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Name: Bridget Murrin

Birth: 16 January 1823 Donegal, Ireland

Death: 22 February 1900 Monticello, Sullivan, New York, USA

Father: John McGarvie

Mother: Agnes Donnigan

Name: Sarah Ester Murrin

Birth: Apr 1844 Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA

Death: 29 April 1919 Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: John Murrin

Mother: Lydia A Folks

Name: Stephen A. Murrin

Birth: January 1884 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Death: 17 Oct 1962 Community Health Partner East-Er Only, Lorain, Ohio

Father: Martin Murrin

Mother: Elizabeth Anne Crowley

Name: Edward S Murrin

Birth: Feb 1846 West Virginia

Death: 04 OCT 1923 Ohio, West Virginia, United States

Father: John Murrin

Mother: Lydia A Folks

Name: Joseph T Murrin

Birth: 18 May 1855 Venango, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 3 Aug 1921 Venango, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jonathan Murrin

Mother: Bridget McCafferty KELLY

Name: Margaret Murrin

Birth: 7 Jan 1819 Verango Butler Pennsylvaina

Death: 1 Mar 1891 Marion,Butler,Pennsylvania,USA

Father: John Murrin

Mother: Elizabeth Keating

Name: Corinne W. Murrin

Birth: 28 JUL 1917 Rock Island, Illinois, USA

Death: 24 APR 2014 Rock Island Illinois, USA

Father: Harry Samuel Weiss

Mother: Marie Josephine Bray

Name: Patrick Murrin

Birth: 22 Jun 1843 Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

Death: 18 Jun 1914 Rock Island City, Rock Island, Illinois

Father: Patrick Murrin

Mother: Mary Murrin

Name: Louis N Murrin

Birth: 1 May 1859 Ohio Grove, Mercer, Illinois, USA

Death: 14 January 1913 Butler, Butler Co., PA

Father: Hugh H Murrin

Mother: Susan (Hoover) Murrin

Name: Mary Murrin

Birth: 15 Aug 1847 Killabegs, Donegal, Ireland

Death: 15 Feb 1916 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Patrick Murrin

Mother: Margaret (Madge) Meehan

Name: Thomas Murrin

Birth: abt 1825 Stowford, Devon, England

Death: 1895 Moonta, South Australia, Australia

Father: William Murrin

Mother: Ann Tavenner

Name: Leland J. Murrin

Birth: 1 Feb 1897 Pawney, Oklahoma

Death: 26 Nov 1977 Indian Head, Charles, Maryland, USA

Father: John Wesley Murrin

Mother: Isadora Edmonson

Name: Hazel I Murrin

Birth: abt 1914 New Jersey

Death: 25 Mar 1988 Point Pleasant, NJ

Father: Robert John Murrin

Mother: Johanna Clooney

Name: Elizabeth Murrin

Birth: 09 Jan 1864 Illinois, USA

Death: 17 May 1943 Los Angeles County, California, USA

Father: Michael Murrin

Mother: Jane Rispin

Name: Edward W Murrin

Birth: 28 Oct 1866 Sharon, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 06 Oct 1937 Ohio, West Virginia

Father: Edward Stephen Murrin

Mother: Juliet Murrin

Name: Charles Murrin

Birth: 8 Feb 1853 Theresa, Jefferson, New York, United States

Death: 8 Oct 1922 Parnell, Iowa, Iowa, United States

Father: Laughlin Murrin

Mother: Claressa E Neil (Murrin)

Name: Gaylord Murrin

Birth: Jun 1898 Illinois

Death: 12 Aug 1958 Gary, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: Frances Murrin

Mother: Mary E. Cavanaugh

Name: James Murrin

Birth: 1827 Ireland

Death: 29 September 1912 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: James Murrin

Mother: Mary Erskine

Name: Patrick Murrin

Birth: 8 Mar 1862 Illinois, USA

Death: 24 Feb 1934 Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois, USA

Father: Michael Murrin

Mother: Jane Rispin

Name: Vincent A. Murrin

Birth: abt 1904 Butler, Pennsylvania

Death: 5 May 1989 Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA

Father: Louis N Murrin

Mother: Clotildis McKeever

Name: Mary Elizabeth Murrin

Birth: Jan 1850 Isle of Portland, Dorset, England

Death: 1899 London, Middlesex,

Father: John Small Murrin

Mother: Mary Ward

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