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Name: Hector Mclean

Birth: 12 Jan 1772 Kilninian and Kilmore, Argyll, Scotland

Death: 1841 Tiree, Argyll, Scotland

Father: Patrick McLean

Mother: Christian Lamont

Name: Ethel Helen McLean

Birth: 5 May 1909 Applegate, Washington Twp. Sanilac, Michigan, USA

Death: 14 August 1984 Applegate, Washington, Sanilac, Michigan, USA

Father: Leslie Hector McLean

Mother: Velma Elvira Ferres

Name: Abraham Lincoln McLean

Birth: 26 Jul 1884 Wisharts Tsp, Robeson, North Carolina, USA

Death: september 3, 1960 Lumberton, Robeson, North Carolina

Father: Simeon Mclean

Mother: Sarah Jane West

Name: Elizabeth McLean

Birth: 13 Sep 1877 Tennessee, USA

Death: 22 Dec 1956 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA

Father: Robert Moore McLean

Mother: Carrie M. Bruce

Name: Robert McLean

Birth: 1822 near Beamsville, Ont

Death: 19 Jun 1877 Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Father: John MCLEAN

Mother: Sarah Eveland

Name: Dolly L Mclean

Birth: Nov 1891 North Dakota

Death: 26 Jun 1988 Olympia, Thurston, Washington, United States of America

Father: Alexander McLean

Mother: Lomila Lockwood

Name: Mary Alice Mclean

Birth: 1 February 1887 Maine, USA

Death: 25 JUL 1961 Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA

Father: John A McLean

Mother: Matilda Doyle

Name: Edna McLean

Birth: 1917 Alabama

Death: 10/27/2011 Selma, Alabama

Father: Earnest Appleton McLean

Mother: Ethel Lee Deramus

Name: Alexander McLEAN

Birth: 1815 New York

Death: 1887 Vergennes, Kent, Michigan

Father: Neil MCLEAN

Mother: Margery MANN

Name: Robert Joseph McLean

Birth: 14 Jun 1930 Pittsburgh, PA

Death: 23 December 2019 Winter Haven, Polk, Florida, USA

Father: Robert Joseph Reed McLean

Mother: Margaret Mary White

Name: Lavinia Mclean

Birth: 23 Feb 1865 Colchester South Twp, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

Death: 8 Jun 1943 Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada

Father: John McClean

Mother: Jane Irwin

Name: Mary Rosella Mclean

Birth: abt 1888 Louisiana

Death: 1965 new salem cem, winn, la

Father: John McLean

Mother: Sarah E Birch

Name: Floyd McLean

Birth: 7 Sep 1916 Robeson County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 26 May 1989 Poquoson, York, Virginia, United States of America

Father: Benjamin Franklin McLean

Mother: Clyda Blanche West

Name: Maggie 'Hester' McLean

Birth: 7 June 1908 Swain County, North Carolina, United States of America

Death: 11 April 1986 Bryson City, Swain, North Carolina, USA

Father: Charles Clishon McLean

Mother: Doshia Nichols

Name: Kathleen Mary McLEAN

Birth: 17 Oct 1911 Perry, Ohio, United States

Death: 10 Sep 1999 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: James Louis McLean

Mother: Loretta Catherine Stalter

Name: Vivian Lorraine McLean

Birth: 1932 Washington, USA

Death: 11 June 2017 Yakima, Washington

Father: Orville Gale Sorenson

Mother: Golda Vivian Snider

Name: Donald McLean

Birth: 10 Oct 1925 Denver, Colorado, USA

Death: 23 Sep 1989 Portland, Oregon

Father: Angus Joseph McLean

Mother: Kate Schwarzbauer

Name: Alvin McLean

Birth: 6 January 1825 Guilford County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 6 JAN 1897 Hillsboro, Illinois

Father: William McLean

Mother: Isabella Aiken

Name: William L Mclean

Birth: 6 Oct 1886 Duke Center, Pennsylvania

Death: 27 May 1943 Foster, McKean, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Ira McClain

Mother: Electa A Baker

Name: John Seymour McLean

Birth: 29 Jun 1916 Newton, Massachusetts

Death: 7 Apr 1998 Centerville, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States of America

Father: Sanford McLean

Mother: Honoria Anne Campbell

Name: Toney Oscar McLean

Birth: 21 May 1893 Ohio City, Van Wert County, Ohio

Death: 31 Jul 1976 Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina

Father: James Louis McLean

Mother: Anna Margaret Willey

Name: Thelma E. McLean

Birth: 21 Jun 1913 North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Death: may 19 1998 Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming, United States of America

Father: Ruben Albert Hall

Mother: Bessie Mae Bell Adams Hall

Name: Walter Augustus McLean

Birth: 27 Dec 1898 New York

Death: 9 Aug 1965 Broward County, Florida

Father: John Joseph Mclean

Mother: Catherine McLain

Name: Alexander McLean

Birth: 20 Apr 1837 Cornaigbeg, Tiree, Argyll, Scotland

Death: Nov 1899 Cornaigbeg, Tiree, Argyll, Scotland

Father: Hector McLean

Mother: Mary McDonald

Name: Sarah McLean McLean

Birth: 23 Apr 1915 Scotland County North carolina

Death: 18 June 2007 Kingstree, Williamsburg, South Carolina, USA

Father: James Maryland McLean

Mother: Annie Blue Carmichael

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