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Name: Olive Helen McNeely

Birth: 23 Feb 1910 Murrayville, Morgan, Illinois, USA

Death: 01 Mar 1966 Quincy, Adams, Illinois, USA

Father: Otis McNeely

Mother: Nettie Matilda Fanning

Name: Bobby Lee McNeely

Birth: 18 Aug 1938 Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA

Death: 16 Feb 2011 Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA

Father: George Edward McNeely

Mother: Maggie Lee (mMallott, McGhee, McNeely) Smith

Name: Thomas Ludlow McNeely

Birth: 23 May 1894 Colfax, Grant, Louisiana, United States

Death: 21 Jan 1966 Colfax, Grant, Louisiana, United States

Father: John Hodges McNeely

Mother: Olive Amy McKnight

Name: John David McNeely

Birth: 20 JUN 1852 Owen Twp., Warrick Co., IN

Death: 29 Jul 1919 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana

Father: Andrew "Jackson" Van Buren McNeely

Mother: Mary Frances Kron -McNeely

Name: (Hessie) Albany McNeely

Birth: 14 February 1888 Lancaster

Death: 23 Apr 1973 Tradesville, Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

Father: Thomas Whoy McNeely

Mother: Queen Victoria Funderburke

Name: Cowan Watt McNeely

Birth: 29 Nov 1901 Iredell, North Carolina (c

Death: 20 May 1951 Iredell, North Carolina (c

Father: Robert Young MCNEELY

Mother: Emma Luola "Lula" Kennerly

Name: Albert Ernest (Bert) McNeely

Birth: 16 Sep 1888 Pine Bank, Greene, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1 Dec 1918 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Simon Coen Mc Neely

Mother: Martha Clarke

Name: Tera Ruth McNeely

Birth: 22 Dec 1903 Athens, Limestone, Alabama, USA

Death: 4 Sept 1979 Athens, Limestone, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Charles Ellis McNeely

Mother: Delia Freeman

Name: Frances "Fannie" McNeely

Birth: 23 September 1886 Woodbury, Hill County, Texas

Death: 28 August 1961 Washington, McClain County, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Charles Waldon McNeely

Mother: Fannie Rose

Name: Marion F McNeely

Birth: 27/12/1873 Middleton, Hardeman, Tennessee, United States

Death: 27 Dec 1951 Hall, Texas

Father: Lewis McNeely

Mother: Mary Adeline Holmes

Name: Nannie Kizzie McNeely

Birth: 23 APR 1888 Warrick, Indiana, USA

Death: 18 Sep 1957 Johnson County, Il. Cypress

Father: John Martin McNeely

Mother: Sarah Ann Beardsley

Name: Clyde Saylor McNeely

Birth: 25 NOV 1879 Marysville, Pennsylvania

Death: 5 JUL 1955 Dauphin, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Hunter McNeely

Mother: Sarah J. Sponsier

Name: Hazel Ann McNeely

Birth: 15 JUN 1887 Jefferson Twp., Washington Co., Indiana

Death: 5 January 1966 Bedford, Lawrence, Indiana, USA

Father: William Benjamin McNeely

Mother: Drucinda Collier

Name: Hubert McNeely

Birth: 15 Feb 1905 Logan, WV

Death: 28 Jan 1976 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States

Father: Peter Wilson "Willis" McNeely

Mother: Estella Mae "Stella" White

Name: Charles Hunter McNeely

Birth: 14 JUL 1838 PA

Death: 1925 Dauphin, Dauphin, PA

Father: Alexander McNeeley ( McNeely )

Mother: Mary Ann Snow (Gordon)

Name: Albert Wayne "Sonny" McNeely

Birth: 26 May 1919 Illinois, USA

Death: 25 Oct 1993 Franklin, Morgan, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Pernell McNeely

Mother: Doris Seymour

Name: Florence McNeely

Birth: 2 Jul 1881 Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

Death: 18 May 1963 Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina

Father: Thomas Whoy McNeely

Mother: Queen Victoria Funderburke

Name: Claude H McNeely

Birth: 10 Oct 1870 Petersburg, Boone County, Kentucky

Death: 13 Nov 1904 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Marcellus Riddle McNeely

Mother: Permelia Catherine Barnard

Name: Jacob Mc Neely

Birth: 21 Apr 1861 Greene County, Pennsylvania

Death: 19 February 1946 Springhill Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Father: John Mcneely

Mother: Anna Mary Roupe

Name: Mary Suzanne McNeely

Birth: 17 Aug 1897 Hill County, Texas, USA

Death: 30 Nov 1934 Hillsboro, Hill, Texas, USA

Father: Charles Waldon McNeely

Mother: Saphronie Icyphene Rose

Name: Rebecca McNeely

Birth: 3 Dec 1797 Tennessee, (Virginia?) USA

Death: 3 January 1868 Brown Twsp, Washingon County, Indiana, USA

Father: Robert McNeely

Mother: Susannah Evans

Name: Alma Thetus McNeely

Birth: 21 Sep 1891 Hill County, Texas, USA

Death: 11 Mar 1978 Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana, USA

Father: Charles Waldon McNeely

Mother: Saphronie Icyphene Rose

Name: Robert McNeely

Birth: 27 Feb 1774 Virginia, United States

Death: 26 Jul 1858 Washington, Indiana, USA

Father: William Mc neely

Mother: Rebecca BARNETT

Name: Edgar Fort Oscar McNeely

Birth: 24 Feb 1896 Garland, Dallas, Texas, United States

Death: 25 Dec 1977 Garland, Dallas, TX, USA

Father: John Bird McNeely

Mother: Honorah Caroline Cooper

Name: Violet Natalie McNeely

Birth: 10 Nov 1909 Trout Creek, Sanders, Montana, USA

Death: 2 May 1987 Soquel, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Father: Heenen J McNeeley

Mother: Isabelle Tuttle

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