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Name: William Mcneil

Birth: 22 Jun 1799 Indiana County, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 17 Oct 1881 Willet, Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: James McNeil


Name: Mary A McNeil

Birth: 25 May 1861/1862/1863 Red Head, Victoria County, Cape Breton, Nova Scocia , Canada

Death: 24 May 1918 Nassau, Nassau, Florida, United States

Father: Hugh McNEIL

Mother: Sarah Ann Morcom

Name: Jean McNeil

Birth: 10 Mar 1892 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 Nov 1982 Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland

Father: William McNeil

Mother: Annie Hull or Hill

Name: Hannah S McNeil

Birth: 18 Feb 1878 Bountiful, Davis, Utah, United States

Death: 26 Jan 1960 Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, United States

Father: John Corlett McNeil

Mother: Mary Ann Smith

Name: Sarah Henrietta McNeil

Birth: 16 May 1861 Webster County, Georgia

Death: 03 Apr 1926 Springhill, Barbour County, Alabama, USA

Father: Larkin Franklin McNeil

Mother: Rebecca Rachel Stroman

Name: Leona Irene Mc Neil

Birth: 21 December 1904 Milo, Yates, New York, USA

Death: 6 March 1993 Willoughby, Lake, Ohio

Father: Grant Mcneil

Mother: Emma Julia Shannon

Name: Robert Corlett Mcneil

Birth: 8 Jan 1891 Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho, United States

Death: 29 Aug 1980 Rupert, Minidoka, Idaho

Father: Robert Corlett McNeil

Mother: Dora Bell Lister

Name: Isabella Nelson McNeil

Birth: 24 Jun 1832 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Death: 1 Oct 1915 Daytona Beach, Volusia, Florida, United States

Father: Robert Alexander McNeil

Mother: Janet Mason

Name: Sarah Sallie McNeil

Birth: 8 April 1832 Benton County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 23 Jun 1899 Benton, Arkansas, USA

Father: William McNeil

Mother: Lou Vicie Trott

Name: Helen (Nellie) McNeil

Birth: 25 MAR 1881 Shettleston, Lanark, Scottland

Death: Feb 1968 Revere, Suffolk, MA, USA

Father: John McNeil

Mother: Ann Jane MAGUIRE

Name: Joshua Peter McNeil

Birth: 05 October 1833 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 01 August 1910 Benton, Saline, Arkansas, USA

Father: John C. MC NEaL

Mother: Mary Howenstine

Name: James Alexander McNeil

Birth: 23 Oct 1864 Laurence County, Tennessee

Death: 02 Aug 1939 Missouri, United States

Father: John P McNeill

Mother: Mary Frances Dame

Name: William James McNeil

Birth: abt 1882 United States

Death: 1947 Buffalo, Erie County, New York, United States of America

Father: William James Mc Neil

Mother: Mary Jane England McNeil

Name: George Charles McNeil

Birth: 16 Nov 1747 Tranent, East Lothian, , Scotland

Death: 14 Jul 1814 Elphingstone, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

Father: George McNeil


Name: Joseph WIlliam McNeil


Death: 25 October 1956 Alpena, Alpena, Michigan, United States

Father: Adam McNeil

Mother: Mary Ann Bates

Name: Daniel McNeil

Birth: 24 MAR 1792 Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Death: 28 FEB 1869 DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa


Mother: Martha Parker

Name: John William Mc Neil

Birth: 20 August 1858 Argyle, Washington County, New York, USA

Death: 2 Mar 1934 Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America

Father: Neil Murray McNeil

Mother: Catharine Coulter Maxwell

Name: Hugh Mc Neil

Birth: Dec 1851 Lochiel, Ontario

Death: 16 Jul 1923 Glengarry, Ontario, Canada

Father: John McNeil

Mother: Anna Llewellyn

Name: Peter Patterson McNeil

Birth: 13 Sep 1833 New Boston Twp, Hillsborough Co, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 15 Apr 1914 Otterville, Cooper, Missouri, USA

Father: Peter McNeil

Mother: Mary Stiles McNeal

Name: Charles Francis McNeil

Birth: 5 May 1869 East Boston, MA

Death: 1 May 1959 320 Duncan Avenue, JerseyCity, New Jersey

Father: Donald MacNeil

Mother: Christina Campbell

Name: George Alexander McNeil

Birth: 22 Jan 1873 Glens Falls, Warren, New York, USA

Death: 28 Apr 1941 Amarillo, Potter, Texas, USA

Father: Neil Murray McNeil

Mother: Catharine Coulter Maxwell

Name: John Alexander McNeil

Birth: 18 Dec 1870 Coromandel, New Zeland

Death: 23 Sep 1944 Coromandel

Father: Alexander McNeil

Mother: Julia Curral

Name: John Hector McNeil

Birth: 22 Mar 1908 Sacramento, California, USA

Death: 29 Aug 1981 Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA

Father: Hector Hugh McNeil

Mother: Mary Alice Turner

Name: Hector Hugh McNeil

Birth: 01 June 1871 Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK

Death: 30 Aug 1917 Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA

Father: Hector Mcneil

Mother: Ann Hillocks

Name: David Mc Neil

Birth: 16 Apr 1819 Argyle, Washington County, New York, USA

Death: 28 Mar 1904 Argyle, Washington County, New York, USA


Mother: Ann McDougall

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