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Name: Mary Josephine McConnell

Birth: 14 Aug 1909 Donegal, IRELAND

Death: 20 Oct 1961 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel McConnell

Mother: Mary Boyle

Name: Harry Billings McConnell

Birth: 13 Jul 1886 Minnesota

Death: 25 Jun 1942 Fallon, Montana, USA

Father: Joseph Maynard McConnell

Mother: Miriam Jolley

Name: James Harvey McConnell

Birth: 15 OCT 1769 Cumberland Co., PA

Death: 30 DEC 1841 Blount Co., TN

Father: Joseph McConnell

Mother: Susannah Milligan

Name: William Cecil McConnell

Birth: 30 May 1879 Brant, Bruce, Ontario, Canada

Death: 24 Dec 1941 Renton, King, Washington, United States

Father: Oliver McConnell

Mother: Louisa Jane Widdis

Name: William McKay McConnell

Birth: 20 Jan 1887 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Death: 30 Sep 1942 Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: John William McConnell

Mother: Lucinda Lyles

Name: John M McConnell

Birth: 1836 County Donegal, Ireland

Death: 8 Sep 1882 Toronto, Jefferson, Ohio

Father: James I McCONNELL

Mother: Jane (bw6m) "Unk" M-McConnell

Name: Ida M. McConnell

Birth: 29 Nov 1875 Kansas, City, Mo, USA

Death: 10 Mar 1956 Edmundson, St. Louis County, Mo USA

Father: Archibald McConnell

Mother: Clementine Shaw

Name: Arthur Mc Connell

Birth: 1730 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 13 Oct 1795 Hopewell, Washington, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: William McConnell

Mother: Mrs William McConnell Unknwon

Name: Simon McConnell

Birth: 23 DEC 1847 Lebanon Twp, Lebanon Co., PA

Death: 3 Jun 1924 Lebanon, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jacob McConnell

Mother: Mary Ann Zimmermann

Name: John Jefferson McCONNELL

Birth: 20 MAY 1836 St Stephens, Washington Co., AL

Death: 10 June 1904 Near Fields Store, Waller, Texas, USA

Father: William McCONNELL

Mother: Martha Lytle CALLER

Name: Susan D "Sudie" McConnell

Birth: 27 January 1897 Georgia, United States

Death: 19 Dec 1995 Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia, USA

Father: Thomas Miller McCONNELL

Mother: Agnes Frazier Britton

Name: George McConnell

Birth: Feb 24 1775 Lebanon, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 1845 Scott County, Virginia, United States of America

Father: George McConnell

Mother: Eve Barbara (DBMBJAC) Kornman

Name: Joseph McConnell

Birth: 1867 County Donegal, Ireland

Death: 4 Mar 1940 Possil Park, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: Francis Glover

Mother: Catherine McConnell

Name: James McConnell

Birth: 1757 Dromore, Donegal, Ulster County, Ireland

Death: 19 Mar 1848 County, Donegal, Ireland

Father: Sgt. Robert McConnell

Mother: Nancy Boyd Wilson

Name: Daniel B. Jr. McConnell

Birth: 1909 New York

Death: Dec 1980 Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Father: Daniel Brettin McConnell

Mother: Florence G Forsythe

Name: Raymond Edward McConnell

Birth: 1 Jul 1892 Summit, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 22 Jun 1943 Chest Springs, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Father: Daniel William Mc Connell

Mother: Agnes Miller

Name: William McConnell

Birth: 26 Apr 1815 Wolf Creek, Mercer, Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Nov 1902 Grove City, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John Mc Connell

Mother: Christiana Taylor

Name: Alexander McConnell

Birth: 10 Sep 1865 Hancock, West Virginia, USA

Death: 12 Sep 1912 Hancock, West Virginia, USA

Father: John M McConnell

Mother: Levina Manypenny

Name: Rose Mary McConnell

Birth: 22 Jul 1916 Chest Springs, Cambria , Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 13 Aug 1992 Ebensburg, Cambria , Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Raymond Edward McConnell

Mother: Matilda Veronica Krise

Name: Della Elda McConnell

Birth: 19 April 1871 Eddisville, Grundy County, Missouri, USA

Death: 11 Jun 1960 Torrington, Goshen, Wyoming, United States

Father: William McConnell

Mother: Nancy Elizabeth White

Name: James David (JD) McConnell

Birth: 2 Apr 1861 Patton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 27 Jun 1951 Patton, Pennsylvania

Father: Arthur John McConnell

Mother: Louisa Matilda McMullen McConnell

Name: Dessie Mae McConnell

Birth: 22 Jan 1893 Fordham, Missouri

Death: 30 Sep 1962 Buchanan, Missouri, USA

Father: George Washington (Jessie) McConnell

Mother: Sarah Della Woods

Name: Thomas McConnell

Birth: 1814 Washington Co., PA

Death: 1876 Sullivan Twp, Ashland Co., OH


Mother: Margaret Metcalfe

Name: James Taylor McConnell

Birth: 23 June 1916 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 March 1992 Elmer, Salem, New Jersey, USA

Father: James T Mcconnel

Mother: Margaret Mcconnell

Name: John Leonard McConnell

Birth: 9 Jun 1910 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 27 Oct 1968 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John L McConnell

Mother: Mary Swift

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