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Name: James Wilson Melvin

Birth: Nov 1865 Georgia

Death: 19 Jul 1921 Bleckley, Georgia, United States

Father: George Washington Melvin

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Butran

Name: Annie Melvin

Birth: abt 1900 North Carolina

Death: 2 May 1981 Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Isaac Melvin

Mother: Dicy Fairley

Name: John W Melvin

Birth: 20 March 1851 Ross or Pickaway County, Ohio.

Death: 2 Jul 1930 Delaware County, Indiana

Father: George Melvin

Mother: Susan Bason (bascon bayson)

Name: Helen F Melvin

Birth: Septment 1899 Virginia

Death: 29 MAY 1986 Tazwell VA.

Father: William Henderson Melvin

Mother: Roxanna (Roxie) Repass

Name: Bessie Gertrude Melvin

Birth: Nov 1891 Beaver Dam, Cumberland, North Carolina, United States

Death: 23 May 1982 Sampson County, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Banyan Melvin

Mother: Elizabeth "Porcie" Owens

Name: James Irving Melvin

Birth: abt 1922 Florida

Death: 18 Aug 1999 Westville, Holmes, Florida

Father: Carlton Alexander Melvin

Mother: Ruby L. Newton

Name: Jonathan Melvin

Birth: 02 Apr 1923 Wurtland, Greenup County, KY

Death: 11 Sep 1977 River Valley Health Systems

Father: Charles H. Melvin

Mother: Elizabeth Pennington

Name: Pauline Celestine Melvin

Birth: 17 Jan 1915 Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio, USA

Death: 6 Oct 2000 Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio, USA

Father: James Augustus Melvin

Mother: Carrie V Baker

Name: Floyd I Melvin

Birth: 17 May 1904 Oklahoma

Death: 28 Nov 1988 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Father: Arthur Jasper Melvin

Mother: Joanna Hecker

Name: Robert Nelson Melvin

Birth: 28 Apr 1922 White Oak, North Carolina, USA

Death: 29 November 2011 Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Robert Melvin

Mother: Mary Emma Dunham

Name: Mary Emeline Melvin

Birth: Feb 1870 Cumberland, Cumberland, North Carolina, United States

Death: Oct 1931 Stedman, Cumberland, North Carolina, USA

Father: Nelson Melvin

Mother: Nancy J Melvin

Name: Leonard Joseph Melvin

Birth: 8 Jun 1907 Groveland, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 22 Dec 1977 Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: James F Melvin

Mother: Bridget A Coyle


Birth: abt 1906 Florida

Death: MAY 1995 Marianna, Jackson, Florida, United States of America

Father: Thomas W Melvin

Mother: Rachel Ham

Name: Babry Melvin

Birth: abt 1835 Virginia

Death: 1925 Norfolk, Virginia, United States

Father: Owen Harper

Mother: Sarah Butt

Name: James Herbert Melvin

Birth: 26 Feb 1920 Headland, Henry Co, Alabama

Death: 26 Jul 2002 Cottondale, Jackson, Florida, USA

Father: James Bethel Melvin

Mother: Mallory "Mallie" Woodham

Name: Dave Melvin

Birth: Apr 1897 Texas

Death: 21 Nov 1986 Paris, Lamar, Texas, United States

Father: John Wesley Melvin

Mother: Susan Ellen Withers

Name: Johnathan Nesbert Melvin

Birth: 25 Jul 1887 Grayson, KY

Death: 8//3//1936 Proviso Twp., Cook County, Illinois, USA

Father: Phillip Marion Melvin

Mother: Rachel Margaret Blevins

Name: Mary Melvin

Birth: 29 Sept 1871 Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America,

Death: 18 Apr 1937 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Hartwell Melvin

Mother: Isabella Tolley

Name: Andrew Jackson Melvin

Birth: 15 Apr 1855 Luvern, Crenshaw, Alabama, USA

Death: 12 Dec 1932 Holt, Okaloosa, Florida, USA

Father: Joseph Melvin

Mother: Sarah Jane Pouncy

Name: Dock Columbus Melvin

Birth: 29 December 1870 Florida

Death: 19 April 1954 Bradford, Florida, United States

Father: William M. Melvin

Mother: Sarah Angeline Shaw

Name: Helen Virgina Melvin

Birth: 10 Feb 1923 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 27 Mar 2004 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, United States

Father: Arthur Jasper Melvin

Mother: Stella Myrtle Tharp

Name: Ida Melvin

Birth: 22 APR 1875 Johnson County, Kentucky

Death: 13 Mar 1960 Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky, USA

Father: George Washington Stafford

Mother: Susan Caroline Turner

Name: Clyde Earl MELVIN

Birth: 23 Nov 1906 Ohio

Death: 7 Jan 1976 Stoutsville, Fairfield, Ohio, United States of America

Father: George Anderson Melvin

Mother: Catherine Leah SHIPLEY

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