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Name: Esther McEnery

Birth: 4 Aug 1858 Esquesing, Halton, Ontario, Canada

Death: 9 May 1906 Erin, Erin Twp., Wellington Co., Ont.

Father: William Palmer McEnery

Mother: Elizabeth Yemen

Name: John T McEnery

Birth: 30 April 1858 Illinois

Death: 14 December 1945 Illinois

Father: Thomas McEnery

Mother: Mary Hanlon

Name: Thomas McEnery

Birth: Apr 1881 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 16 Aug 1963 Evanston, Cook Co,Illinois

Father: John McEnery

Mother: Hanora Fitzgerald

Name: Marguerite McEnery

Birth: ABT 1888 Louisiana

Death: 1948 Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana, USA

Father: Henry Winthrop McEnery

Mother: Felicie Marie Ranson

Name: Dennis McEnery

Birth: 14 Nov 1864 Abbeyfeale, Limerick, Ireland

Death: abt 1899 Washington City, District of Columbia, USA

Father: Dennis Mcenery

Mother: johanna collins

Name: Julie Kristine McEnery

Birth: 06 May 1948 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Death: 15 Oct 2001 Multnomah, Oregon, United States

Father: Charles W McEnery

Mother: Shirley May Sprenger

Name: Anna M McEnery

Birth: Apr 20, 1883 Greene Twp., Erie Co., PA

Death: Jun 18, 1959 Greene Twp., Erie Co., PA

Father: Patrick McEnery

Mother: Bridget O'Connor

Name: Robert McEnery

Birth: 2 Jan 1864 Erin, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

Death: 20 May 1945 Erin, Wellington, Ontario

Father: Patrick McEnery

Mother: Lucinda Bradford

Name: Catherine M McEnery

Birth: 06 Jul 1921 East Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Death: 30 Dec 2002 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Joseph J Malone

Mother: Grace Anna Cooney

Name: William Gerald McEnery

Birth: Jan. 23, 1910 Texas, USA

Death: 6 DEC 1970 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Father: John Gerald McEnery

Mother: Stella Amanda Hutches

Name: John Joseph McEnery

Birth: 27 Jan 1890 Illinois

Death: 1 March 1943 Cook County, IL

Father: John Joseph McEnery

Mother: Catherine (Kate) Keane

Name: Kate Mcenery

Birth: 1848 Palos, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 10 Feb 1936 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Father: Daniel McEnery

Mother: Catherine Moore

Name: Florence Mcenery

Birth: 31 JAN 1888 Bastrop, Louisiana, USA

Death: 21 DEC 1976 Oak Ridge, Morehouse, Louisiana, USA

Father: George Byron Vaughan

Mother: Alice Virginia Davis

Name: Martha McENERY

Birth: 31 JUL 1839 Petersburg,VA

Death: 9 FEB 1917 VA

Father: Peter A McEnery

Mother: Dorothy Anne Watkins

Name: Daisy McEnery

Birth: Aug 1882 Illinois

Death: 25 Nov 1947 Elmhurst, Cook, Illinois

Father: Thomas McEnery

Mother: Eleanore Tigh

Name: Daniel B. McEnery

Birth: 06 May 1874 Lafayette, Allen, Indiana, USA

Death: 14 Jan 1951 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Father: Daniel B. McEnery

Mother: Mary Devine

Name: Mary C. McEnery

Birth: 22 Jun 1867 Pennsylvania

Death: 11 Mar 1939 Erie, Erie Co, PA

Father: Patrick McEnery

Mother: Bridget O'Connor

Name: Winfield Scott Mcenery

Birth: 25 Sep 1880 Fulton, Illinois, USA

Death: Apr 1972 Evergreen Park, Cook Co., Illinois, USA

Father: Thomas McEnery

Mother: Eleanore Tigh

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