville, Leon, Texas, USA

Father: Kenneth Nathan McCan

Mother: Annie Belle Duncan Jenkins

Name: Margaret Scott McCan

Birth: 16 Mar 1899 Murray, Young Co., Texas

Death: 10 Mar 1977 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas

Father: John Henry McCan

Mother: Mary Lee Emma Porter

Name: David Arthur McCan

Birth: 20 Oct 1850 South Creek, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 18 Jan 1934 Kearney, Buffalo, Nebraska, United States

Father: James K. MC CAN

Mother: Harriet Decker

Name: Richard McCan

Birth: 4 July 1799 Ohio

Death: 18 May 1890 Pigeon, Roane County, West Virginia

Father: Patrick McCann

Mother: Hannah Johnson

Name: Margaret T. McCan

Birth: 10 JAN 1793 Pendleton Co. VA

Death: 19 Jun 1854 Monroe Illinois

Father: James McCan

Mother: Agnes Petty

Name: Arthur Allen McCan

Birth: 16 Nov 1886 Butler, Buffalo County, Nebraska, US

Death: 16 APR 1961 Kearney, Buffalo, Nebraska, United States

Father: David Arthur McCan

Mother: Phoebe Jane (Jennie) Huggans

Name: Elizabeth Mccan

Birth: Abt 1840 Alabama

Death: 20 April 1925 La Grange, Troup, Georgia, United States

Father: William "Bill" Staley Johnson

Mother: Sarah A. Baker

Name: Naomi Adaline McCan

Birth: 13 Sep 1885 Lometa, Lampasas, Texas, USA

Death: 31 Jan 1946 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: James William McCann

Mother: Sallie Sarah Helen Pillow

Name: Burl Mccan

Birth: 13 Apr 1895 Paris, Lamar, Texas, USA

Death: 19 Apr 1969 Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia, USA

Father: Thomas McCann

Mother: Adella Green

Name: Mary Virginia McCan

Birth: 25 Nov 1849 Canton, Fulton, Illinois, USA

Death: 1940 Maud, Pottawatomie, OK

Father: Thomas Vandergraf McCan

Mother: Jane Lowe (m=McCan)

Name: Sarah Margaret McCan

Birth: 21 Jan 1840 Banner, Fulton, Illinois, USA

Death: 25 DEC 1928 Canton, Fulton Co., Illinois

Father: Jacob M McCan

Mother: Sarah Haden Merrill

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