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Name: Jessie Eva McELroy

Birth: 1906 North Carolina, United States

Death: 7 May 1979 Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina, United States

Father: John Luther McElroy

Mother: Sarah Murray

Name: Harold Charles Mcelroy

Birth: 14 Jan 1920 Allen, Ohio, USA

Death: 8 Mar 1973 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: Harold Charles McElroy

Mother: Mary Kathleen O'Connor

Name: Sarah A McElroy

Birth: 27 Mar 1829 Dallas, Alabama, United States

Death: 14 May 1898 Cuba, Sumter, Alabama, USA

Father: Isaac Ransom McElroy

Mother: Nancy Jarman

Name: Walter Clinton McElroy

Birth: 17 Nov 1887 Monaco, Ohio, United States of America

Death: 19 Dec 1946 Dilles Bottom Power Plant

Father: James Hamilton McElroy

Mother: Margaret E. Meeker

Name: Arthur McElroy

Birth: 18 Aug 1865 Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Death: 12 Mar 1935 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States


Mother: Margaret McCaffrey

Name: John McElroy

Birth: 1818 Co, Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Death: 10 Apr 1900 Lambton, Ontario, Canada

Father: Alexander (Peter) McElroy

Mother: Mother

Name: Martha Bennett McElroy

Birth: May 1869 Oregon

Death: 28 Feb 1952 Goldfield, Esmeralda Co., Nevada, USA

Father: Alexander Bennett

Mother: Margaret Hendrickson

Name: Gaynell Inez McElroy

Birth: 19 Sep 1924 East Point F, Georgia

Death: 3 Aug 2003 Lawrenceville, Clayton, Georgia, USA

Father: Henry Wesley McElroy

Mother: Bertha Mae Honea

Name: MARGARET McElroy

Birth: abt 1891 Massachusetts

Death: Mar 1984 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Father: FRANCIS Patrick McElroy

Mother: SARAH Jane Myers

Name: Helen McElroy

Birth: June 10, 1906 New York

Death: August 01, 1998 Toms River, Ocean, New Jersey, United States of America

Father: James A McElroy

Mother: Caroline A Young

Name: William W McELROY

Birth: 07/24/1903 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 8 Mar 1974 Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States

Father: FRANCIS Patrick McElroy

Mother: SARAH Jane Myers

Name: William Lovell McElroy

Birth: 21 October 1914 Forest Hill, Dickson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 26 July 2001 Monterey Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: James Void McElroy

Mother: Chloe Marie Schroder

Name: James Benjamin McElroy

Birth: 15 Feb 1910 Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio, United States

Death: 26 Dec 1995 Chevy Chase, Montgomery, Maryland, USA

Father: Joseph Edward McElroy

Mother: Mary Olive Merrick

Name: Webb Mcelroy

Birth: 19 Jun 1900 Missouri

Death: 31 August 1943 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Hannibal Van McElroy

Mother: Mary Jane Perrin

Name: Annie McElroy

Birth: 21 Jul 1896 Waynesville, Haywood, North Carolina, USA

Death: 3 Jun 1983 Sylva, Jackson, North Carolina, United States

Father: David Reed McElroy

Mother: Lonesome Lucinda Messer

Name: Lester Bly Mcelroy

Birth: 03 Jul 1901 Piatt, Illinois, United States

Death: Feb 1981 Champaign, Champaign, Illinois

Father: William Burville McElroy

Mother: Fannie Belle Orrison

Name: Carlyle Riley McELroy

Birth: Sep 1899 Haywood, North Carolina, USA

Death: Jun 1982 Lakeland, Polk, Florida, USA

Father: John Luther McElroy

Mother: Sarah Murray

Name: Harvey Benjamin McElroy

Birth: 10 July 1856 Bluffton, Hancock, Ohio, USA

Death: 9 August 1942 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA

Father: Thomas B McElroy

Mother: Mary Louisa Tremain

Name: Leila McElroy

Birth: 08 May 1914 Georgia

Death: 24 Jun 1996 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Turner McElroy

Mother: Millie Paschal

Name: Thomas Mcelroy

Birth: JAN 1872 New York

Death: 01Jul1915 Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico, USA

Father: Patrick Daniel McElroy

Mother: Mary Jane Lennon

Name: Fannie Ella McElroy

Birth: 25 Nov 1872 , Bibb, Alabama, USA

Death: 17 Feb 1948 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

Father: Malcomb Lindsey McElroy

Mother: Barbara Minerva Defer

Name: Rachel Ann Mcelroy

Birth: 15 Nov 1827 Ohio, United States

Death: 01 May 1908 Darlington, Putnam, Indiana, USA

Father: William McElroy

Mother: Martha S Charlot (m: McElroy)

Name: Steven Tilly McElroy

Birth: 25 Aug 1844 Norcross, Gwinnett, Georgia, USA

Death: 30 Dec 1929 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, United States

Father: John^ "William" MCELROY

Mother: Margaret Matilda Tilly

Name: Myrtle Ethel McELROY

Birth: 25 Jul 1882 Georgia, USA

Death: 14 Feb 1957 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: Malichi Cornelius McElroy

Mother: Mary Lou Hays

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